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Sophie Cuddles


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Sophie Jean has always been my cuddle girl. I’ve never had nor known a dog so cuddly in all my life. 


I am not sure if this is the nature of the Shih Tzu, the Poodle or the Shih Poo; or if was my way of nurturing her.

But I love it.


Ever since she was a pup, she has slept with me. This can always be argued as a bad thing. In fact, I have recently learned that my lack of sleep is not because of my husband, but because of my pooches.


If Sophie were human, she’d argue, “But Momma, don’t you love it when I we sleep so close to you?”


And, yes, she would be right. Neither Benny Bear nor Shamrock have ever been as cuddly as Ms. Sophie Jean, though.


We’ve called her our Professional Cuddler, our Cuddle-aholic and our Real-Life Stuffed Animal. She loves our Cuddle Alarm ritual. Cuddling may bring her joy; but I think it brings me just as much.


Happy Saturday!