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The Football



It’s been a while since I’ve written up in here.

It’s been quite a month. Since my last post about my birthday weekend, it’s been a whirlwind!

Not only did we win that Monday night Packer game I spoke about, but we had a ton of fun. Here’s how:

Step 1:

Start at Townline for some lunch and a drink. It was Double Bubble – aka Happy Hour.


Step 2:

Take a shuttle bus to Lambeau Field.


We had plans to meet up with a ton of people; but it didn’t happen, which made me sad. Things get crazy after you’ve had a little Crown Royal Apple pre-game…


{Note: The Crown Royale Apple bag is green and gold!}

You start to lose track of time.

Step 3:

Then you find a new brewery. The opening hours didn’t work for us the last time were in the area. But this time we couldn’t miss Badger State Brewing Company because it was highly recommended by my brother.


The patio area of Badger State Brewing Company is huge; but it really needs to be for game day because it’s just across the road from Lambeau Field.

Then there’s the beer list…

IMG_4297(1)You’ll find Badger State’s beers on the chalkboard on the right and other Wisconsin draft brews on the left. There are so many choices!


But we saw this…


I thought I should try Lakefront Brewery’s Imperial Pumpkin Ale. I am not normally a huge fan of pumpkin beers, with the exception for Pumking. That may be why – nothing lives up to it. So I asked the bartender about it.  I’m completely paraphrasing here…

Beertender: Most pumpkin beers aren’t that good. But this one is exceptional.

Me: I know. I don’t really like them in general, but my go-to is Pumking.

Beertender: Yes, Pumking is top notch. But this one is something special.

Then I read that it was aged in brandy barrels. I had to have it.

I was not disappointed!

I also spotted a bottle of the Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Cherry Stout in the cooler behind the bar. It was one of the few Central Waters Bourbon barrel beers I had not had. So it had to be done as well.

We weren’t hungry, but I think next time Rob will fancy himself some of these:



Then you meet some really cool opposing team fans and buy them drinks.


{Photo courtesy of Haley!}

Then you hang out for a while while listening to a cool bluegrass band! Seriously, it’s fun to meet opposing team fans. I’m in the camp that we wouldn’t have football if we didn’t have opposing teams. So let’s hang out… and then may the best team win. 😉

We won that Monday night game – 38 to 28.


Then, would you believe that I went to the following away game? How did this happen?

We haven’t gone on an annual international trip this year and I was feeling pretty sad about that. However, we were able to coordinate a trip to visit a friend in sunny California with our friend Jenny. (More on that trip, soon!)

And we ended up at Levi Stadium to watch our Pack play the 49ers!

Well, we just had to check out the stadium hosting the Super Bowl if we plan to be going to there this year, right?!


Rob wasn’t as much of fan of the stadium as I was. Remember we were in San Francisco – wine country – so there is wine!

IMG_4497And I’m not talking box nor tap wine here, but by the glass – out of a bottle! Yes, it’s expensive – it’s a stadium; but I liked the selection.


And how could I not get a Salumi and Cheese Platter as my stadium lunch/snack! {Right, Biz?!} All with a little bubbly? This kiosk was so close to our seats, too. Win-Wine! {See what I did there?}


Still, something interesting that I noticed at Levi Stadium that I haven’t at Lambeau is that people were having food and drink orders delivered to their seats! They can right from their app!


I liked that idea! There’s a $5 delivery fee; but if you are really into the game or don’t want to fight the crowds, it might be worth it. And guess what?

Another Packer win!


Then, this weekend, we celebrated the wedding of some wonderful friends. I loved the idea of guests signing corks!

We didn’t know anyone else there… but decided to get a hotel room and just have a nice night out for just the two of us. Not only was the wedding beautiful, but we met some wonderful people! And since it was at The Medina, we had a bit of time to go bowling.

Yes, we did! I did not have the outfit to bowl; but Rob bought me some brand new bowling socks from the vending machine and we were good to go.


We ended the night in the hot tub. It was the perfect 24 hour vacation. It’s not that we needed the vacation. (See above!) But it was a great opportunity to spend some time out alone – well, sort of!

And then, this past weekend, we had another Packer win. This has been an exciting year for football! We are 5 and 0. It’s still early; but exciting nonetheless.

Go Pack Go!


So why haven’t I titled this post The Packers, rather than The Football? Because Rob’s alma mater – the University of Michigan – has been rockin’ it, too.

They hired Jim Harbaugh to turn the team around. Everyone thought in a few years, he could move things in the right direction. However, no one would have anticipated he could do it this year, without his own personal recruits! It’s still early there, too; but 4 and 1 is pretty darn good when it’s not expected. Oh, and did I mention the last three were shut-outs?!!!

My husband is very happy.

And that makes football season even more enjoyable for me!

But this whirlwind month has not ended! We still have a really quick trip to Chicago planned to meet up with our Aussie Mum & Dad. Anyone know of a Packer bar there? We might have to watch a game!

Now picture all of this craziness and coming back to work each week, trying to catch up… But most importantly, we couldn’t do all of these little bursts of travel without our dog sitters this year. Thank you Jen, Sally and Ryan. We are forever grateful!

Go Pack Go!

Do you love football season?

What is your favorite team?

Do you have any traditions that make football season special to you?


Townline – Green Bay


Although we had a Green Bay address growing up, we lived on the outskirts, near the villages of Howard and Suamico. There wasn’t much nearby. We couldn’t even get pizza delivered. But the area has grown and expanded, so there’s now even a gas station less than four miles from my parents’ home.

You’ll also find a little pub and grill nearby called Townline. It was erected not long after I moved to Minnesota. What’s fun is that while the building is new, the tavern isn’t. You can read about the history here.

Because it’s so close, it’s a place we can easily get some grub and a pint when we are in town. I wasn’t intending to ever talk about it on the blog. But why not talk about an old (or newish, depending on how you look it) standby?

Our experience on our trip over the holidays was actually what prompted me to write this one…


What completely surprised us is that Townline is open 7am until midnight every day. {But somehow I think that just means food. My guess is that they stay open until the usual 2am bar time for drinks.} And they have free Wi-Fi. The Monday morning before Christmas Eve was the perfect time for Rob to log in to work and put in a few hours. And we could order some breakfast! That’s something we hadn’t done at Townline yet. Mostly, because we had no idea that they served it!

Since I wasn’t the one working, I ordered a Bloody Mary. I was asked if I wanted the Breakfast Mary. Can you believe I ordered it after I was told it was made with bacon-infused vodka?

Breakfast Mary with bacon-infused vodka, cheese, beef stick, pickle, two slices of bacon, hard boiled egg and a beer chaser

Breakfast Mary with bacon-infused vodka, cheese, beef stick, pickle, two slices of bacon, hard boiled egg and a beer chaser

I usually don’t like bacon in things. I only like it by itself because in dishes and on foods, I feel it tends to overpower the other flavors. But this bacon flavor was subtle and well-balanced in the Mary! I would highly recommend it. Rob took my brother there the next morning and JR said it was the best Bloody Mary he’s ever had. I loved that a hard-boiled was part of the garnish. However, they must be either pickled or preserved somehow, because the egg had a strong vinegar flavor. Not my style.

I love eggs and omelets, so I couldn’t go wrong with my breakfast:

Omelet with sausage, onion, mushroom, tomato and cheddar served with hashbrowns and wheat toast

Omelet with sausage, onion, mushroom, tomato and cheddar served with hash browns and wheat toast

Rob went out on a limb and tried something he’d never had before – a Monte Cristo:

Breakfast Monte Cristo made with sausage and served with strawberry sauce

Breakfast Monte Cristo made with sausage and served with strawberry sauce

It was rich and so much food that he only ate about a quarter of it!


But enough about breakfast. There are over 50 beers on tap here; but we don’t get too excited about that anymore. There’s rarely something new and interesting to us. That sounds completely snobby, but we’ve just had most of the selections available and know our tastes. But hey, we come from an up-and-coming craft brew mecca. And we understand that Townline needs to offer what suits their clientele. But, if there’s a local brew that is new to us that we can’t find in MN, we give it a try.

The menu at Townline is huge, but I’ve learned what I like to make a quick decision.

My two favorite things to order are:

~ Cajun Chicken Salad with Cajun Ranch Dressing

~ Friday Fish Fry {if we are in town on a Friday!}

Rob’s favorites are:

~ Lonely Guy Burger – fried onions, pepperjack cheese and enough garlic to clear the room on marble rye
*They also make a Lonely Guy Pizza and a Lonely Guy Omelet for breakfast!

~ Howard-Pulaski Burger – burger topped with a slice of kielbasa!
*Rob is saddened that they no longer have this burger. He thinks because kielbasa is no longer on their menu. He may just have to try the Howard-Suamico next time which is made with a brat patty!


If you are in town for a Packer game, the Townline is a bit out of the way. I’d hop over to Kroll’s for burgers and fried-anything for a side. It’s across the street from Lambeau and you can’t miss it. It’s kind of an institution that you just shouldn’t miss!

Northeastern Wisconsin

I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk a little about the culture that is Northeastern Wisconsin, while I’m at it. It’s funny that it took me moving out of the area to realize that these things were uniquely part of the culture there. To me, while living there, it was just normal!

~GO PACK GO! Nearly everyone supports the Packers. On game day, everyone breaks out their Packer gear. Solidarity. No matter if we are sucking or not. Whether there’s a home or away game, the mall will be dead. Many streets will be, too. While there are some diehard Viking fans in Minnesota that I highly respect, most are fair weather fans, if at all!

~German and Polish influence – That’s why you see us on TV cooking up brats and kielbasa while tailgating at Packer games! Don’t forget the sauerkraut.

~Friday Fish Fry – You’ll find this at nearly every restaurant that isn’t a chain – every Friday. Not just during Lent. And it’s almost always is perch. I’ve never seen a fish fry made with perch in Minnesota. {Though I’ve had some of the better fish and chips in Minnesota than I’ve had elsewhere!}

~Chili with noodles – Really, it wasn’t until college that I realized chili was ever made without noodles. My mom always made it with spaghetti, right in the pot! I see that Townline offers it on their menu with or without.

~Double Bubble – This is the term for Happy Hour. It technically means that you can buy two-for-one cocktails, but is often used synonymously with Happy Hour now.

~The Old Fashioned – My mom has ordered Whiskey Old Fashioned Sours for as long as I can remember. It’s only been recently that she’d be able to order one in the Twin Cities and get someone who can make one that she deems worthy!

~Bubbler and Tyme Machine = Water Fountain & ATM. I once asked for a Tyme Machine at a movie theater in MN. (Before you could use a credit card to buy a movie ticket!) Yes, they looked at me like I was crazy. Especially because I kept saying it louder because I thought they couldn’t hear me behind the glass… I’m more careful about that one now. 😉

What are some parts of your local culture that you didn’t realize until you traveled or moved elsewhere?