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Saint Dinette


Recently, Rob ripped a Best Burgers page out of our most recent copy of Mpls St. Magazine. I can’t seem to find the specific article online, but many of these restaurants were listed with top burgers.

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you’ll know that Rob has a thing for burgers. He has written a Top 10 Twin Cities Burger list for me many, many times. It really should be updated again!

We do not have a shortage of great burgers in this area, so finding the opportunity to make a trek out just to try a new one is sometimes a little more daunting then just grabbing a bite to eat nearby.

However, I found the opportunity to try one at Saint Dinette in St.Paul:

  • Rob had been out of town for two consecutive long weekends, so I was eating really healthy! (Read: It was time for a burger.)
  • We had a Groupon for Wabasha Brewing that was expiring soon.
  • I wanted to combine it with dinner in St. Paul. I scanned Rob’s burger list and made the suggestion when he arrived back in town from Sedona.



First thing to note… Saint Dinette is kind of hard to find. We plugged the address into The Google, but we couldn’t find it on the block where it was supposed to be. We decided we just missed a sign and parked at the Farmers Market parking lot and decided to find it on foot.

Still no luck.

It ended up being on the other side of the street and the only marking was a sandwich board on the sidewalk, which we couldn’t see while driving because of the cars parked on the street.

Per our usual, we pulled up to the bar. Despite a wine list that had much more than the Usual Suspects and some interesting cocktails…

IMG_5140…I promptly ordered a W00t Stout because I saw the tap handle. That’s one hard-to-find beer! I seized the opportunity.


I considered getting something other than a burger from this delectable menu…


But a cheeseburger still sounded so good to me.

I made the right choice.


The perfect bun sear, two thin patties (you can’t order the temp here, but that doesn’t really matter!) and melty, gooey cheese.  Simple goodness. We didn’t even consider splitting and I’m glad we didn’t.

We did order a bucket of fries to share.


It could have fed three or four people! We probably didn’t even need them. They weren’t anything too special, but the salty goodness kept us dipping back into the bucket. For the record, Rob and I rarely use ketchup. But these crinkle cut classics are the sort that marry with ketchup perfectly.

I finished off my evening with an espresso. I love when restaurants offer this. So the moment we parked our butts at that bar and I spotted the espresso machine, I knew this would be my meal-ending fate.


And it was perfect.

No regrets.

Saint Dinette‘s simple cheeseburger is worth the trek. Thank you, Mpls St. Paul Magazine, for keeping us up-to-date on what we must try in our Twin Cities.

Do you follow your local food trends and try the best-of new restaurants?