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January BarkBox


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

We are already into February and I realized that I have not yet given you the contents on the January BarkBox. I’m sure the February BarkBox is due to ship any day now!

This month’s theme:


Both of this month’s dog treats, the Duck & Pomegranate Soft Chews and the Good Dog Chicken Pot Pie flavored treats {which are in the shape of cute tiny dog bones!}, have been winners.


The Lamb Ear Chew went right into our pantry where I keep a small stash so that I can give Sham and Sophie one at the same time. But look at that cute little Hippy Bus plush-squeaky toy above! I didn’t think Sham would like Lucy’s Magic Bus because he tends to like toys that are small or have little pieces he can nibble on. But he went for this one right away!


He has also brought this the bus into our bedroom on his own, without us coaxing. He really continues to surprise me on which toys he likes! If it weren’t for BarkBox, I probably would have been buying him the wrong toys since he was a pup.

There was a second toy in the box this month:


He went for Ozzie the Hippie, too!


Well, maybe he was a little apprehensive with that one. I haven’t seen him with it since. I can’t even think were it is right now.

Both Sophie and Sham are continuing to love their BarkBox. They know the word! If we accidentally throw it out there mid-month, their ears perk up and I get their undivided attention. But then I have to tell them, “Sorry, not for a while yet, babies!”

Sign up your pup for a BarkBox with this link and get a free box added to your subscription!

Happy Saturday!