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The Paws



Shamrock & Sophie Saturday

We are just loving Shamrock’s fur cut. Look back at how shaggy and matted our Patchwork Dog was:


There, he looks very unhappy! He wasn’t, though. He’s always been a happy dog. The only thing that would make him unhappy was when I’d brush him. I would try to brush him daily; but the mats were too much for him to handle. We were constantly cutting them out instead.

But since we got him groomed and she cut him short, life has been a breeze!


I mean, just look at these cute paws!


I do brush him daily with this short fur cut and he still doesn’t like it. But I coax him with treats. And there are absolutely no mats! I thought there might have been after we came back from Chicago, without a few days of brushing, but there weren’t. It’s wonderful. Just look at those brown eyes!


And the other weird thing – Sophie started playing with Sham again! Not quite full-on like she used to. She’s a little more reserved, but THEY ARE PLAYING! And I am happy.

Happy Saturday!


New Boo!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday


snarly pooch

We just haven’t been able to keep up with Shamrock’s fur lately. It’s the added Pekingese in him! No matter how many times we brush him or cut out all the little mats (patch work dog!), it is a never-ending situation. What’s more is that he brings everything in the house. From burrs, to sticks, to leaves, to snow. It just clings to him. I had almost an entire branch from a bush once. It was so common that I was going to start a new blog called Stuff Sham Brings In…

We finally took him to get groomed. I think Rob had been holding off because we did this to Benny years ago and they shaved him. He looked so uncomfortable and embarrassed! He was miserable for weeks until it started to grow out again.

So when Sophie had her own grooming appointment, we brought Sham along to ask the groomer what could possibly be done, short of shaving him. She was able to squeeze him in that day!

The result?

A new Boo!


Shamrock Bugaboo that is. 


He’s still soft as ever, but there are no mats or snarls. I’ve been brushing him every day since. {He still hates it, even when there are no mats!} But generally speaking, he’s a pretty happy guy.


And he’s trimmed nice and short underneath so he hasn’t brought in a single thing from outside – yet.


He almost looks like a puppy again!

When they got home, we opened this month’s BarkBox. Little Sophie Jean always get so excited and wants to tear into it right away.

This month’s theme?IMG_6270



There were no real puzzle toys, but we are stocked up with treats, chews and toys for another month!

Oh… and you can get one month free added to your subscriptions when you enroll your dog into BarkBox. Treats and toys delivered to your door every month. {Sophie and Sham get excited about every box that comes to the door now!}

Happy Saturday!