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The Love They Teach Us…


I had an idea to reveal Shamrock‘s breed this Sophie & Shamrock Saturday. Instead, I’d like to remember our dear Benny Bear. After all, he is the reason we chose Shamrock. We lost Benny just six months ago, but I think of him often. When we were on vacation in St. Augustine, I read this in a tap room:


Then, this past week, I read this post on the love that our dogs teach us. If you have a pet/fur child, you’ll know what I mean.

Nothing is better than coming home from vacation and being greeted by excited pooches who missed you so when you walk through the door.

Hoping to find The One with which to share this love? Best Friends Animal Society is offering $14 pet adoptions all Valentine’s Weekend long!

To the love that they all teach us and the unconditional love they give us…


Painting our Pooches!


It’s time for the second installment of

Sophie and Shamrock Saturday!


Back in November, I received an email in my inbox for an offer to have a customized pet portrait painted. I thought, “How lovely would that be!?” But I couldn’t swing the $300 asking price.

After having done so many painting classes, I wondered if any of them offered those to paint your pet. I knew that my painting would not turn out as nice as one by that talented artist advertising on Etsy; but I did know that I liked the painting classes and it would be a very personal painting to me!

A little over a week later, I found a Groupon for Art and Elixir, a Paint & Sip company I had heard of, but had not yet tried. Before buying the Groupon, I browsed through their calendar to make sure that there was a painting that I wanted to do, on a date that I could do it, at a location that I could make on that given date.

This is what I found…

For this event you will get to paint your OWN pet!
Painting your pet is as easy as 1,2,3. You will supply us with a photo of your Fido, we will sketch him/her onto the canvas for you prior to class, and finally you will paint in your pet with our guidance during class to complete this custom pet portrait. For this event, you must email Terri a photo of your beloved family pet at least 7 days prior to class.

That Law of Attraction in action!


Seeing that there were only a few seats left, I purchased the $17 – YES, $17! – Groupon right away and signed up for the class. The class is considered a “premium” one since not everyone is doing the same photo, so I paid the extra $10 to upgrade. Then, I thought…

“Which dog would I choose to paint?”

So I told Rob about the class, thinking I could paint Sophie and he could paint Shamrock. By then, Groupons were sold out. I didn’t care. I signed him up for the class regardless!

Here are the photos we chose to paint:

The event took place at the Gold Nugget Tavern in Minnetonka. We arrived early to have some dinner before making our way to the event room. {Restaurant Impression to come next week!}

When we walked in, we were given our canvases that had sketches of our dogs based on the photos we emailed, as well as a print-out of the photo.

We were also given the paint that we each would need to paint our specific pets:

We looked at the sample finished pet portraits:

A&E Samples

We also decided on our background colors and were given some extra paint for that.

That’s when the canvas on the left became the canvas on the right:

It was then that I wondered if my Sophie’s portrait would make her look like she had only one leg! I inquired about this and one of the artists that was assisting everyone, put an outline of the leather jacket from her Sophie Fonzarelli photo on to my canvas. It was a very personalized class because we were all doing different paintings! However, there is no way that I was talented enough to make it look like a jacket, so I figured it could at least look like a blanket or something covering her other leg.

Sophie 1

And here is the rest of the Sophie Jean artwork process…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here’s Shamrock in progress:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And our finished masterpieces!


I’ll be honest and say we weren’t happy with the work throughout the process, but when we took a step back from looking at our paintings up close, we have to give ourselves some credit. We only started painting a few months ago!

Next time, I want our dogs to do the painting… like this Jackson Paw-lock.

Have you ever had a professional portrait done of yourself, your family or your pet?

What about a self-portrait or self-painted portrait of someone you love?


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday!


Since I’ve canceled all of my subscription boxes, I’m going to turn Subscription Box Saturday into…

Sophie and Shamrock Saturday!

(If you missed my Subscription Box Saturday post on where you can get free samples with free shipping, click here.)

I’ve been inspired by Tonto Tuesdays. But I’ve decided that on Saturdays, I’m going to be the crazy dog lady, who loves her fur children beyond description and posts about her pooches. Weekends are statistically the least viewed blog days, so feel free to skip if you have absolutely no interest in our fluffy, furry friends. I won’t be offended. But studies show that images of frolicking pups can emit positive reactors in the brain. {Okay, so I may have made that up. But I can’t be too far off…}

Some Saturdays I may post just a photo, many photos or a little tidbit about our pupper dawgs. But here goes for this Saturday!


Sophie and Benny learned to depend on each other, but they never really played together. Instead, Sophie would play with toys by herself or with us. But ever since Shamrock came along, she’s got a real-life stuffed animal with which to play! They are best buds. Sophie still likes her alone time and will let Sham know if she’s not in the mood. But we feel guilty for not giving her a playmate the first eight years of her life.


Next week, we are doing another painting class! This one is through Art & Elixir and is titled, “Man’s Best Friend.” We get to paint our own dogs! We have decided to try to paint from these photos:


Actually, if all works out, Rob and I are taking an Unplug Day today. I’ve prewritten this post just for you and won’t see any of your comments until tomorrow.

Happy Unplug Day!


OK – Don’t Forget the Pets


My heart goes out to all of those affected by the Oklahoma tornado disaster. I can even begin to imagine how horrific this past week has been for them. The residents of Moore, Oklahoma need our help. And if you haven’t already, please do your part in donating in any way that you can.

While everyone affected by the tornado needs help, I would like to remind you all not to forget about the pets. When a disaster hits, they are often overlooked. When Katrina hit New Orleans and its environs, some pets were walking around in the rubble which created splinters, cuts and infections in their poor paws! I wish I personally could help all the poor animals who have suffered through this tragedy.

source - firstpost.com

{Source: Firstpost.com}

If you haven’t already seen this video that has gone viral, you need to take the three minutes to watch it. It’s absolutely incredible. Please watch it first because I’m going to talk about it in a bit.

Then there’s the story of a dog that guarded its owners body. You can read about that here. Unfortunately, not everyone is reunited with their pets or owners. Many of these displaced animals that are now missing owners need medical and everyday care.

I knew I wanted to help, but wasn’t sure how. Emails from companies and blogs I follow helped me out with that by sending me such information. Here is a list of ways you can help, too:

  • Petflow.com, a pet food delivery website, is offering free shipping when you send food to the listed Oklahoma Shelters, no matter how small the order is. If you choose to spend $55 or more, you will also get 10% off.
  • The Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma City‘s website is setup for immediate PayPal donations in which all donations benefit the tornado victims and their animals.
  • The Animal Rescue Site is collecting donations for animals affected by tornadoes as well. I visit this site nearly every day because each day that I click means a bowl of food for an animal. There is also a store in which every purchase donates at least 14 bowls of food and even medical care for animals.
  • And lastly, visit the blog Pawcurious. The writer is a veterinarian who lists other ways to help. {And if you are a dog lover, it’s a blog to follow!}

I keep thinking about that TV crew person who saw Barbara Garcia’s dog while she was being interviewed in the video mentioned above. How did they possibly see her?! It was just her eyes peering out. Even when they zoomed in on the dog, she was difficult to spot. She was lying there in the rubble and crawled out without a sound after Barbara lifted some debris. How many other animals were traumatized that way and never found? I can’t imagine how hard it would be to search for family, friends or pets amidst the aftermath.

So I ask, please help in any way that you can. Recovering from such a trauma can be an emotionally exhausting experience for people and pets alike. Give something you have so that they will once again have something, too.

Thank you,

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