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January BarkBox


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

We are already into February and I realized that I have not yet given you the contents on the January BarkBox. I’m sure the February BarkBox is due to ship any day now!

This month’s theme:


Both of this month’s dog treats, the Duck & Pomegranate Soft Chews and the Good Dog Chicken Pot Pie flavored treats {which are in the shape of cute tiny dog bones!}, have been winners.


The Lamb Ear Chew went right into our pantry where I keep a small stash so that I can give Sham and Sophie one at the same time. But look at that cute little Hippy Bus plush-squeaky toy above! I didn’t think Sham would like Lucy’s Magic Bus because he tends to like toys that are small or have little pieces he can nibble on. But he went for this one right away!


He has also brought this the bus into our bedroom on his own, without us coaxing. He really continues to surprise me on which toys he likes! If it weren’t for BarkBox, I probably would have been buying him the wrong toys since he was a pup.

There was a second toy in the box this month:


He went for Ozzie the Hippie, too!


Well, maybe he was a little apprehensive with that one. I haven’t seen him with it since. I can’t even think were it is right now.

Both Sophie and Sham are continuing to love their BarkBox. They know the word! If we accidentally throw it out there mid-month, their ears perk up and I get their undivided attention. But then I have to tell them, “Sorry, not for a while yet, babies!”

Sign up your pup for a BarkBox with this link and get a free box added to your subscription!

Happy Saturday!

A Boy and his Dog… + Holiday BarkBox


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Before I go into what was wrapped up in Sophie & Sham’s Christmas (December) BarkBox, let’s start with a few photos.

You’ve seen a lot of Sophie lately… {Like here and here.} It’s time for a little Shamrock! This summer, we took many little walks with the pooches. This was one of my favorite photos of Rob and Sham that I never posted on the blog. I took several that day. So it was hard to choose just one.

A Boy & His Dog

Then, a week or so ago, Rob fell asleep with Shamrock in his arms.

IMG_5276If that isn’t one of the sweetest things you’ve ever seen… Then shame on you! 😉

It’s safe to say that Sham has been trusting men more and more… and that Rob has become his buddy. Now, if we could only get him comfortable enough around Grandpa.


Now on to the contents of December’s BarkBox, of which we’ve made the tradition of wrapping for Christmas each year! Just a reminder that Sophie and Sham receive the Small Dog BarkBox. All subscribers get to choose a box designed for either a “Small and Cute” dog (0-20 lbs), a “Just Right” dog (20-50 lbs) or a “Big and Bold” dog (50+lbs).

We were very happy to receive this Treat Tin.


We already use a tin for their treats. It’s a great way to get the dogs to come inside by banging the lid onto the tin! We thought this smaller tin would be one we could use for travel. Then we left our original treat tin in Green Bay. DOH! Guess it’s good we had this one as a back up.

The toys didn’t go over well this month with Shamrock:

Red Leopard Slipper & Flannel Shirt Dog Toy

Flannel Shirt Dog Toy & Red Leopard Slipper

Both items squeak, but Sham took no interest. Perhaps because the opening of this BarkBox was during the crazy opening of gifts that is Christmastime with children! A little hectic for him, perhaps. There are still several toys he loves from his previous BarkBoxes that I would have never known to get him!

Also in the box was this Lamb Ear chew.

Lamb Ear Chew

I’m not sure why, but while we were opening gifts, I gave the Lamb Ear to my brother’s dog, Tank Girl. Perhaps it was her sweet pupper dawg eyes that persuaded me. The dogs didn’t fight over it either. Too much commotion, I suppose.

There were two sets of treats this month:


The Salmon Jerky was an instant hit. Sophie loves the Gingerbread Cookies, but Sham just sniffs them and walks away. He’s been very picky about food lately. He seems to only want four things:

  1. Sophie’s prescription dog food
  2. Daddy’s Beef Sticks
  3. Momma’s Popcorn
  4. Anything daddy is eating

Despite that, all of those treats are almost gone already! We are anxiously awaiting the January 2016 BarkBox. If you are considering enrolling your dog(s) in BarkBox, click Sophie & Sham’s link and both you and they will get a free box added to your subscription!

Happy Saturday!


Peas in a Pod!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

I’d love to tell you that Sham and Sophie are back to being two peas in a pod and playing all of the time. But that is not the case. Sham still looks at Sophie longingly and Sophie still refuses to play. I wish everything would go back to the way it was. Or I could figure out just what happened for Sophie to not want to play with Shamrock ever again…

In any case, they are still loving their BarkBox!

They both know the word BarkBox now just as well as they do treat! And when I open it, paws ultimately end up on my lap.


November’s theme:


What does that even mean? I didn’t even think about it much longer because the pooches were just so anxious to tear into the box!


The Squash is like a KONG, in that it’s a durable rubber toy that you can stuff treats or peanut butter into. I’d kind of forgotten about our dogs’ KONGS, as they’ve been stuffed away for some time. I’m not even sure if Sham’s had one! The last time we’ve used KONG may have been back when we had Benny.

I was sure to rectify that this weekend! In the end, Sophie was sure to get every lick of peanut butter out of her KONG and then turned and took Sham’s leftover Squash. I think he’s not so sure about that thing.

As for this month’s treats…


I love a company that gives back. And S&S loved these treats!

There were two chews in this month’s box!

IMG_4964 This meant that they each could have one and I didn’t have to save one until next month. After opening, I let Sophie pick which one she wanted. She pranced around the house with it without even chewing it for a while!

But this month’s BarkBox toy might have been the best of all…


You see, Sham is a fan of little tennis balls. He also is fan of little soft toys that are the size of a small tennis balls and chews on them gently. That is why we have another name for Shamrock – Mr. Nibbles!!

What makes this toy so wonderful is that the three little peas come out of the pod.

It was actually Finnegan that discovered Sham liked the innards of these types of toys so much. One year, they got a Cornucopia in the BarkBox, which I didn’t post on for some reason.

barkbox cornacopia

Sham played with it a little bit. When Finnegan was over, he was a little less gentle and got all of the veggies out of the cornucopia! We didn’t even realize that they came out!

cornucopia contents

Sham is now in love with those little plush pieces! We would have never known that those pieces separated from the cornucopia if it weren’t for Finnegan.

For the record, the peas {out of the pod} are strewn all over the house, most likely under the couches at the present moment.

I hope that the December BarkBox arrives before we depart for Green Bay for Christmas. We have a tradition of wrapping it and giving it to the dogs after everyone has opened their gifts.

In fact, a BarkBox makes a perfect gift for all of the pooches and doggie lovers in your life. Here are all of the ways you can give….


Cyber Muttday? Good one. Also, if you click Sophie and Sham’s referral link here, BOTH you and they will receive a free month of BarkBox! We’ve had the box for over two years and it’s the only subscription box we haven’t canceled. In short, we love it.

Happy Saturday!


Sophie Jean Fell off the Bed!


Sophie and Shamrock Saturday


{Photo Source: Sitters & Friends Sally & Ryan}

Tuesday night, in the middle of the night, our dear Sophie Jean fell out of bed. Yes, our dogs sleep with us. Yes, I know it’s not the best thing for any of us.

I didn’t even hear it. In fact, I only woke to the light on in the bedroom and my husband walking around and had to ask him what was going on.

“Sophie fell out of the bed. She can barely walk. She’s limping. She may have bruised or broken her leg.”

And it was true. She limped. We had to take her outside and set her on the grass to do her business. But that was difficult since she couldn’t put any weight on her front right paw. Poor Jean!

I felt so bad for her. I couldn’t get her an appointment to see the vet until 2pm on Wednesday. When I went home from work to pick her up, she almost seemed worse.

She still limped when we got to the vet; but she was also shaking pretty badly because she hates it there. But all the while the doctor pulled and prodded at her limp leg, she didn’t make a sound. We were hoping to find out where it hurt her the most so that they could localize where they could take x-rays.

That didn’t happen. And by the time we left, she was putting a little pressure on her paw, as if to say,

“See, Momma! I’m fine! I don’t need to be here. Let’s just go home.”

We decided to give her some pain meds and anti-inflammatories and re-evaluate the x-rays in a few days. In the meantime, little Jean was confined to a kennel during the night and when we were away at work. She hasn’t been in a kennel since she was a pup; but it was a good way to keep her in one place and to stop her from getting up on the furniture and jumping down.

Luckily, by Thursday night, Sophie seemed good as new!

I canceled the x-ray appointment and am continuing to restrict her activity just in case it’s the pain meds that are making her feel like she can do anything. I am so glad she hasn’t broken anything!

In the meantime, something came to our door to distract us…

That’s right, it’s the monthly BarkBox!


The dogs know the word BarkBox as well as they know outside, treat, bu-bye and walk.

Here’s this month’s loot:


The little to-go container of treats was helpful when I took Sophie to the vet. I gave her a few to distract her so she wouldn’t try to jump up and down on the bench like she always does there when she is nervous. I didn’t want her to make her paw/leg worse!

These treats have become our new breakfast treats:


We only feed our dogs in the evening; so in the morning they get a few breakfast treats. We use these bigger treats for breakfast and smaller “trainer” treats as rewards.

Shamrock usually goes straight for the toys in the box, but he didn’t seem too fond of the Peekaboo-Hoo this month.

I think it is the hat that freaks him out. When we first rescued him, he was afraid of all men, especially if one was wearing a hat.

I am quite thankful that Sophie seems to be doing better; but I think the pooches are grateful that they are still receiving their BarkBoxes! Click here if you’d like to get your pooch a BarkBox. The link will add a free box to your subscription and to Sophie and Sham’s!

Happy Saturday!


Garden Pawty


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Sham and Sophie now know the word “BarkBox” and respond to it just as they would respond to “treat.” Sophie came running out of the bedroom into the living room the last time I said the word. I haven’t been able to get a good video of this yet, but here is a start…

Until I get a better video, let’s talk about May’s BarkBox. The paper inside had a little something different printed on it this month. And it just happened to be this month’s theme:


Garden Pawty!

The insert describing the contents even looked like an invitation.


I was half-expecting Sophie to get a fun hat to wear out in the sun. 🙂 But they received the following instead:


Sham went right for the butterfly, which we have dubbed Flutterby, as this is what Rob has called butterflies every since I’ve known him. The FETCH bone was ignored, but not the Farmers Market treats! The chews will be saved for a rainy day.

In other news, this month, Sophie and Sham were granted V.I.Pup status. This means that they were able to give a month of BarkBox to three friends for free! Those boxes are long gone; but they have good news. You can get a month of BarkBox free with your pooch’s new subscription, too, by following Sophie and Sham’s link here. Full disclosure: They will get one free, too. Everybody wins!

Happy Saturday!