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Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Sometimes, Shamrock surprises me.


Just when I think I understand what toys he likes best, he brings one we haven’t seen in a while up on the bed. Meet Froggie. {Yes, we name our dogs’ toys.}


Froggie is actually the name of his friend Finnegan‘s favorite toy. We had a different version at our house that Finn¬†loved. I’m not sure what happened to it. I thought he’d like this one when he came to visit next; but instead Shamrock pulled it out the other day.

Then I discovered why…


Shamrock {aka Mr. Nibbles}¬†loves to nibble any little protuding parts of a stuffed toy, but ever-so-gently. I wonder if this goes back to his days as a pup when I’d catch him chewing on something he shouldn’t have. I’d say, “Trade…”,(elongating the word the way one does with dogs) and give him a toy. It worked like a charm… most of the time!

But it’still sweet that when he’s tired, he’ll lay his head down with the toy still in his “arms”.


Who can’t love that?

Happy Saturday!