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R.I.P. Pardon My French


Oh Pardon My French, how we loved you!

You were where we took out-of-town guests. Why? It didn’t matter what time of day, we could come and get omelets, sandwiches, your wonderful tartes flambées or just have coffee or wine. We could sit as long as we wanted. Pass the time. Catch up.

And the pastries. Oh, the pastries!

Although they were twice the size of what you’d actually find in overseas, those pastries still gave this francophile a taste of France.


On Saturday, I saw the following posted on Facebook by Pardon My French, a bakery café and wine bar in Eagan:

Thank you to all our loyal and valued customers. Due to circumstances that are outside of our reach we are closing and we were just notified of the situation less then 48hrs ago. We would like to honor any gift card that is out there and would ask that you please come in and redeem it by 4:00 P.M. Sunday 1/13/13. Sorry for the inconvenience we would not have sold any cards knowing that we were closing.

I was seriously stunned and saddened. We were on our way to a party and I was trying to figure out how I could get to PMF on its final day. It had been a while since we’d been there.

But we couldn’t make it. And I hadn’t even had a chance to write a Restaurant Impression. So this good-bye will have to be it.

Good-bye, Wine Bar – one of the few with reasonably priced wines…


Good-bye to the breads that went beyond your usual French baguette…

Good-bye, peasant bread with the cheese baked inside that my husband so adored…


Good-bye, Prosciutto Déjà Vu Sandwich…

If I ever have one like it again, my déjà vu flashback will bring me back to you.

Good-bye, side of greens dressed with that sweet vinaigrette…


Good-bye, Haute Ham…


Good-bye, sandwich case with all of the others I had been meaning to try…750

Good-bye, chocolate truffles and macaroons…


Good-bye, cookie case that I always overlooked because of the pastries….756Good-bye, Éclairs, Napoléons, Fruit Tarts, Opéra Cakes, Caramelise and Triolgie Chocolate Cakes…

You were hits at every party to which we brought you…

752Good-bye to one of my favorite non-chocolate desserts – the Strawberry Napoléon


Farewell, Pardon My French.

Merci Beaucoup.

We will miss you.