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The Buggles!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Sophie and Sham hosted some friends this past week.

Look at these a-dog-able little Buggles!

Cleopatra is the shy tri-color Cavalier. At the beginning of the week, it was hard to coax her out her kennel.


Though nervous, she soon warmed up. What I find absolutely darling is that her markings make her look like she is always angry with you.

But she most certainly is not! She’ll give you that look even while she wags her tail or you give her a treat. My heart is melting. ❤

Her older brother, DaVinci, is much more social.


 He sat on my lap all Sunday morning and snuggled!


I used to call DaVinci my make-out buddy when my friend Sally picked him up ten years ago. He’s always got that tongue hanging out and loves to give kisses. Some things never change!

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Rob spent one weekend morning with the kids in the backyard. Look how green everything is starting to get. Yay, spring!


I adore that photo, especially DaVinci’s pose because that is classic him. I just wish we could see Clea’s head!

I got a few close-ups instead:

We had such a nice week of weather, that DaVinci’s favorite thing to do quickly became lying underneath our hammock {and, often, drifting off to sleep}.


Oh how I will miss the Buggles. Until next time…

Happy Saturday!