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Sophie & Shamrock Saturday


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the pooches. But this time of year, there is a lot of hibernating going on…

I got the pooches these little dog beds around the holidays because they were on sale for around $10. Rob said they were too small. Technically, he was right. But the larger sizes started at $25/each. And I figured when they curl up into their little sleeping-dog-crescent-shapes…

It  took a long time to try to get Sham to get into his little bed. Training treats didn’t even really work. Until one day, I put the bed under my desk while I was working:

shamrock-bed-3He still loves the butterfly pillows his Auntie Sally gave them (pictured left), but now we’ve got little beds and pillows in the office, the living room and in the basement. Sham is a little protector (just ask Auntie Sally!) and needs to follow me nearly everywhere. He’ll have a place to sit no matter where I am… He might even fall asleep…

shamrock-bedMaybe one day, he’ll cover his eyes with his paws like The Jean does sometimes…

Happy Saturday!


A Dog’s Purpose


Yesterday, I received a TMZ-released video in my inbox of a dog being mistreated on the film set of A Dog’s Purpose.


The reason I received it?

I replied “maybe” to a invite to a local animal rescue to see an advanced screening for a fundraiser.

I didn’t want to watch the video; but I did in the end because I wanted to make up my own mind.

I had mixed feelings.

The dog was meant to shoot a scene in rushing water, but done in a pool. The dog was obviously terrified to shoot the scene. (S)he did not want to get into the water. It appeared that the handler was trying to force her in. Yes, I felt bad for the dog. But I guess I felt like the “news” was making this out to be something it was not – that someone was deliberately harming a dog on camera for the sake of the movie. {Like forcing it to sit in a hot car until exhaustion while it whines and whimpers.}

I will not post TMZ’s video, not because of it’s content, but because I don’t want to support TMZ. Obviously, this incident happened some time ago during the shoot of the movie. This is just now being “leaked” just in time for the premier. No way. If you want to see it, you can search for it yourself.

One comment I read about the video:

My dogs fight like this to avoid baths, hair cuts and nail clippings. I have to lay on top of the big one to accomplish most of these feats. The dog was never in any real danger. Sometimes animals dont wanna do things they need to do for their own good. Like children. The dog will be okay and I’m sure the handlers regret their treatment in this instance. But people were on hand to make sure the dog was safe the entire step of the way. He had no way of knowing the dog would panic once in the water like he did.

Later, the local animal rescue posted something else:

UPDATE: AMC is happy to let us play a different movie. Right now we are waiting to see if the film makers have any response. But assuming this is video footage from this movie, we will not be participating. We cannot in good conscience support a movie with this type of treatment of animals.

We understand your dog might not want to get into a bath tub and look similar to this dog, but please keep in mind that these animals are well-trained, want to please their handlers, and are selected because they will do almost anything. So for this dog to be that “disobedient” shows me how absolutely terrified he was.

Both, great points.

I have a friend who fosters from this animal rescue. So I know that this is coming from an animal rescue that split up two dogs when they were adopted when they required the foster parent to keep them to together. People make mistakes, I think the animal rescue did, too…

This couple fostered two dogs that the animal rescue required to remain together. When the couple eventually decided to become “foster failures” and adopt the dogs themselves, the animal rescue did not allow it. They said that they needed to be adopted separately. The foster couple didn’t not understand why this would be if they had to foster them together! They also knew the temperament of these dogs and knew it was a bad idea. When the first dog was adopted, they had to experience the utter anxiety and sadness that the second dog went through after the first dog’s departure.


In any case, I am not saying what was done in the video was okay in any way. I do agree with the commenter I quoted that the handlers and people on set are most likely regretful of this incident. We don’t know the whole story or if the producers have yet commented.


What angers me that this was released just before the movie is to premier.

Why not release it immediately if you are truly worried that any harm is being done on set to prevent anything from happening further?


That is just irresponsible and in my mind says that you as the “news outlet” or the leaker of the video are people that do not care about the well-being of animals, but only of your own shock value and pocketbooks.

I’m also angered because A Dog’s Purpose is one of my favorite books of all time. I feel badly that author W. Bruce Cameron is to be associated with this. I really still hope you do read book as well as the sequel, A Dog’s JourneyIt will be hard to separate it from this movie, but please do. It is well worth it.


In the meantime, I’ll be watching for a statement release from the producers about the well-being of the beautiful dog that went through a terrifying experience.



Being Outside in Arizona in February


Is it just me or does anyone else feel like cacti

are always flipping us off?IMG_6063

My Aunt Terri said, “They have their arms up ready to give you a hug!”


My very first memory of life was in Arizona.

I was two years old. {I know this because my brother was not yet born.} My dad pushed me into my grandparents’ pool {to teach me how to swim?}. I remember sucking in so much water and screaming and crying and feeling like I was drowning. Of course, I didn’t know what drowning was at the time, but I knew the feeling. Of course, that feeling felt like forever to me, but my dad promptly “saved” me, hoisting me out of the water and laughing all the while. I was bawling.

We never did go back to see my grandparents while they lived in Arizona. I’m sure that didn’t have to do what seemed to me to be a traumatic event, but quite probably just life circumstances and our growing family. For the record, this incident didn’t scar me for life. On the contrary. I eventually took swimming lessons and love being in the water!

In fact, that’s why, after my first visit back to Arizona five years ago, I concluded that I could never live there. Sure, I did love the dry heat. The humidity during Minnesota summers can be unbearable. But I love water so much that I need to be near it!

That’s probably why so many Arizonans have pools. 😉


Still, February is that perfect time of year to be outside in Arizona – a couple of months later and no one will help you move, unless it’s at 5am. It’s also the perfect time to visit when you are experiencing bitterly cold Minnesota winters!

In the morning, Rob and I would make some coffee and go read on the back patio. Sometimes it was even a little chilly!


And usually, one or more of my Aunt Terri and Bryan’s five dogs would follow us!


D.O.G. keeping Rob company

I swear, D.O.G. is the happiest dog on the planet! He’s always wagging his tail to see you and wants lots of pets.

At night, he’d sleep outside our bedroom door. When I’d get up to go to the bathroom, I’d hear the thump, thump, thump of his tail wagging and hitting the wall. He has All. The. Love.


D.O.G. and Jake chillin’

Now Jake is what Bryan likes to call a “bachelor’s dog.” Although he may look fierce at first glance, he is anything but. This sweet and charming pooch just wants your love!



Max, pictured below, is the smallest of the five and also the alpha! It is very interesting to watch… When I first met Max five years ago he was not alpha. But I remember asking Terri and Bryan who would be alpha when the current one passed. “Max,” they said in unison.  Here is a selfie of us in the a.m. while I was out on the patio with my coffee.


Morning Me & Max

Also, when I first met Max, he had both eyes. An unfortunate circumstance with one of the other dogs left him with only one. But that doesn’t keep him from being happy nor from being alpha!


It’s fun to watch Max play with and shake up this huge stuffed animal!

Then there’s Missy and Mira – the other two Doxies. Missy, although a bit heavier, can play ball for hours. Mira is just a little lover!

You can only imagine how heavenly it was for Rob and I to be around five dogs! The amazing part is how well they get along. It’s quite the sweet little family.


We spent every moment possible that we could outside while we were in Arizona! My aunt arranged for my cousins to come over for a cookout and a bonfire the first night. It was wondrous! However, I kept getting the feeling that the bugs would be out soon and I’d be slapping myself and need to go in. But it never happened. I wasn’t in Minnesota or Wisconsin in the summer. I was in Arizona in February.

Instead, I got to sit outside and hangout with family over the fire for hours. What could be better?!

Still, I find it painful looking back on all my photos that I failed to take pictures of those that I love. Why is it that I shy away from taking pictures of people? I’m constantly taking photos of scenery, food, beverages and dogs! This is something I declare to work on in the future! Because life is the business of making memories and people are the best part of those memories.

Where do you like to go to spend time outdoors?

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The Buggles!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Sophie and Sham hosted some friends this past week.

Look at these a-dog-able little Buggles!

Cleopatra is the shy tri-color Cavalier. At the beginning of the week, it was hard to coax her out her kennel.


Though nervous, she soon warmed up. What I find absolutely darling is that her markings make her look like she is always angry with you.

But she most certainly is not! She’ll give you that look even while she wags her tail or you give her a treat. My heart is melting. ❤

Her older brother, DaVinci, is much more social.


 He sat on my lap all Sunday morning and snuggled!


I used to call DaVinci my make-out buddy when my friend Sally picked him up ten years ago. He’s always got that tongue hanging out and loves to give kisses. Some things never change!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Rob spent one weekend morning with the kids in the backyard. Look how green everything is starting to get. Yay, spring!


I adore that photo, especially DaVinci’s pose because that is classic him. I just wish we could see Clea’s head!

I got a few close-ups instead:

We had such a nice week of weather, that DaVinci’s favorite thing to do quickly became lying underneath our hammock {and, often, drifting off to sleep}.


Oh how I will miss the Buggles. Until next time…

Happy Saturday!


They Like It Best When We’re Both at Home…


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

When I used to conduct wine tastings, Rob would often tell me that Sophie would whine the whole time I was away.

But at night, when I went to bed, often before Rob, uber-cuddly Sophie would not snuggle. Instead, she’d choose a spot at the end of the bed, lying with her nose pointed to the corner, which was also toward the door. I don’t think she even slept until Daddy came to bed!

Now I understand what he means.

This is Shamrock and Sophie when I am home alone and they are waiting for Daddy:

Noses pointed toward the front door!

Noses pointed toward the front door!

They bark at every sound that could possibly be him turning into the driveway, opening the garage door, pulling into the garage or walking through the door.

Attentive pooches!

Attentive pooches!

Reading a book in silence is nearly impossible. It helps to have some sort of background noise to distract them.

But once Daddy gets home, all is right with the world.

Happy Saturday!






Sophie & Shamrock Saturday… and Friends!

Last weekend, for the Memorial Day holiday, we were invited up to a friend’s cabin. It works out well because they let us bring our dogs. When we went out to golf for the day, Lisa decided to move all the parts of their sectional together and cover it with blankets to create what she called a Puppy Lounge.

But Rob dubbed it the…


Happy Saturday!