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Hoppy IPA Day!


It’s IPA day! So open yourself a cold one. {Well, not too cold, that is. So many people drink good beer at the wrong temperature that you can’t even taste the flavors!}

The India Pale Ale is one our favorite styles of beer. We like the hoppiness. But it’s not for everyone.

Rob once told me the story about IPAs and while they are called India Pale Ales, being that their origin is English. I have since learned that is just an old tale.  The real story is not as fun to tell.

So instead, we will just raise a glass and toast to IPA day!

I find that IPAs are crisp and refreshing and great for hot summer’s day.  They sometimes have aromas and flavors hinting toward grapefruit. I also crave something salty when I’m enjoying an IPA. Although let’s take a look at textbook descriptions and pairings that I’ve collected over the interwebs:

Aromas/Flavors – Citrus Blossom, Grapefruit, Pine Tree {although you won’t always taste what you smell!}

Pairings – Spicy foods to contrast the bitter, buffalo wings, pizza, mild blue cheeses, burgers, curries and carrot cake {I’ve got to try that one!}

And if you really like the hops, you can amp it up a little and try a Double IPA {DIPA}. While these are stronger in alcohol and usually hoppier, for some reason – to me – many of them taste more well balanced.

Some of my favorite IPAs:

  • Rush River Bubble Jack {DIPA = Double Bubble – I love that!}
  • Surly Furious
  • Steel Toe Size 7

Okay, so I’m thinking local right now.

But this one is one my IPA wishlist:

Oh. My. Gerd!

What is your favorite IPA?