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One Year Ago Today…


On year ago today…

…a Shamrock was delivered to us.

This Shamrock:

Shamrock's first night in his forever home.

Shamrock’s first night in his forever home.

We chose to adopt him on a whim. To read more about that story, click here.

Sophie and Shamrock became fast friends…


Shamrock was pretty nervous around Rob at first. Men scare him, especially men in hats. It took at least a few months for Sham to warm up to Rob. Now they are buds. But we still think Sophie will always be Sham’s favorite. 😉 They play all the time! He’s been the perfect addition to our family.

There are so many pets waiting to be rescued from shelters, just like those where we found Shamrock and Sophie. Please consider adoption when finding your next pet.

If you think you can’t rescue a purebred or a puppy, think again. Read these facts about shelter dogs that might change what you think.

Cheers to one year with our Bugaboo!
~ Carrie