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Grapes Don’t Go with Wine!


They just don’t.

It seems that they would though, right? I mean, wine is made out of grapes. Who would think otherwise. A bunch of grapes next to a bottle of wine and maybe some cheese is such a common image, whether painted centuries ago or snapped in a recent photo, that an image of such comes to your mind easily. It may look something like this:

So it’s only natural to think that grapes and wine go together.

But they don’t.

Seriously. Try it.

At my Wine Tastings, hosts will often serve grapes alongside their cheeses, just because they think they should. I use this as the best opportunity to illustrate the importance of food and wine pairing! You can give it a try, too. Here’s how:

What you will need:

  • A bottle of wine, preferably one you already know that you like.
    • Choose a real wine, made from grapes.
    • Save your apple or rhubarb wine for another occasion.
    • Arbor Mist is not real wine; it’s a wine product.
    • Skip the sweet/dessert wines for this experiment. Dessert wines are meant to go with sweeter foods, so the there won’t be as big of a contrast.
  • Corkscrew – unless your wine has a screw cap.
  • A wine glass {duh.}
  • A bunch of grapes – Really, only one grape is necessary. I can’t imagine you can buy just one, though.
  • Cracker(s) – plain, sans flavor.


  1. Open the bottle with the corkscrew.
  2. Pour a little wine in the glass. I recommend, when tasting, to fill it even less than you would with an appropriate pour.
  3. Eat a cracker.
  4. Make a wine “sandwich”.
    1. Take a sip of the wine, coating all the parts of your palate. The first sip is a shock to your taste buds, getting your mouth used to the alcohol. You can swish it around if you feel comfortable with that.
    2. Take a second sip of wine.
    3. Eat a grape.
    4. Take another sip of the wine.
  5. Wrinkle your nose in disgust – EWWWW!!!
  6. Consider that you may have thought that you didn’t like a particular wine in the past, but you really had the wrong food with it!
  7. Cleanse your palate with a cracker, or two, if need be.
  8. Go back to enjoying your glass of wine.

Homework: Give this one a try and report back.