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SBS: Breakfast Goodies!


Subscription Box Saturday – Goodies Edition

Goodies Box - March 2013 (arrive in April)

Goodies Box March 2013 

Good Morning! Rise & Shine. It’s time for breakfast! I absolutely adore breakfast, so when I received this box from Goodies, I was ecstatic.

March 2013 Rise & Shine Goodies Box

March 2013 Rise & Shine Goodies Box Contents

Goodies subscribers earn points when they review products, which can be used to unlock rewards. The product can be rated on a 5 scale rating. Then you answer the following question:

In a perfect world*, would you eat this?

* like if calories didn’t matter
Always? Sometimes? Never again?

This month, along with my reviews. I decided to show you the back labels of most products, because you can’t always find the back labels, nutrition facts or ingredients of products online without doing some digging.

Jovan’s All Natural Instant Breakfast – Vanilla – 2/5 ~ Never again.

I love the fact that this is a healthier version than some of the other instant breakfast drinks out there. (Not that I even drink them.) However, the vanilla flavor was a little weak. I mostly tasted milk. And guess what? I don’t like the taste of milk. Seriously. Maybe another flavor would be better?

Instant Breakfast

Jovan’s All Natural Instant Breakfast – Vanilla (back of package)

Newtons – Triple Berry – 4/5 ~ Sometimes

I don’t expect Newtons to be healthy, but the berry ones did taste good! I gave one to Rob and he said, “Hey, these don’t suck!” Lol. I think I like the berry flavor more than the fig flavor. Note: If you look closely below, this product contains both sugar AND high fructose corn syrup as the second and third ingredients. Is that really necessary.


Newtons – Triple Berry (nutrition facts & ingredients)

BelVita – Cinnamon Brown Sugar – 2/5 ~ Never again

BelVita markets their product as a healthy one – “nutritious sustained energy.” I think Snack Girl did a great review on the true nutrition of this product. The flavor is only okay, a little bland actually.

BelVita - Cinnamon Brown Sugar

BelVita – Cinnamon Brown Sugar (nutrition facts & ingredients)

Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt Coated Granola Bar – Blueberry Acai – 4/5 ~ Sometimes

I loved the thought of this! Greek Yogurt is all the rage and these tasted pretty good. I apologize for the blurry photo, but I still felt the need to post these nutrition facts and ingredients because I was curious about this one the most!

Greek bar

Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt Covered Granola Bar – Blueberry Acai (nutrition facts & ingredients)

Bonne Maman – Strawberry Preserves – 5/5 ~ All the time

I love Bonne Maman! The first time I discovered the brand was in France, but I am so glad it’s available in the States. And the little sample jars are the perfect size to reuse to bring salad dressing to work! (Sorry, no back of label on this one.)

Erin Baker’s – Double Chocolate Breakfast Cookies – 2/5 ~ Never again

Double Chocolate! With my love of chocolate, it sounded so good… But it just wasn’t all that great. Maybe just a little too natural-tasting for me.


Erin Bakers – Double Chocolate Breakfast Cookie (back of package)

Ola! Granola – No Nut Vanilla – 4/5 ~ All the time

I’ve had this before and still love it! While I’d love to try the almond variety, a no-nut blend is great for those who may be allergic. (No back label photo on this one, sorry!)

Rip van Wafels – 5/5 ~ All the time

I’ve saved the best for last! I was so excited to get something unique and from another culture in this month’s box! I couldn’t wait to taste the melty caramel after I put the Rip Van Wafel over my coffee. I set the mug aside and went to work on my computer. Then I forgot about it. It fell into my mug! I laughed. It was soggy, but still tasted good. But now I have to get more. 😉

What is your favorite breakfast-to-go?