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Marin {Closed}


Our monthly Girls’ Dinner Night Out was this past weekend. Kim chose Marin, in downtown Minneapolis. Truth be told, I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant for some time! It just didn’t seem like a place Rob would enjoy as much as I would. So it was perfect choice for Girls’ Night Out.

I love this day in age where we can look up menus online. What I love even more? Restaurants like Marin {as well as Mill Valley Kitchen} that list the nutrition facts! Below each menu item, you’ll find the calories | fat | protein | carbs | fiber, followed by a note if an item is vegan or gluten free. Check it out!FullSizeRender(2)Yes, sometimes a menu like this can take the fun out of dining. But this is a time when I was glad to have it. It’s interesting how the nutrition facts can influence choices even more than, perhaps, the description.

The website also listed these natural refreshments and smoothies. I’m not quite sure when they are offered, because it was not a menu we were given on a Friday night.


Choosing a before dinner cocktail was difficult because I felt like all of them sounded up my alley. Jen pointed out that the list is gin-heavy, which is perhaps why I was feeling that way. Gin is a fave of mine.


In the end, I chose an Aviation. I have no idea where the photo of my cocktail went. No matter… It wasn’t very good. Well, it grew on me; but I’m sure I’d have been more pleased with something else.

We each got a starter and an entree for the evening. Jen chose:

Vegetable-Soba Spring Rolls 6 90 | 1 | 4 | 18 | 2 | gf | v

Vegetable-Soba Spring Rolls – $6
90 | 1 | 4 | 18 | 2 | gf | v

Jen thought the radish was too powerful and the sauce was a bit spicy. I tasted one and thought they were okay. Not the best I’d had, but certainly not bad by any stretch.

Kim and I both choose a salad. I have no idea what happened to that photo either. Kim was trying to choose between two and questioned what made the Baby Kale Salad 300 calories. We had seen one brought to our neighbor’s table and it looked tasty.

Baby Kale, Manchego, Pine Nuts, Lemon-Chili Vinaigrette -$8
300 | 24 | 17 | 7 | 3 | gf
We decided that it must be the pine nuts and/or cheese. Instead, she chose the same salad I did.
Baby Mixed Greens, Pecorino, Cracker -$7
110 | 7 | 4 | 10 | 2

There really was nothing special about the salad itself. But the cracker was crusted with some sort of cheese, parmesan perhaps, and was a nice accompaniment.

The ambiance is very cozy at Marin. We had ample time for lots of catching up between dishes. Jen’s choice:

Ham, Fig, Blue Cheese 12 580 | 18 | 33 | 74 | 7

Ham, Fig, Blue Cheese Flatbread – $12
580 | 18 | 33 | 74 | 7

When you walk into Marin, you can’t help but spot the pizza oven. Just look at that perfect crust! What Jen loved most about this one – the perfect ratio of ingredients from the ham to the fig to the blue cheese. Nothing overpowered another flavor.

Kim had intended to order a fish dish that she saw on the online menu. Alas, reading a menu online before going out is both a blessing and a curse, especially if it’s a restaurant that uses the freshest ingredients and the menu changes. In the end, she didn’t get fish at all!

Grass-fed Beef Tenderloin, Fingerling Potatoes, Confit Tomatoes, Smoked Onion Mustard 5 oz 34 470 | 28 | 41 | 11 | 1 | gf

Grass-fed Beef Tenderloin, Fingerling Potatoes, Confit Tomatoes, Smoked Onion Mustard (5 oz) – $34
470 | 28 | 41 | 11 | 1 | gf

Kim was quite pleased with her steak. It was juicy, tender and cooked to her liking. The crispy skins of the tomatoes were a unique touch, too.

Like Kim, I had been eyeing something online. Luckily, it was available!

Scallops, Pablano and 32 Mushroom Hash, Tomatillo Sauce 400 | 17 | 25 | 35 | 4 | gf

Scallops, Pablano and Mushroom Hash, Tomatillo Sauce – $32
400 | 17 | 25 | 35 | 4 | gf

Yes! Yes! Yes! It had been so long since I’d had scallops and these were just perfect. They were nicely seared and all of the flavors complemented each other.

For me, it ended up an expensive evening. However, I felt it was worth it to have such satisfying food that was healthy, too.

Next time, I need to check out The Library downstairs…

What are go-to foods when you are trying to be healthy when dining out?