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New Toys – And, yes, we named them.


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

I rarely buy our dogs new toys. They have way too many! Each month, their beloved BarkBox brings them one or two new ones. I am grateful because Sham’s favorites seem to be the ones I’d never choose for him!

However, on my last trip to the pet store to pick up Sophie’s prescription dog food, I saw some Pound Puppies dog toys on clearance. Remember those? They had them in all different color combinations and even ones with extra furry ears to match Sham!IMG_6484

For just $2.50, I had to get it! But this meant I couldn’t come home empty-handed for The Jean. So I found the aisle where we once got her one of her favorite toys of her youth – Binky. {Yes, we name our dogs’ toys.} I have been unable to find this exact toy. It is a squeaky toy pacifier, which I have been able to find. But her favorite one was different – it had little nodules on it like this one, only yellow. She loved it because she would roll on it! We think she enjoyed the massaging of the nodules on her back. She also would squeak it and chew on it. Over time, it got gross and disintegrated.

That day, I finally found one close to the original for her!


Sophie Jean is not pictured in this photo; but trust me, she did roll on her new Binky! It is hard to tell from the photo, but the nodules are there, they just don’t protrude as much and the toy doesn’t squeak. We had to encourage her to roll on it again like she once did. Once we showed her what to do, she was all about it and so happy.

Sham, though, wasn’t as pleased with his new Mini-Me as I was.


Really, you want me to play with THIS?!

IMG_6484Then, I coaxed him a little. I tried to get him to chew on the ears. He always loves to nibble!


He squeaked it a bit…

…and that was about it.


I guess I’ll just have to leave it up to BarkBox to continue to select Sham’s toys. For now, I’ll just put Mini-Me under his chin like a little pillow. He doesn’t seem to mind that…


Happy Saturday!