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You Hit the Mark This Time, Birchbox!


My Birchbox arrived this week and I was smiling and giddy this month when I opened the package!

August Birchbox

August Birchbox Theme: Finishing School

Finishing School = “Zeroing in on the Details”

The Loot - August Birchbox

The Loot – August Birchbox

The Loot:

Miss Jessie’s Original Rapid Recovery Treatment & Super Sweetback Treatment – These are weekly nourishments for the hair. And they were meant for mine! For “naturally curly, kinky and wavy hair.”

Birchbox Bobby Pins – Cute and durable. Not your average black bobby pin. You can even go to Birchbox.com to find cute ways to wear them.

Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer – Do you know how LONG I’ve been asking Birchbox to send me a moisturizer sample because I’m in the market for a new one? YES!

Violet Oasis Organic Argan Oil – I already use Moroccan oil in my hair and love it. When I do, my husband says that my perfume smells nice. 😉 However, I didn’t even think about using this stuff on my skin. The Birchbox insert reads:

WHAT – Star Moroccan import that feeds skin and hair with vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

HOW – Smooth onto face, neck and body or work 1 – 2 drops through hair for shine and softness.

Party-Proof Lipstick – Dusk Till Dawn color – A shade a feel comfortable with. It feels nice, too.

Thank you, Birchbox! You really delivered this month.

What product , beauty or otherwise, do you feel like was MADE for you?


*I pay for my Birchbox subscription myself and receive no reward or compensation for my review. However, if you choose to join Birchbox, I will receive reward points when you use my referral link, if you so choose.