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They Like It Best When We’re Both at Home…


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

When I used to conduct wine tastings, Rob would often tell me that Sophie would whine the whole time I was away.

But at night, when I went to bed, often before Rob, uber-cuddly Sophie would not snuggle. Instead, she’d choose a spot at the end of the bed, lying with her nose pointed to the corner, which was also toward the door. I don’t think she even slept until Daddy came to bed!

Now I understand what he means.

This is Shamrock and Sophie when I am home alone and they are waiting for Daddy:

Noses pointed toward the front door!

Noses pointed toward the front door!

They bark at every sound that could possibly be him turning into the driveway, opening the garage door, pulling into the garage or walking through the door.

Attentive pooches!

Attentive pooches!

Reading a book in silence is nearly impossible. It helps to have some sort of background noise to distract them.

But once Daddy gets home, all is right with the world.

Happy Saturday!