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Fun for Friday: Link Potch-a-pourri


Potch-a-pourri = how a friend of mine thought potpourri is pronounced.

I just had to steal it from her! Here’s an assortment of links I’ve been collecting to share with you. Enjoy at your leisure…

For Laughter: The Best Way to Eat Popcorn at Your Desk – If you don’t think this extremely odd or laugh because you know someone who’d actually do this, what’s wrong with you?

Sobering: How to Survive on Minimum Wage – A very simplistic approach where I truly believe all the planets need to align for this to actually work for someone.

Self-care (My theme for 2014): On Guilty Pleasures & Self-Care – Enlightening.

Teach Yourself: How to Pronounce the 16 Most Confusing Food Words – Finally, the real pronunciation for gyro! This article reminds me of this commercial, which never gets old for me!

If you liked those, check out these links I posted a while back.

Please share one article or blog post that intrigued you this week!