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I don’t even know where last week went.

Yes, I do. I spent it sleeping, for the most part.

I don’t remember the last time I slept so much in my life.

I felt like I was hit by a truck with this cold. I’d go into work and suddenly become woozy. Then I went home. It happened every day last week.

Then the uncontrollable cough hit. Bronchitis? Perhaps.

Then the aches, the weakness, the hot and cold factor. The flu? Maybe.

I drank my fluids.

I slept. A lot. 

I thought that after taking a four hour nap in the afternoon, I would have trouble going to bed and sleeping through the night.

I didn’t.

I’m feeling much better now.

I have a feeling that nasty cough is going to stick with me for a while.

But as long as I continue to drink my fluids and get my sleep, I’ll make it through.

I’m not as productive as I would be if my health was 100%.

But I am alive and I have that to be grateful for today.

Besides, snuggles with my little Sophie Jean have increased.


And who can complain about that?

Cheers to your health!