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Northgate Brewing


Happy Thirsty Thursday!

Let’s just start off by saying, that the only reason we made it to Northgate Brewing in Nordeast Minneapolis was because of a Groupon Living Social voucher. I knew that Rob had had a Northgate beer in the past, specifically at the Uptown Cafeteria; and he wasn’t all that impressed. But it had been a while – a few years, maybe? Libertine has since moved in to the space that Uptown Cafeteria once housed.

I bought the voucher because of what it included: a tasting of four half-pints of their beers, as well as two flagons. What the hell is a flagon, you ask? I was wondering the same thing! It’s essentially a mini-growler, holding about 750ml/25 oz of beer {the amount in a bottle of wine}, as opposed to a growler’s 64-oz fill-up.

Isn’t it cute?!


Northgate’s taproom is pretty small; but we loved the vibe. Not unlike Insight Brewing, you’ll find a focus on British-style beers here. I only took one photo – of our half-pints. Boy, do I wish more restaurants and breweries served beer by the half-pint! 

FullSizeRender (2)

Our favorite: Maggie’s Leap Sweet Stout

Oh dear lord is that sweet stout tasty! I hadn’t had anything like that in a long, long time. A sweet stout gets its name because lactose is usually added to the brew to add body and a touch of sweetness. What made this sweet stout even more creamy is that they served it on nitro.

This also meant that we couldn’t fill a flagon with the Maggie’s Sweet Stout. 😦 Nitro beers won’t keep in a growler. Instead, we filled our flagons with the Stronghold Robust Porter. It’s made with cold press from Up Coffee Roasters. You can really taste the coffee!

To be quite honest, the other two were not memorable. In fact, we weren’t very fond of them and left them behind. With each of us having had only one half-pint, it was time for us to find another brewery… You’ll have to wait until next week to find out which one!

It looks like the Maggie’s Leap Sweet Stout is a seasonal beer. However, at the time of this writing, it’s still on Northgate Breweing’s “On Tap” menu online. I recommend you get there for a taste. I’d go back just for that beer! A deck of cards and a sweet stout? Sounds like my kind of afternoon in a taproom.

Have you had a sweet stout?



612 Brew


Happy Thirsty Thursday!

It’s time for another installment in my Minnesota Brewery series! Next up is yet another Nordeast Minneapolis brewery. I’m telling you, NE Minneapolis is a great area for a brewery crawl because there are at least a half dozen breweries within 5 miles from each other.

We stopped into 612 Brew on a very cold {waaaayyyy below zero}, windy day this winter, with a Groupon in hand. I love when deal vouchers offer beer flights to local breweries!


TIP: One thing of note about 612 Brew – when you park in back, walk around the building away from the street and turn left to go around the building and get to the entrance. On that horribly cold, windy and icy day, we made our way to the sidewalk instead. We went around to the front of the building only to find that there was no entrance to 612 Brew. If we continued along the sidewalk, it went up a bridge, not around the other side of the building. DOH!

We walked back down the icy sidewalk and watched a guy slip and almost fall flat on his ass before catching himself. I shuffled my feet as I sheilded my face from the wind as best as possible. Then, we went back to the parking lot and followed the building around back to the other side of the building. Entrance food! The outdoor space here, I’m sure, would be lovely in the summer; but I wasn’t really paying attention.

I was so happy to be inside! The space was very nice. I really liked the taproom and not just because it was warm!

Also, their tagline:

You feel me? 😉

Now you see why I was happy that a couple of pint glasses were included in our Groupon!

For those who are not local to the Twin Cities, 612 Brew gets its name from the Minneapolis area code. A couple of years ago, I read that a brewery called 651 Brew was opening up in St. Paul. I haven’t seen anything since, nor can I find anything now. Perhaps that was posted on April Fool’s Day.

You got me!

Like many other breweries, 612 Brew hosts food trucks. While there wasn’t one on the day of our visit {there was no crowd and it was so cold!}, you can check the 612’s online calendar to find out who is on site.

612 Brew also caters to bikers… I mean, bicyclists. You’ll find bike racks just outside the taproom door. And while other breweries offer pint glasses, t-shirts and trucker hats, 612 also sells logo-ed biking gear!

The beers on tap that day:


Only the top four were included in the flight. The bummer was that we didn’t really like any of the beers! {We had heard a simliar experience from friends.} Of them all we liked the Rated R Rye IPA best, but even that was one we would not order again. And we love IPAs and porters!

I wanted to try the Wild Rice Dunkel because I love when local breweries include something unique or regional about their brews. Wild Rice was a new one for me! I was excited and chose it for my free pint. Sadly, I didn’t like it and couldn’t even finish it.

Despite the lovely taproom, the great outdoor space and the bike-friendly access, the beer just wasn’t up to par with what we are used to drinking in the Twin Cities. But that is just what our palates say about these beers. You should still give 612 Brew a try to judge for yourself.

Name a unique beer you’ve had that was infused with something or that reflected its locale!


Dangerous Man


Two beer posts back-to-back? What is this blog coming to?


It was a cool, brisk March Saturday afternoon, the kind that makes you believe that spring has arrived until you realize it was all a tease when it snows again the following week. Rob and I had intended to spend our Saturday in Northeast {aka Nordeast} Minneapolis using one of our Groupons. On our whim, we detoured…

because there is a

 Dangerous Man

in Nordeast Minneapolis!

Dangerous Man Brewing is located in a historic bank building at the corner of a fairly residential neighborhood. There’s a lot of street parking. We arrived  about 3pm that Saturday afternoon. We walked in and to us, the place looked packed! All of the tables were taken and the bar seats filled. It was standing room only. We had to wait in line for a beer.

I loved the decor with the copper and metal backsplash and the display of Growlers from other local breweries.

photo 5(1)

Little did we know that the place would fill up to capacity. When we departed, there was a line out the door and people smiling that two of us left so that two more could step inside! {Beard = optional. It is not required for entry. 😉 } Originally, we had planned to go with a group. But with how packed and how long of a wait there may have been, we are kind of glad we didn’t. If we do in the future, it’ll take a little more planning on our part. {Aka, get there early.}

 The beers available are constantly rotating. Here were the ones on tap that day:

photo 2(1)

The one I was excited to try: The infamous Chocolate Milk Stout!

photo 1(1)

It was good, but I found it to be a bit too cold and a little over-carbonated. But what did I know? I was coming off a beer on nitro from the night before. I think my expectations were too high. Kind of like when you are the last one to see That Epic Movie and you think, “I don’t understand the hype. It’s good and everything, but…” I just wanted it to be a little creamier. You know, like chocolate milk.

That being said, I had no trouble finishing this bad boy!

photo 3(1)

Don’t you love that glass?! Rob and I try to pick up a pint glass at every brewery we visit. We’ve got a nice collection going, but we completely forgot to get back in line to get one here. They aren’t prominently on display to remind you to buy. Although, they do have a variety of items in their store online. Also, no food is served, but there is usually a food truck parked outside or a special event that will provide some nosh.

I was driving, so I just had a few sips of the beers Rob ordered while we were there.

Triple IPA - 12% ABV / Hazelnut Porter - 6.6%

Triple IPA (shown right) – At 12% ABV, this IPA is Dangerous, Man! It’s so smooth and delightful. But because of that, I think it’d be easy to drink it too quickly. Why is it that double and triple IPAs nearly always seem smoother than the standard ones to me?

Hazelnut Porter – Now this is the one that wowed me. I’ve never had anything like it before. There was so much flavor there! The aromas of hazelnut alone were transcending. It smelled like they had been toasted. The flavor was just as good. And we declared it the favorite of the day.

But alas, because gear and such wasn’t prominently displayed to remind us to buy, we completely forgot to get a Growler to go. But there might be a reason for that. Today I read their website:

Beer sales are flying through the roof; they’ve busted up some cumulus and are now on their way into the outer atmosphere of the Earth.

An unfortunate side effect of this is that we have to reduce our growler sales. Why? Because our production level needs to be balanced with our demand and most importantly of all — we need to have beer in our taproom.

Currently, we are selling 20-30 growlers a day – 1 per customer. Being present when the taproom opens is your best bet. We apologize for this inconvenience. We are currently working on increasing production which will allow us to sell more growlers. More than anything we’d like our beer to go home with you.

So my tip for you. Go early. Like, when they open.

The thing I love most about Dangerous Man Brewing is that  they don’t distribute.

The thing Rob likes least about Dangerous Man Brewing is that they don’t distribute.

You can only get their beer at their taproom. This keeps the beer made in small batches and makes it a true destination brewery. Rob declared it his new favorite in the Twin Cities. So we’ll be back. And we’ll plan to go early. Want to join us?

Do you drink local?