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NOLA: Sports, Art, Music


In 2003, when I wrote a little about my first experience the last time I was in New Orleans, this was my first line:

New Orleans is a city for everyone… sports fans, art lovers, musicians, all-night partiers and gourmands alike flock to this city year-round.

I still agree. Of course, Bourbon Street is for the all-night partiers. It doesn’t have to be Mardi Gras to get crazy. But let’s be honest, if you want to party all night, you can pretty much do that anywhere, right?



The last time I was in New Orleans was over New Year’s Eve. There were a lot of people there for the Sugar Bowl, decked out in their teams’ gear. I walked into a shop on a Sunday and the employees had the Saints’ football game on an old radio and were listening intently. I loved it.

They sure do love their Saints! It wasn’t even football season during this trip, but they still show their pride year-round.


I remember on that first trip, we saw colorful impressionistic paintings of football players on the wall of a nice restaurant, too!



You can find some sort of art or antique shop on nearly every block in the French Quarter. It was like an open museum to me! There were many paintings I admired. So many styles and colors. Oh, the color!

In addition, the architecture is art itself. I didn’t get many shots from the beautiful parts of the French Quarter this trip. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe I had so many French Quarter photos from my last trip. Now you’ll just have to see it for yourself. Wait, I did get a shot of one of the old iron fences. Why do I love these so?


The Garden District is arguably even lovelier {which you’ll see in an upcoming post} because the poor historic French Quarter gets beat up on every single night.

You’ll do a lot of walking in New Orleans. A car is not necessary. And we like it that way! Start from the busy and somewhat seedy Canal Street and take a lovely walk by the Mississippi River with your friends…


…and make your way over to Jackson Square.


When we were there, we came across some performers getting ready to start a show.

IMG_1795But let’s just zoom in a bit across the street. Do you see all of that art on the fence?


During the day, artists flock to the square to display their art in hopes of making some sales. There is such a wide variety. But there is always so much color!


Now back to that little performance we saw. We were lucky to happen upon it. These guys were spectacularly talented! Here’s a little excerpt:

Now walk across the street and pass through the gate to get into the actual square. On a beautiful day, people will be sprawled across the lawn, relaxing. It kind of reminded me of students city on the campus mall lawn during my college days. Then stop to take a look at the massive equestrian statue of General Andrew Jackson.


As told by our friend Javad, Andrew Jackson is considered the hero of New Orleans, as he led troops to defeat the British at the Battle of New Orleans in 1814. Perhaps New Orleans retains its unique character today because of this.

And the highly recognizable church you see in every picture and postcard of Jackson Square… Well, that is St. Louis Cathedral.


If Sock Monkey should have had his photo taken anywhere in New Orleans, in should have been in front of St. Louis Cathedral. Alas, he stayed snuggled up in my purse. #SockMonkeyTourFail

In the evening, wander toward the other side of The Quarter to Frenchmen Street for your choice of music. But don’t forget to stop at the Night Art Market! What a brilliant idea. I wish I would have spent more time here.


Yet all was not lost. Sock Monkey did make his appearance out one night when we bought some art on Frenchmen Street. The artist agreed to pose with him!

And, yes, that is a bird on dude’s hat. And, no, it isn’t real.



The area around Frenchman Street in the Faubourg Marigny part of New Orleans {just outside the Quarter} is where you can find pretty much any style of music any night of the week. One night, we stopped at the Blue Nile. The interior and lighting alone was art to me!


We heard this lovely girl sing some jazzy, easily recognizable tunes. Her voice was absolutely beautiful.


But you’ll also find street musicians peddling throughout The Quarter at various times of the day. Jazz, blues, zydeco… you name it. Have you ever seen someone play the washboard in person? Well, chance are you will in New Orleans.

We even came across some sort of group parading down Canal Street.


There’s plenty to see and do while in New Orleans. When it starts to get foggy like this…


You can bet it’ll become even foggier in the evening. This is when it’s great for a ghost tour!

Or, at any time of day, take a carriage ride pulled by a horonkey mule. I was ready to hop in this one and take it for a spin myself. No one was looking, right?!


I’d still say that it’s is a city for everyone. And it’s a place like no where else. New Orleans is truly one-of-a-kind.

Do you have a favorite style of art?

Do you prefer bright brilliant colors or something more subdued?

What music would you like to hear when in New Orleans?

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