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Chinese New Year – For Dogs!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Who knew that dogs could celebrate the Chinese New Year? BarkBox will stop at nothing when developing fun new themes each month.


Although my research now tells me the Chinese and Lunar new years are not {always} the same thing. The more I read, the more confused I am. But I figure my dogs really don’t care, as long as they get their goodies!


Sophie is the year of the Rooster. According to the chart above – maybe she’ll start playing with Shamrock again?!

Sham is the year of the Dragon. Hint: The balls are under the couch, Sham!

February BarkBox loot:


The Small Bites Duck Pet Treats are a hit.


The Dragon Toy hasn’t gotten much play yet, that I know of. The Barkworthy Stick is always appreciated. But what’s in those Chinese takeout boxes?!


Oh no, you didn’t! The Chow Chow Mein treats for dogs will be next up in the rotation of treats. Sophie was begging for them at that moment, though! I love that BarkBox treats like this are made and sourced in the USA.

Then I opened the white plush takeout box:


Oh my dog! {<–See what I did there?!} There are little Plush Dumplings inside!


These toys are right up Sham’s alley. He loves soft little toys that he can nibble on like these.  Rob has since thrown out that takeout box, though, figuring it has no use. It may have been a place to keep Sham’s balls so they don’t always end up under the couch!


What a fun little February BarkBox. Sophie and Sham are anxiously waiting the one for March. If you enroll your pooch in BarkBox, both Sophie & Sham and YOU will receive a free box with your subscription.


And Sophie and Sham Thank You very much for that!

Happy Saturday!

January BarkBox


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

We are already into February and I realized that I have not yet given you the contents on the January BarkBox. I’m sure the February BarkBox is due to ship any day now!

This month’s theme:


Both of this month’s dog treats, the Duck & Pomegranate Soft Chews and the Good Dog Chicken Pot Pie flavored treats {which are in the shape of cute tiny dog bones!}, have been winners.


The Lamb Ear Chew went right into our pantry where I keep a small stash so that I can give Sham and Sophie one at the same time. But look at that cute little Hippy Bus plush-squeaky toy above! I didn’t think Sham would like Lucy’s Magic Bus because he tends to like toys that are small or have little pieces he can nibble on. But he went for this one right away!


He has also brought this the bus into our bedroom on his own, without us coaxing. He really continues to surprise me on which toys he likes! If it weren’t for BarkBox, I probably would have been buying him the wrong toys since he was a pup.

There was a second toy in the box this month:


He went for Ozzie the Hippie, too!


Well, maybe he was a little apprehensive with that one. I haven’t seen him with it since. I can’t even think were it is right now.

Both Sophie and Sham are continuing to love their BarkBox. They know the word! If we accidentally throw it out there mid-month, their ears perk up and I get their undivided attention. But then I have to tell them, “Sorry, not for a while yet, babies!”

Sign up your pup for a BarkBox with this link and get a free box added to your subscription!

Happy Saturday!

Mardi Gras BarkBox


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Sophie and Sham received their BarkBox last weekend. 


And it’s only fitting that they received one with a Mardi Gras theme!


Because we are in New Orleans this weekend! Okay, so Mardi Gras is over, but we’d rather be there when it isn’t happening anyway…

While Sophie always likes to sniff and get right into the box…


Shamrock just sits in Prairie Dog pose and begs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Here’s what Sophie & Sham found in this month’s BarkBox.


Sham always goes straight for the toys.

He began masquerading even before I could get the tag off.


But it didn’t last long. He soon became distracted by the other toy in the box, which we have named {confession here} Jester.


But these days, Sophie’s just all about the treats:


These were opened promptly:


I love that these treats are made in the USA.


Although, I am a little weirded out by whatever this is:


Another fun and successful BarkBox in the books for the pooches. If you want to join BarkBox, click this link. You just might get a free box added to your plan if you sign up for a multiple month subscription!

It’s Saturday. Laissez les bons temps rouler!