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It finally feels like summer to me!

In my world, summer starts Memorial Day weekend and ends on Labor Day. However, I have plenty of friends who work in the school system who would make their summer bookends the last day and first day of school!

We took our annual trip to Michigan over the week of Memorial Day, a little over a month earlier than usual. So my summer definitely feels like it is in full swing. However, I didn’t take any photos this trip… Instead you get a bullet recap of our trip:

  • Lots of Euchre and Hearts.
  • A trip for that fantastic salad at Mr. M’s.
  • Several games of Chase the Bobber for Sham.
  • Ice cream from the Corner House.
  • Annual fill of Kogels – celebrating 100 years!
  • Nachos and flautas from the BT. {I did try to get some better photos of the menu than the ones posted! Haven’t compared them yet…}
  • Friday night auction! We purchased some scotch decanters, some books on birds, some Hobo Pie Makers and… I am forgetting something.
  • Heading back to The Camp.
  • Realizing we really don’t like The Riverwalk {and the really unprofessional manager!}
  • A quick visit to St. Helen, about 40 minutes north of Rob’s parents’ place to visit some friends at their new cabin in the woods.
  • Annual Cherry Wheat!
  • Finishing another Quebecois book – one of my faves!
  • A new-found love for Grapefruit Shandy.
  • A few new to us Michigan brews.
  • Visiting a new Michigan brewery – stay tuned!
  • But most importantly – time spent with family. 

We had the most beautiful weather on the lake… Since Rob’s parents no longer own a pontoon, we were lucky that their neighbors offered us a ride on their boat on our last day. I felt absolutely spoiled and relaxed…

What signifies the beginning of summer for you?

Happy Summer!