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Beer & LSD?


Remember when I posted about my latest Foodie Penpal’s fantastic Fig & Olive Tapenade? And how I noted that it went well with this Honey Ale?

TapenadeWell, take a look closer at the name:

LSD Honey Ale?

This ale hails to us from Indeed Brewing out of Minneapolis. Why LSD? Because this beer is brewed with Lavender, Sunflower honey and Dates. And it has Indeed a mind-blowing array of flavors. The lavender is very present here, so if you don’t like lavender, chances are that this beer is not for you.

Turn the bottle over and read a little about the characteristics and history of this beer. Here, I’ll help:

photo 5

It is packaged in a 750ml (think wine-sized) bottle, sealed with a cap and then wax. The wax is a beautiful lavender color, but it makes it difficult to open the bottle. Rob and I split this big boy, but I should have probably kept it all to myself. In my opinion, it’s that good.

It also, apparently, pairs well with Cash Cab.

What's the best show to watch while drinking Indeed LSD? Cash Cab of course.

When I think of lavender,  I think of Provence, which is part of the region in France where I studied in college. So naturally, I thought of olives and needed to combine the two. And it worked! It was especially nice when I drizzled the wildflower honey on top of the little tapenade crostini I made!

Apparently, even Ben Bailey wanted a sip. I know he’s eyeing that glass!

Apparently, even Ben Bailey wanted a sip.

I think that it’s difficult to get a specialty brew just right, but Indeed has hit the ball out of the park on this one. I guess it helps to know the guy with the original recipe. For the record, Town Hall Brewery was pretty much the only place with unique beers on tap before all of the growing popularity of craft and local microbrews. It was our go-to spot when we were in the mood for a specialty beer. But we have yet to visit the Indeed Brewing Taproom. It’s about time, don’t you think?

What is your favorite unique beverage that  most people don’t know about?