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A Few Things I’m Lovin’ Right Now…


Last night I attempted to make Chana Masala. But it turned out more pasty than saucy. I guess I haven’t perfected the “pince” method yet. I think I may have forgotten to turn the heat way up during that step.

But there are a few things that I have been loving lately!

1) This Joe’s Special recipe

I had never heard of this San Franciscan dish until it was posted on Budget Bytes. It is now husband-approved and is going into our Recipe Arsenal! It’s also very easy and high in protein. You can make so many variations or even top rice or stuff it in a pita.



2) Snack Girl’s Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I made these for a Super Bowl party, thinking everyone would be bringing chips, dips and other savory delights. I thought this sweet treat might be a nice change of pace. They were a hit!



{Source: Snack Girl}



3) Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle

Nailgrowth Miracle

I have been a nail biter all of my life. Everyone who knows me has never seen a fingernail tip of mine unless I have acrylics done for a special occasion. In a matter of days, and faithful every-other-day applications, my nails grew and became less brittle.


It’s a miracle!


This may look like nothing to you; but to me, it’s a Big Deal. Unfortunately, I don’t have a “before” picture. It’s probably better I don’t subject you with that anyway. Maybe you are fortunate after all.


4) Iowa Girl Eats Mini Salsa Turkey Loaves

…and this DIY breadcrumb recipe when all I had on hand was panko. I rarely ever buy breadcrumbs nor have anything other than frozen whole wheat bread on hand. I may never buy seasoned breadcrumbs again.


I usually don’t like meatloaf because of the ketchup. These Mini Salsa Turkey Loaves are a delicious change of pace. I thought they might be a bit dry, so I served mine with a little guacamole. Not needed at all! In fact, I’d probably just top with 1/2 Tbsp salsa next time. Now listed in my Recipe Arsenal!

5) Broccoli

Yes, you read that right. After over 30 years of not liking broccoli, I’ve succumbed to it’s nutritious value. I still have a hard time smelling it sometimes when it’s cooking. {I don’t think I could ever eat it steamed.} But after my luck eating it roasted this way and this way, I decided to do it by following the saute portion of this recipe by Lisa at 110 Pounds and Counting. I had something else cooking in the oven, so I needed a flavorful alternative to roasting. Success! Husband is happy.

6) Power Bowls

I am still in love with this versatile idea of using leftovers to create my lunches. For this particular Power Bowl, I used:


Two minutes in the microwave at work and voila – a tasty dish! The only thing I might do differently next time is add some chopped tomato for extra veg and color. If I had some Roasted Tomato Dressing made, that would have topped it nicely, too. I improvised with the cheese wedge: It melted nicely, creating a creamy sauce.

What are you loving lately?