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The Hotel Bar


Salesman and racists and football stars. All hanging out at the Hotel Bar…

I can’t resist singing that line from the song “Last Time’ by the Ike Reilly Assassination {a band we love out of Chicago} every time we walk by or even think about this place. Not because it fits, but because it’s called the Hotel Bar.

Hotel Bar 2Despite that OPEN sign in the window, for as many years that we’ve been returning to Gladwin, I didn’t know this place was open. This year, Rob thought we should go inside. I even asked, “Did someone buy this place and open it up?”

But this place has been open since 1881.

Yes, it was once a hotel with a bar below. And while the hotel portion is no longer in operation, the name stuck. You can read about the history here.

While we did go at an off-time {which we tend to do often}, there weren’t too many people seated at the bar. We were able to pull ourselves right up to it. However, much to our dismay, there was only one beer on tap:


This is when we asked what they offered by the bottle. The bartender opened up this fridge below to let us see the selection. {And, no, we did not sign up for the Euchre Tournament.}

Hotel Bar 4We were pleasantly surprised to find this old Seattle favorite and promptly ordered a couple of bottles. {And, no, we did not sign up for the Golf Outing.}

Red Hook IPA

Red Hook Longhammer IPA

It was crisp, hoppy and refreshing on a hot July day. Another employee walked by and said, “Ew!!! I can’t believe you are actually drinking that! It tastes like a skunk ate pine needles and pissed in a bottle!” We just laughed. I guess it’s a Budweiser kind of town. 😉

The IPA also paired nicely with Friday. What do I mean by that? Because there was a Friday Fish Fry and I love my IPAs with something salty!

Hotel Bar 5Not the best fish fry I’d ever had, but I still enjoyed it. Hats off to the soft roll on the left. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had one of those?

But let’s back up and take a look at the menu. Like many other dining establishments in Gladwin, you won’t find theirs online.

Hotel Bar 8Let’s zoom in on something that always makes me laugh:

Hotel Bar 3Everywhere you go, you’ll find something “WORLD FAMOUS!” What makes something World Famous? I highly doubt that the “World Famous Steak Sandwich” at the North Point Lounge in Kawkawlin, Michigan is truly World Famous. I hadn’t known about it until I saw the sign.

Guinness is World Famous.

Michael Jordan is World Famous.

Philly Steak Sandwiches are World Famous.

But I would have to say that most things that are labeled “World Famous,” usually are not. If something is World Famous, then you wouldn’t even have to mention that, right?

But I digress.

I think it’s funny that not only is the Hotel Bar {which, remember, I didn’t even realize was open for business} is the “Home of the World Famous Burgers” and that the “Most Famous Burger around the World”The Hotel Burger – is even famous in Ireland! Is this because someone in Ireland knows about it? Do people in Ireland send others here when they are in the States? I think this is so funny. And I love it. 😉

Because of their famousness, Rob had to order one of the burgers:

Hotel Bar 7

Smokehouse Burger – 1/2 lb beef, bacon, onion, American cheese and Smokey Sauce

Rob loved it so much that we had to come back later in the week to bring his parents there. They had never been there before either!

On that second trip, I noticed these on the menu:


Hotzarella Sticks

I love that name! I’m guessing that would be Mozzarella Sticks made with Pepperjack Cheese. I did not order any because I wasn’t particularly hungry on our second visit. In fact, I actually ordered a wrap {listed on the other side of the menu, of which I didn’t seem to take a photo}. I remember it being exceptional. I would definitely order it again. I only ate half and took the other half home.

And I don’t know if I mentioned before that in Michigan, you can play Keno in the bars. It’s something Rob likes to do sometimes to, you know, pass the time and support the Michigan economy and education system. 😉

Hotel BarHave you ever discovered that a bar or restaurant where you live was open that you didn’t realize was before?

If so, did you give it a try?

What were your thoughts?