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Last Weekend


Sophie and Shamrock Saturday


Why does summer always go by so fast?!

I hope if you are one of those teachers who doesn’t have to work in the summer that you are taking full advantage! My work days have felt so long this summer. They go by faster because they are busier than ever this year; but it also takes me a while to come down from them when I come home.

Still, I fill my weekends with friends and fun!

Last weekend, after our Thursday night concert and trip to Saffron, Sophie and Sham had a little visitor:


Yes, Miss Lyla stayed with us while her daddies went up north. Rob was happy knowing that Lyla would be sifting through Sophie and Sham’s overflowing toy bin and would find plenty of toys to destroy!


I sent the above photo to her daddies and was asked what the death toll was! Ha! There is no counting when there is fun! Also, Sophie and Sham have way too many toys. So they served their purpose for Lyla to tear apart and then for us to finally get a rid of a few.

Besides, it’s really hard to say, “no” to this a-dog-able face that just wants you to throw the Newspaper toy…

One. More. Time.


The rest of last weekend was so beautiful that after another trip to Lake & Irving, we took a nice stroll around Lake of the Isles. I had no idea how peaceful it can be on a Friday night!


Then, Saturday included the racking of our second batch of homemade wine


…followed by a Minnesota History Bootleggers Tour. {More on that in a future post!} And Sunday you already know… It was that little trip to Hudson.

Summer is ending soon… {Okay, we shouldn’t even talk about it.} But as Minnesotans, we try not to take one moment of beautiful weather for granted.

Are you making the most of your summer?

What is in store for you this weekend?