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November Foodie Pen Pals – Reveal Day!


This is the second time I’ve participated in the Foodie Pen Pals program!


Today is Reveal Day.

Q: What does this mean?

A: I reveal what was sent to me by my Foodie Pen Pal. In addition, the person I sent a box to reveals about what I sent.

This month, I sent a package to Chelsea over at Yasha’s Crazy Life. If you want to see what was in her package, be sure to check out her blog! {Teaser: The wasabi almonds were her favorite.}

I received my package from Antonia, who lives in a small town from Tennessee.

The first thing I discovered in my box:

Banana Moon Pies!

My husband said he hasn’t seen Moon Pies since he’s lived down south. Here’s the kicker: He’s allergic to bananas, so these were all mine! Muwhahahahahaha! In addition, these were actually mini Moon Pies, so they were only 110 calories per pie! {I say were because they are long gone.} Antonia says that Moon Pies are a Tennessee tradition. Gotta love that.

The entire contents of the box:

My November Foodie Pen Pal Box

In addition to the Moon Pies I found Peanut Brittle, Cascadian Farms Organic Cinnamon Raisin Granola, Old Timey Syrup with Antonia’s favorite buckwheat pancake recipe, Pocky Chocolate-covered Biscuit Sticks, Quaker Quakes Cheddar Cheese Rice Snacks, Nescafe Memento Mocha Coffee Mix.

Her hand written note described her favorite snacks:

All Foodie Pen Pal Boxes must contain something written – it’s what makes you a pen pal, after all!

I’ve tried everything except for the syrup and pancake recipe. My husband said the peanut brittle is the best he’s ever had! The granola makes a perfect breakfast cereal. I followed Antonia’s suggested and stirred the Pocky into my coffee. Those are long gone. The rice cake snacks were perfect for on-the-go. And the Nescafe Mocha was so easy: Just add hot water. I liked this so much that I’m going to use the coupon Antonia included to get me some more!

Thank you, Antonia, for such a lovely Foodie Package!


If you’d like to participate in the Foodie Pen Pals program, here’s the best part:

You don’t need to have a blog to participate!

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up by the 4th of the month that you want to participate.

2. On the 5th of the month, you are assigned a Foodie Pen Pal.

3. You communicate with your pen pal about any food allergies or preferences, as well as where to ship the package.

4. By the 15th of the month, send $15 worth of food to your pen pal that may include homemade goodies, local treats or just some of your favorite discoveries that you want to share! The box must also contain something handwritten.

5. You’ll receive a package from another Foodie Pen Pal, who was assigned to you.

6. If you are like me, you squeal with delight when your package arrives.

7. You enjoy said goodies, which you may have never known about otherwise.

8. If you are a blogger, you post about the package you received on the last day of the month – Reveal Day! {If you are not a blogger, you do not need to do anything, but thank your Pen Pal, of course! However, if your Pen Pal does blog, you can choose to write a guest post, if you so wish.}

Now that you know all of this, please note that there has been a *change* for December:

For the month of December only, the Foodie Pen Pals program will be donating to charities set up for Hurricane Sandy victims. Instead of being assigned a Pen Pal and spending $15 on a box of food, participants are encouraged to donate that $15 to the FPP Charity for Hurricane Sandy program. There are currently over 1000 Foodie Pen Pals. Therefore, if we could raise $15,000. Won’t you join us?

As I understand it, the Foodie Pen Pal program will return to its original state in January.

If you’d like to see what I received in my last FPP box, click here.

Did you have a Pen Pal as a kid?


Love with Food – November 2012


Okay, so I was going to start saving my subscription box posts for what I plan to call “Subscription Box Saturday”, but my Love with Food box just arrived! And I just couldn’t wait to share.


Because Love with Food is doubling its donations for the month of November to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

You see, each month, a meal is donated to a hungry child for every subscription box of Love with Food that is shipped out. Not only have I loved the samples I’ve received, but I’ve loved this mission from my very first box.

But in November and December, for every box shipped, Love with Food is donating TWO meals to food banks located in the hardest hit areas of New Jersey and New York.

If you’ve even had an inkling of checking out what this subscription box of fun snacky samples is all about, why not try it now and help out your fellow Americans at the same time? Even better, get some great gifts out of the way by subscribing friends and family. Just a few clicks and you are done to treat yourgift recipients who live across the miles. And it’s the only $12 per month gift you’ll ever be thanked for… over and over again!

Now… for what came in the box:

Thanksgiving 2012 Love with Food Box Contents

This month’s fall favorites come from Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World on TLC. I’m not familiar with the show, but I know I’ll be familiar with these treats real soon!

I haven’t tried a-one-of-them, but here they are {clockwise from top left}:

  • Fruit.0 Organic Fruit Snack – Mango Pear Pineapple flavor – This feels like juice in the pouch, but I’m guessing is more like the GoGo Squeez Applesauce I received in a previous box.
  • Mini Crunch from Mrs. May’s – Cranberry Almond – 100 calorie snack with minimal ingredients. This is going in my lunch for an afternoon snack at work!
  • Inka Corn – I’m not sure what to make of these. The package reads “Roasted Giant Corn”. They kind of look like giant corn nuts {if I remember correctly what those look like}. This is a salty snack I’m likely to share with my husband.
  • Pumpkin Spice Tea from Stash Tea Company – I’m *almost* over the big fall pumpkin craze. Almost. I’ll give this a shot at work as well.
  • Chocolate Chunk Cookie from Skeeter Snacks – You had me at “Cookie”. Oh, who am I kidding? You had me at “Chocolate”.
  • Truffle Piglet from Hagensborg Chocolate – I bring one piece of dark chocolate with me to work every day. Yup, this will be the one I indulge in tomorrow!
  • Original Mulling Spices Blend from the Aspen Mulling Co.“DIRECTIONS: Mix contents with 8 oz. cup of Apple Cider or Juice, Red Wine, Tea or Brandy. Serve Hot or Cold.” Can you guess which one I will be doing? 😉

It seems that I am missing two items from my box that are listed on my insert: Turkey Bak Kwa Jerky from Little Red Dot Kitchen and Bhakti Chai.

I don’t want to seem ungrateful, most definitely during the month of gratitude. After all, one of the reasons I receive these boxes is to donate to a good cause. Still, I don’t know if they ran out or just missed these items, so I’ll still let Love with Food know…

This month also came with a few discount vouchers:

In case you’d like to see what’s come in my past boxes, here’s a link list, along with my favorite snack from each!

October 2012Açai  Strawberry Sesame Strips

September 2012San Franola Granola with Raisins

August 2012Coconut Toffee Peanuts

My First Love With Food Box

And if you are curious and want to check Love with Food out for yourself, click here.

Have you tried any of the snacks listed above?

If so, which ones and what did you think?

If not, which of the snacks above would LIKE to try?