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Back in February, we went to Green Bay for my brother’s wedding. Because of the festivities, we left the dogs back in Minnesota. We didn’t want to have to worry about getting back to my parents’ place at any point in the weekend to feed or let out them out. Thankfully, their Auntie Jen-Jenn agreed to watch them over the long weekend.

It was very strange not having the pooches with us on the long drive; but it also felt odd that we didn’t have to drop them off at my parents house before going to lunch upon arrival. Instead, we drove right to Chives in Suamico.


Chives is a restaurant in Vickery Village, which is a cluster of historical buildings with quaint little shops. It’s beautifully decorated over the holidays.

Across the street is a boulangerie called Bread Bank. Chives owns this little bakery, so all bread served at the restaurant is fresh-baked. I love that it is housed in an old Suamico Bank building! #clevername

It was lunchtime on a Wednesday {February 11th to be exact!}; so it wasn’t very busy. But the restaurant is small, so I can imagine reservations are often preferred in the evening. However, on that Wednesday afternoon, we weren’t the only people sitting at the tiny bar! In this part of town, that surprised me.


They had a pretty decent wine selection, so I went with a glass.

IMG_1319Rob, on the other hand, went with a local tap beer. They have four {what I believe are rotating} taps which are located just under their board of specials. The specials are difficult to read in the photo below. But let’s suffice to say that they focus on fresh ingredients and use flavors you might not find in a town this small. {Population of Green Bay =104,000, Population of Suamico = 11,700}.


It’s a pretty freaking adorable place. For the hour and a half or so that we were there, I could have counted the phone ringing at least two dozen times for people requesting Valentine’s Day reservations for that Saturday. Of course, an establishment like this was fully booked. They had decided to start taking reservations for lunch that day; but not many people seemed to take Chives up on that offer.

I ordered the quintessential lunch – soup and sammie.


The Bistro – Grilled Cheese, Greens Salad, & Soup of the Day – $12

The soup of the day was their tomato of some sort. I wasn’t that much of a fan; but I’ve been spoiled by some pretty tasty tomato soups back home. But the salad hit the spot and that grilled cheese – THAT GRILLED CHEESE! {Yes, that was me yelling.} It was perfect comfort food for a bitterly cold winter Wednesday. The bread was all sorts of wonderful with its perfectly toasty exterior with just the right amount of crunch. What’s even better – it still let the cheese shine through! Decadent is a word that comes to mind. Now that I think about it, I may need to get my mom some bread from the Bread Bank next time I’m in town.

Rob, of course, couldn’t stop himself from ordering the burger.

*Chives Burger with Smoked Onions, Bacon, Maytag Bleu Cheese, & Choice of Chive Fries or Greens Salad with French Herb Vinaigrette – 12 (Plain Hamburger or Cheese Burger 10)

Chives Burger – Smoked Onions, Bacon, Maytag Bleu Cheese & Chive Fries – $12 

He was very happy with his choice and I know he’d order it again. Everything was fresh and the ingredients were top notch. Those fries were topped with – you guessed it – CHIVES!  There was a healthy amount of garlic, too. They were addicting. We picked at those fries long after we were full.

It’s so cool to have a scratch-cooking style restaurant so close to my parents’ house! Chives is another breath of fresh air in a region that is often overrun with chains and sports bars.

Are there any new gems that have popped up near where you grew up?



Bravo, Green Bay!


Once upon a time, back when I was living in Green Bay, you could rarely find a restaurant that wasn’t a sports bar or chain. Those restaurants still tend to dominate. But over the years, more interesting restaurants have been popping up throughout the city.

While we were back for my brother’s wedding in February, we decided to try á’Bravo for lunch on a Thursday.

The bistro is located on the east side of the city in an area with which I was unfamiliar. It looks like it has been newly built up within the last 10 to 15 years. You’ll find á’Bravo in a building with a few other businesses. The sign is very difficult to see; but trust me, it’s there!

We walked in and asked if we could sit at the bar, which is what we usually like to do. I’m sure this doesn’t tend to be a busy time of day for people at the bar for this restaurant due to its somewhat remote location; so there was no one ‘tending. We did have a server come to wait on us, however.

It is a really colorful inside!


To drink, we chose a new-to-us cider…

It was crisp and refreshing, even for such a cold winter’s day!


We both started with soup.


Mine {pictured above} was tomato of some sort and Rob’s was a three-cheese mushroom. Neither were particularly memorable.

Rob’s main entree:

Truffle Risotto creamy risotto with white truffle oil topped with button, oyster, & portabella mushrooms & pecans. wine suggestion: meomi pinot noir

Truffle Risotto – creamy risotto with white truffle oil topped with button, oyster, & portabella mushrooms & pecans – $14

This risotto was so rich and creamy! Rob could only eat half of it. We took the other half back home with us.

I was feeling a salad:

Balsamic Chicken Bread Salad balsamic chicken, rustic bread cubes, spring greens, red onion, fresh mozzarella, tomato, kalamata olives, dusted with parmesan and served with a honey balsamic vinaigrette

Balsamic Chicken Bread Salad – balsamic chicken, rustic bread cubes, spring greens, red onion, fresh mozzarella, tomato, kalamata olives, dusted with parmesan and served with a honey balsamic vinaigrette – $15

This salad was pretty good overall. There was something missing, however. I couldn’t put my finger on it. And $15 seemed a little much for this lunch salad, especially in small-town Green Bay. There are most definitely other things on the menu I’d like to try next time.

I bet á’Bravo would be even better as a evening venue. I can imagine it a perfect setting for a romantic date night. The ambiance would be perfect for as the sky darkens.

But Bravo to á’Bravo for putting another nicer restaurant in Green Bay! It’s a breath of fresh air to find something other than burgers and fries sometimes!


What kind of restaurant does your city lack that you’d like to see?