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Treats, Treats and More Treats!


Subscription Box Saturday: Doggie Box Edition

This was the last month of receiving the discounted trial Mini Pawalla Box. I’ve compared it with BarkBox in this post and this post.

June’s Pawalla Mini Box included:

Doggie-PawallaWigzi Stuff n’ Crunch Crunchy Baked Treats – Since these are “natural”, I was sure to use them up right away. Our pooches loved ’em.

Fetch & Glow, jr. – I don’t understand why this ball is marked “small”. We got some in a BarkBox a while back that are smaller and are also marked “small”. Our dogs aren’t into balls (and this one is a little too big for our pooches), but we might give them a try when the pups go swimming. These balls are supposed to float!

Push Clean Pet Towelettes – I can’t really understand these. They are like babywipes, but each wipe has its own individual container. What a waste! And I’m not really sure what the purpose is. I am guessing it is to wipe off your pet, but could they be used for cleaning up puppy messes, too? It states nothing of the sort on the package. The box just describes why its important to use bamboo (of what this product is made) in three different languages.

YoPup Happy Belly Probiotic Treats – How cute are these? They smell good and the doggies love ’em.

Doggie-Pawalla Biscuits~

June’s BarkBox included:

Doggie-BB Contents

The folks at BarkBox had a theme in mind this month. Can you figure it out?!

Butcher Shoppe Smoked Beef Dog Bone – These are the kind you’d get from a butcher, but they’re cut up into small pieces. Although the package states that they should only be given to dogs under 25 lbs, I’m still nervous to give them to my pooches. I know I could if I supervise, but they still seem a little small. There are about 5 or 6 pieces in that package. I’m sure they’d love ’em though.

Tail Mix Grilled Sirloin Burger Dog Treats –  They are treats, so of course, they loved ’em.

Puptato Chips – Sweet potato flavor – Okay, so despite the fact that Shamrock is removing these from the box himself in the photo below does not mean that they loved ’em. In fact, whenever I’d give Sophie or Shamrock a Puptato Chip after going outside, they’d spit it out and look up at me as if to say, “You are kidding right? What else you got?” And when I walk away, they eat them reluctantly. Perhaps they are spoiled by the Human Potato Chips daddy gives them!

Doggie-BB PuptatoBowser Beer – You can’t have potato chips without a little beer, right? Don’t worry, this isn’t real beer. It’s a beef-flavored broth that you can use as a topper to dog food. While it hasn’t been used yet, it’s going to be perfect for Benny. He’s 17 years old and is at the point where we need to water down his food to chew it.

Doggie-BB Bowser Beer

Calm K9 Nutri-Wafers – What the heck are these?

Doggie-BB K9Calm

Sophie is afraid of thunderstorms and I feel like a mother with an infant when we have overnight storms. I get very little sleep and nothing can be done to console her. She crawls under the bed and whines and cries until all thunder, wind and lightning is gone. One night during a thunderstorm, I pulled these out. I know I didn’t give them to her an hour before, but feeding her little pieces off of a couple of these kept her occupied for a while. Treats seem to be a good distraction, but it doesn’t offer me any more sleep! We’ve just started using the Calming Collar we received in the Dog Lovers Cravebox. It seems to be working, but we haven’t had any intense storms since. If that doesn’t work, a Thundershirt may be in order!

Yes, if you haven’t guessed yet, June’s BarkBox got us ready for the 4th of July! Chips, beer, burgers, meat & treats to calm during fireworks were all wrapped up in this package. Although Sophie and Shamrock were sad that this month’s BarkBox didn’t come with a toy, it was a clever theme.

Overall, the winner between this three-month doggie box battle is BarkBox! It rarely disappoints and we are so stocked on treats that I never have to buy any myself.

While we will not be renewing Pawalla, it was fun to give it a try. We’d love to try other doggie boxes out there. {There are quite a few!} However, we always like to wait for a deal or an offer to test it out.

If you have pets, how do you calm them during storms or fireworks?


Doggie Boxes – Take Two


Subscription Box Saturday – Doggie Box Edition

Last month, I did an extensive comparison of BarkBox vs. Pawalla. I received a deal for a one-month trial of the Deluxe Pawalla Box for Sophie & Benny {over 8+ years} and three months of the Mini Pawalla Box for Shamrock. Although, I don’t really think inputting the dogs’ ages matters. Still, my pooches continue to go crazy every time a box arrives. It’s hard to keep them still!

Sophie and Shamrock

I have no clue where Benny was! He usually loves to photo bomb.

This month’s BarkBox included:


Grillicious Dog Treats, Bocce’s Bakery Green Juice Treats, Barkworthies Natual Dog Chews, Orbee-Tuff Produce Raspberry Toy with Treat Spot

The treats always go over well. And usually, Sophie tries to take the Barkworthies out of the box before I even get the tag off of it! Sophie and Sham spent the next couple of hours chomping away at those. But they would have nothing to do with the raspberry toy. In fact, I’m not really sure where it is right now. I may have to put some treats in it to keep The Bugaboo (aka Shamrock) occupied. He still is full of puppy energy at seven months.

This month’s Pawalla Mini Box included:


Dynamo dog Functional Treats – Pumpkin & Ginger (Tummy), Dudley the Dog Balloon Toy, Pure Life 4 Pets Vitamin Oil & Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover

The two favorites:

The “balloon” toy is a rubber squeaky toy that Sophie loves to roll all over and Shamrock loves to chew. And I haven’t found treats that the pooches have turned their noses up to yet.

Then, I forgot that when I signed up for the one-month Deluxe Box that they would auto renew it. So I paid the full $29 for it. {FYI: Not worth it.}

This month’s Pawalla Deluxe Box included:


Red Barn Lamb-Baa-Da Wet Food, Red Barn Stewy Louie Wet Food, Dynamo Dog Functional Dog Treats – Salmon (Skin & Coat), Dynamo Functional Dog Treats – Pumpkin & Ginger (Tummy), Baxter the Bull Balloon Toy, Pet Head Dry Clean Shampoo

We have been using the wet food for Benny. At 17 years old and having several teeth extracted as of late, it’s just easier for him to eat. But I don’t know if we’ll use the “shampoo”. So $29 for this box? Not for me. We have one more month of Pawalla Mini. Then I am going to cancel. While the dogs have loved the toys and I’ve obviously fed them the treats and food, we haven’t yet used the other products. And being able to use them is one of my key rules in subscribing for any box. For the cost, I don’t think that this box is worth it for us. This month, BarkBox won out.

Want more information on the differences and comparison of the BarkBox versus the Pawalla Box? Click Here.

If you have pets, what are their favorite treats and toys and why?



Barkbox vs. Pawalla


Subscription Box Saturday: Doggie Box Edition

If you read this blog often, you will know how much I… ehem… my pooches, love their BarkBox. Last month, I received a deal to give Pawalla, another pet subscription box company, a try. The special came via email from a deal site I subscribe to called Barking Deals. I thought it’d be fun to compare, although it might not be fair to do so after just one month.

First, let’s start with BarkBox.

This month’s BarkBox included:


Groom Mitt Bath Mitt (disposable doggie cleaning cloths), Etta Says! Duck Jerky Treats, SafeChew Biggie Bone Stuffable Dog Toy, Licks Liquid Vitamins, Fetch & Glow Glow-in-the-Dark Balls, Etta Says! Crunchy Duck Chew

This is the first box to arrive since the addition of Shamrock to our family. Since there was only one, I had to find a time to give Sophie the Duck Chew without Shamrock knowing. I tried to stuff the Biggie Bone with peanut butter to distract him, but for some reason, he wasn’t too keen on PB. Do you know a dog that doesn’t like PB?! Maybe he was just weirded out by the sticky texture. Maybe it’ll change with time. Of course the Duck Jerky treats were loved and a no-brainer. The Licks Liquid Vitamins were just a tasty food topper for the pooches. The Bath Mitts have not been used, but I have a feeling they will be sometime during this raining “spring” up-and-coming. The dogs were not excited about the Glow-in-the-Dark Balls at all, but I hoping they will be when we go up to the lake. They float!


I signed up with BarkBox when they were pretty new. I had a great deal if I paid for a year up front. I don’t believe they have a year subscription at the moment, but here are the costs currently advertised on their site:

  • $29/month for an ongoing, monthly shipment.
  • $23/month for a 3-month prepaid subscription.
  • $19/month for a 6-month prepaid subscription.
  • All programs include free shipping.
  • You can earn additional free months!

You can also get $5 off your first month by using this referral link!


To sign up, you choose one of the subscriptions above along with your dog size:

  • Small & Cute (0 – 20 lbs)
  • Just Right (20 – 50 lbs)
  • Big & Bold (50+ lbs)

This helps them determine the sizes of treats and toys to send. We have the Small & Cute box, although Benny weighs more than 20 lbs. I know that he’ll eat any treats and doesn’t play with toys anymore at his 17 years of age, so when we signed up for this box, I knew those would go to Sophie.

Here’s a look at past BarkBox treasures:

Singles with dogs, check this one out!

Elton Jumped Out of This Box

The Box I Wrapped Up for Christmas

The BarkBox compared to Paw Box

Smoothies, Antlers & Pumpkin, Oh My!

The First Box


Now for the Pawalla Box:

Barking Deals offered two different options and they allowed me to choose both! These were the great deals I received:

  • Barking Deal One-Month Standard Pawall Box – $16
  • Barking Deal Three-Month Pawalla Mini Box – $28
  • I had to pay an additional $2.99 shipping for each order when I enrolled on the Pawalla site.


Currently, regular prices for the Pawalla boxes are close to those of BarkBox:

  • $30 monthly for the Standard (Deluxe) Box or $28/month for a prepaid 6-months subscription.
  • $20 monthly for the Mini Box or $18/month for a prepaid 6-month subscription.
  • Shipping is apparently free.


To sign up, I needed to identify if I had a dog or a cat (Yes, there is a cat box, too!). Then I had to select:


  • Less than 25 lbs
  • More than 25 lbs


  • 0-12 months
  • 1-7 years
  • 7+ years

Since we added Shamrock to the family, I thought that this was our chance to get him his own box, especially since they had a 0-12 month category. Therefore, I went with the Three-Month Mini Box for him and chose the 7+years category for the One-Month Standard Box.

The Experience:

About 10 days after placing the order, I got an email from Pawalla with the subject title: “We hope you are enjoying your Pawalla Box!‏” I had not yet received the box, nor a tracking number, so I sent over a reply. They must have received several of those because it was followed up with a “Whoops!” email that they’d jumped the gun with this adorable photo:


Ten days after that, I received an email for each box with tracking numbers. They were coming via FedEx SmartPost, which I had never heard of before. I did a little research and found out that it’s a less expensive, slower method whereby Fedex delivers it your local post office and it’s up to the postal service to deliver from there. I guess that once it is delivered to the post office, that date is considered the delivery date.

I will tell you that it took approximately one month from the date of order to receive these shipments. And they didn’t even arrive on the same day. However, I am willing to cut Pawalla some slack here. First, when a company offers a Groupon or other deal, they often have a huge influx of customers/orders. In addition, they just offered such services at such an inexpensive cost. So here goes the increase of staff to fulfill these orders, but with less money to do it with. Totally get it.

The first box to arrive was the Standard Box, which is actually referred to as “Deluxe” on the Pawalla site.

Opened Box

The Deluxe Pawalla Box contains 7 to 9 items.


Canine Caviar Venison Canned Dog Food (2), PetLou Monkey Stick, Natural Balance Healthy Bones Treats, Locomotion Dog Treats, Pet Greens Semi-Most Tasty Lamb Treats, Grizzly Pollock Oil

Shamrock took to the Monkey Stick Squeaky Toy right away! He runs around the house with it at least once every day. Sophie, on the other hand, went right for the treats:


I read up on the venison canned dog food:


It’s interesting that they note that this food is meant to be a topper because they aren’t balanced for long-term use. I’ve been reading about this problem with natural-food dog diets in the book In a Dog’s Heart by Jennifer Arnold. I did put a dollop in each of the dogs’ dishes throughout the week, while keeping the remaining in seal-tight container in the fridge.

Another note in the book In a Dog’s Heart, is that dog food and treats that don’t have preservatives will likely go rancid quickly. The author had a whole kennel of sick dogs throwing up for days before they figured out that it was due to the natural food donated by a local company.

However, people think that since eating natural and preservative-free diets is healthy for us humans, that the same is the case for dogs. It’s just a fine line. So I just made sure that these were the first treats to be eaten, knowing that the shelf-life might not be as long as the other treats in the box and in our pantry:


I noticed later there is garlic in these treats. Isn’t garlic bad for dogs?

We haven’t used the Pollock Oil yet, which is very similar to the Licks Liquid Vitamins we received in the BarkBox, but they will be a nice food topper when the other stuff runs out. And the other treats, of course, will go to good use, too.


A day or two later, the Mini Box arrived.


It’s interesting that Pet Nutritionists pick out the items in the box. I question the unbalanced canned food and the preservative-free garlic treats here.

Shamrock was immediately interested

Shamrock was immediately interested!

But most of the contents were repeats of the Standard Box! Why ask what age the pets are if you are just going to send the same stuff? While there were a couple more items in the Deluxe box, I think it’s just the size of the box that makes it look deluxe, you know, with all of those compartments.


Three of the items were repeats from the Deluxe Box. The only different item was the Oatmeal Shampoo.


Shamrock immediately recognized the Monkey Stick and promptly pulled it from the box!

However, we really don’t need two of the same toy, so I traded him with the first one and plan to give the new one to another dog lover.


The verdict is still out on which box we like better. We still have 2 more months of the Mini Pawalla Box on its way!

Pawalla claims the following about their boxes:

  • 4-5 premium full-size products (7-9 for the deluxe box)
  • Treats, a toy and surprise item(s), no wet food {Wait. Didn’t I receive wet food in the Deluxe Box?}
  • All natural or organic
  • Hand-selected and reviewed by a Pet Nutritionist
  • Free shipping

BarkBox claims the following:

  • “Every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!”
  • “A portion of proceeds from each box will go to help doggies-in-need.” (In fact, 10% from every box goes to a rescue group!)

What is not mentioned here about BarkBox is the quality of the products. They are very careful to include only products that are safe for your pets – free from dyes, materials or ingredients that are harmful. Each product is labeled carefully, so I can attest to this.

One other thing I love about BarkBox is that I get a newsletter every month from Scout, their resident pooch who tests out all treats and toys. (Not a bad gig!) The newsletter often includes links to a whole slew of cute dog photos and GIFs. They make my day when I’m feeling blue! My husband said the other day that he had heard that watching fish swim about in a fish tank can help reduce stress and lower blood pressure. As Sophie and Shamrock were playing for a half-hour straight, he said he thought the same thing could be said about pooches playing. No wonder why cute doggie photos cheer me up!

What cheers you up or helps you wash away stress?


Singles with Dogs ~ Treats for You Both


Subscription Box Saturday – BarkBox Edition

Whenever a BarkBox is delivered, my dogs go nuts when I’m about to open it. Truthfully, they go ballistic when I open any subscription box we get. But that’s because they are always expecting a treat for them inside!

This month’s BarkBox was no different. However, while it was the contents that intrigued the pooches, it was something else written on the insert that peaked my interest:


Have you heard of it? It’s a matchmaking service for people with dogs or who love dogs.

Yes, my dear single friends! You can be set up on dates with your pooches, so you’ll always have something to talk about {or have an excuse to get away if it’s not a match for you!} If you are single and love dogs, but don’t have one yourself, you can still be matched to someone with a pooch. Hey, if I was single, I’d check it out. While Tawkify is the general matchmaking service, Connie is the Dog Matchmaker. You can check her out here:


Okay, so now on to the contents of March BarkBox:


Treats, toys, waste bag carrier to clip to a leash, coupons and offers

Teeny Treats Feel Good Treats – Liver Lover’s Gourmet Mix – About a week ago, we took Sophie to the vet because she was walking three-legged. She had injured a hind leg while jumping off the couch. After her exam, we wandered around Pet Smart and found some liver treats she loved as a puppy that I haven’t seen in a while and bought them. She went crazy over them! And she’s been crazy over these, too, since they arrived. I like that they are teeny because that makes them perfect for training. Rob loves teaching Sophie new tricks. I wish I could try to figure out how to have her get him a beer. 😉

Just three ingredients

These teeny treats are made of just three ingredients!

Harry Barker Hemp Bone This squeaky toy is made of eco-friendly fibers. Even though I didn’t think this was that exciting of a toy, Sophie enjoyed it. She loves finding the squeaker!

Lollycadoodle Wool Mouse – For some reason, whenever Sophie gets new toys, she knows she is supposed to play with them. She goes back to some of her old favorites often, but she nearly always gives the new ones a chance. Our very first Christmas in our house, we invited our parents and Rob’s grandma to town to stay with us. We gave up our bed and slept downstairs on the two couches. We had dog beds placed on the cold floor in the basement, too. When we went to bed the night that we opened gifts, one by one, Sophie brought each of her new toys downstairs and lined them up on and next to her pillow. It was the most adorable thing!

Here’s Sophie with her new mouse posing just for you:


Little Eatz Peanut Butter Cookies – These are treats for both you and your dog! They are made with ingredients that both humans and canines can digest. While we do give our pooches people food, some of it can be harmful to dogs. These treats are designed to be ones that both of us can share. Check out the ingredients and nutrition facts.


Little Eatz Peanut Butter Cookies

Rob refused to take a taste, but I did! I wanted to share a treat with my pooches! They weren’t all that flavorful, but they weren’t disgusting either. Still, I’ll save them for Sophie and Benny. I love the premise of these treats, though. I still want to make these Peanut Butter Dog Cookies that were made by volunteers for the Spooky Tails 5k. The ingredients look like something both dogs and their owners could share, too.

If you have a dog, what kind of items would you like to see in a monthly dog subscription box?

If you already have a favorite item, treat, or food you’ve bought for your dog, what is it?



SBS: Elton Jumped Out of the Box!


This Subscription Box Saturday, I’m going to tell you the story Elton, who jumped out of my pooches’ January BarkBox.

As always, when the BarkBox arrives, Benny and Sophie are anxious for me to open it. This month, Sophie immediately dove into the box digging through and tried to steal the Barkworthies rawhide chew!


I made her put it back so I could take pictures of the contents.


But wait, the insert showed that four items should have arrived in the box that month, but we only received three. I immediately tweeted Barkbox:

The Response:

All the while, my pooches patiently waited to eat and play with the contents, despite #TheCaseofTheMissingOctopus. Sophie got a little anxious and looked to Bear for help.

As Sophie gnawed on the Barkworthies Rawhide curly chew {made of 100% beef with no bleaches or chemicals}, I tried stuffing the Ruff Dawg rubber toy with some of the Nootie Yumzies treats. He just wasn’t havin’ it. But they do thoroughly enjoy the Yumzies on their own! They are small, soft and chewy.

The next day, I emailed support:

JAN 24, 2013  |  08:24PM EST
Original message

Subject: TheCaseOfTheMissingOctopus
Carrie wrote:

Hello Barkbox:

My pooches love getting their box every month! Sophie tried to steal the Barkworthies chew right out of the box before I had it even opened all the way.Looking at the insert that comes in the box, I noticed that we did not receive Elton the Octopus. 😦 Can you please ship one our way?

Thank you very much.

Carrie (and Benny & Sophie)

The reply:

JAN 24, 2013  |  03:42AM EST
Lindsay replied:

Hi Carrie!
We are so glad to hear Benny and Sophie seem to be enjoying this months BarkBox….. But Elton must have escaped the box on the way. Oops! We told him to stay inside. 🙂 Don’t worry though we shall get you out a replacement Elton soon. Thank you for your patience.
Please let know if you need anything else, we are always here to help.
All the best, Lindsay
Too cute! No?
Elton arrived within about a week:
Elton the Octopus

Elton the Octopus

Isn’t he cute!? Although I love, Love, LOVE having our pooches try new products from Barkbox, I couldn’t imagine Sophie playing with a rope toy. She prefers the stuffed animal-style with a squeaker inside. I dropped it on the floor and she would have nothing to do with him. Then I read the tag that was attached to it {pictured above} that suggested dipping the legs in peanut butter, juice or broth and freezing to create the perfect chew toy. I also love that the maker, Jax and Bones, donates to pups in need.

I didn’t do the dipping that day, but later that night, I did see Sophie playing with him! She was cuddled up on a blanket chewing away. This surprised me the first time she enjoyed one of Barkbox‘s rope toys, but a second one? I’m astonished.

The next day, I did dip Elton’s legs in peanut butter and put him on the kitchen floor after I let the dogs out. I wanted to see which dog would show interest and find him first when I let them in. Of course, it was Sophie. The old man dog is a little slower these days.

In fact, Benny had to go in for surgery this past week. He’s had a polyp in his ear that he’s been scratching non-stop, which bleeds, creates infections and stinks horribly. He’s been in a tremendous amount of pain. He also ended having about six teeth pulled. He’s 16 and has never had any pulled, so this isn’t too uncommon. He did amazingly well, but has to wear the wonderful E-collar that dogs so love.

Sad bneny ber with his colloar

Sad Conehead Benny Bear

We are giving him lots of love, but we are also teasing him… telling him he looks so handsome in his bonnet, calling him Conehead and telling him that the party is over and she should take that lampshade off his head. 😉
Sometimes he even looks like a… (cue the Muppets):


Bear in Space!

Tell me about the best customer service experience you’ve ever had!


Puppy Cake!


The morning that I baked scones that my Foodie Penpal sent me, I decided to bake for our pooches, too! It was about time to make the Red Velvet Puppy Cake that our pooches received in their Holiday Barkbox. I had intended to make them for Sophie’s birthday earlier in January, but that day came and went. She is now an eight-year-old pooch! I can hardly believe it. Some days, she still acts like a little puppy. She still loves to play!

Puppy Cake batter

I just added egg, oil and water to the mix to make the batter.

out of the oven.

Immediately after removing them from the oven, I popped them out to let them cool.

What makes them red? Beet powder!

Once cool, I just added water to the "frosting" mix to turn them into frosted cupcakes!

Once cool, I just added water to the “frosting” mix to turn them into frosted cupcakes!

All natural, human grade ingredients!

I love this short list of human grade ingredients.

The cupcakes are wheat-free, making them easily digestible for dogs. And yes, because they are made of human grade ingredients, I just had to take a bite to taste one. Of course, they weren’t sweet like a true cupcake. And there was a very strong beet flavor. So, nothing I’d really enjoy, but they weren’t meant for me… So it was time to see what the dogs thought.

After I served Rob and I our scones, I put one cupcake on a plate for Sophie and one for Benny, knowing that as soon as I put them on the floor, they would devour them. Just as I suspected, Benny put his mouth around it and put the whole thing in his mouth! It was gone in seconds. Sophie, on the other hand, daintily licked all of the frosting off before biting into her cake! It was very difficult to get photos of all this in action, but I tried:


I think by the fact that they finished their cupcakes in seconds and that they accepted pieces of the cupcakes as treats throughout the week with no problem, I would have to say that Puppy Cake was a winner. You can find out more about Puppy Cake products on their website.

Do you cook for your pets?

If so, what are your favorite recipes?

I still want to make these Peanut Butter Dog Cookies made my volunteer for the Wags and Whiskers 5k!


BarkBox – November 2012


This month’s BarkBox arrived the day before Thanksgiving, but we didn’t get a chance to sit down and open it until the following day. This means that Benny and Sophie didn’t miss out while Daddy got to open birthday presents all day long!

As usual, Benny was anxious and curious:

And I think it was the best box the pooches have received so far!

November BarkBox Contents

The contents of each BarkBox so far have always included treats, a toy and something for dental hygiene. So let’s review some of this month’s items:

Barkworthies 6″ Dog Chew

This chew claims to be “100% natural”, high in protein, low in fat and to keep teeth and gums healthy. It is made of 100% beef pizzle {whatever that is}. Sophie tried to rip it out of my hand the moment I took it out of the box. I didn’t want to give it to her, however, due to recently having two teeth extracted and her follow-up appointment being the next day. So it remains to be chewed. Still, this chew must have been a last minute addition to the box, as it was not listed on the BarkBox insert anywhere!

Bionic Bone

This plastic bone, made of food grade materials, claims to be virtually indestructible. The design is meant to fit your pooch’s mouth and its ridges are supposed to provide a “chewy” feeling. It is recommended to stuff it with treats and freeze it overnight for “hours of fun”. Ours is currently filled with peanut butter and has been stuffed in the freezer. We’ll try to test it out on both Benny and Sophie. If they both like it, we’ll have to buy another. Both dogs currently have KONGs, but I am not sure if those are freezable.

Fruitables Healthy Dog Treats – Pumpkin & Blueberry Flavor

The pumpkin craze that has swept the blogosphere this time of year did not pass up the doggie world! I opened the bag and these actually smelled really good – lots of blueberry aromas, none of those dog biscuit smells. The dogs loved them. At only 9 calories per crunchy treat, they’d be perfect for training.

Acadia Antlers Moose Rac Chew Toy  Rope Antler Chew – Made from Naturally Shed Maine Moose Antlers and 100% Cotton Rope

Okay, our dogs really aren’t into rope toys; so I had fully intended to give this one away. However, I let Sophie sniff it and she went CRAZY. She tugged, chewed, scratched at and rolled on this thing for at least an hour straight.

Sophie went ballistic over this. I guess we won’t be giving it away!

On the tag:

“Our MOOSE RAC* (rope antler chew) is made from Maine Moose Antler and 100% cotton rope with no fillers or synthetics. Soft roping acts as a floss for teeth, great for chewing, tugging and throwing. Chewing is great jaw exercise, and our Moose Antler will hep scrape tartar off your dogs teeth!!”

Mr. Barksmith’s Smoothies for Dogs – Pumpkin Patch Flavor

What a “cool” concept! I thought this might feel really good on Sophie’s teeth. I popped it in the freezer so that it would be ready by feeding time. The recommendation was to “pop the cool treat into your dog’s favorite bowl.” At dinnertime, I took the Smoothie out of the freezer, filled Benny and Sophie’s food bowls, divided the cup in half and popped it on top of their regular food.

At first, I think Sophie wasn’t sure what to think. She licked the cool treat on top of her food and then looked at me. Meanwhile, Benny took his portion out of the bowl and put it on the floor and licked it up. By the time they were finished, I checked both bowls: They both were completely empty.

Ingredients: Pumpkin Puree, Banana Puree, Apple Puree, Water, Omega 3 Chia

Also in the BarkBox were coupons/vouchers for:

  • Rover.com – $10 off dog-sitting from local insured dog-sitters
  • Chewy.com – $10 online gift card for pet food and treats
  • DogTV – $10 gift card – uh what?

I had never heard of DogTV before, but here is what the card insert read:

I wonder if we’ll receive December’s shipment in time to wrap it up for Christmas. No matter what, we’re definitely finding products we would have never encountered nor tried on our dogs before if it weren’t for BarkBox!

This would make the perfect gift for any dog or petparent in your life. To join, you just choose your dog size, the plan (month-to-month, three months or six months) and enter your billing and shipping information. It’s that simple.

Click here to get $5 off your subscription to give it a try.

Have you ever heard of DogTV?

What do you think of something like this?