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The Bottle Room


Happy Wine Wednesday!


We found The Bottle Room completely by accident, as we were driving back to my parents house while there for a weekend in 2012. Rob spotted it and I took the roundabout all the way around to go back to it!

A wine bar?

In Green Bay?

photo 5

When I moved to the Twin Cities from Green Bay in 2002, there wasn’t even a coffee shop near my parents’ place. Not even a Starbucks in the entire city.

Now I can’t even think of a decent wine “South of the River” in the Minneapolis/St. Paul suburbs where we live. Not only was this wine bar in Green Bay, but it was just minutes away from where my parents lived.

While I was growing up, there wasn’t really anything nearby because we lived more on the outskirts of Green Bay near the villages of Howard and Suamico. Ordering pizza in was unheard of. But now, Lineville Road is lined with restaurants, grocery stores, multiple gas stations, an auto parts store, a Shopko, a bowling alley and now…


We walked in that evening to find a much larger than expected space filled with people, live music and great ambiance. We were highly impressed and felt instantly at ease…

We’ve been back to The Bottle Room every visit to Green Bay since then.

They have a lot to offer… For instance, their Wine Flights:

photo 1(1)

When I told my fellow Wineaux friend Jenny about this place, she knew she wanted to stop there when she came to town for a Packer Game. These next several photos are courtesy of her. {Thanks, Jenny!}

That night, most of the gang went with the wine flights.

Wine Flight Delivery...

Wine Flight Delivery…

My dad with his whites and Rob with his reds:

Jenny ordered a mixed flight of sorts that was available at the time:

That night, I wasn’t feeling the flights, so I went with a cocktail:


Can you guess which cocktail I enjoyed?

photo 3(2)

I like, too, that they offer liquor flights. What a better way to learn what you like than spend a ton of money on a bottle of liquor at a store.

And there is more to their menu than the usual run-of the mill wines. They do have some interesting lesser-known options.

photo 2(1)

But I do wonder how the business thrives here. The prices seem more on par with the Twin Cities, not those of Green Bay. I couldn’t imagine that a lot of people would pay these prices in this area. But the place was packed that first night we were there and when we went back with Jenny!

photo 5(3)

One of my favorite things to order here, though, is a flight of ports. It comes with a chocolate truffle!

photo 4(2)

Those truffles are sooooo good, that I’ve been known to just order a glass of port and a few truffles a la carte… šŸ˜‰

photo 5(2)

But wait… There’s more….

They have a few ever-changing craft beer selections on tap, too:

You can even take home the draft beer in a refillable growler! There’s also an extensive list of beers by the bottle:

photo 4(1)

With over 75 wines and all of those beers, you’d think that’d be enough to be called The Bottle Room. But it is also a retail space. You can buy any of the wines that you liked to take home with you.

The selections line the wall:

photo 2(4)

There is food, too. They describe it as tapas-style. I wouldn’t go that far. It’s more a selection of small plates, mini pizzas and sandwiches.

photo 4(3)

Rob adored the Truffle Pizza on our first visit so much that he was disappointed that he tried the Old World Pepperoni the next time. Besides $14 – $15 is a lot for such a small pizza. I mean, even we wouldn’t pay that in the Twin Cities.

photo 3(3)

One day, as I was thumbing through an issue of Wine Spectator Magazine, I saw The Bottle Room listed with an Award of Excellence! If I remember correctly, it was noted as a new wine bar and a new winner of that award. I wasn’t surprised.

I dream of having a place like this “South of the River!”

I only have one gripe about The Bottle Room. We visited one afternoon with my mom and were the only people there. My mom ordered a cup of coffee. When she finished her cup, she had to ask for a refill. When we got our bill, they charged her for two coffees for a total of $6. That just seems kind of ridiculous to me. They had to brew the pot regardless if she had one cup or two. It wasn’t like it was an espresso or specialty coffee.

Still, we’ll continue to return because we love the selection and ambiance and don’t know how long The Bottle Room will thrive in this market. We sure hope it does. It’s a little slice of heaven in Green Bay, if you ask me…

Do you have a favorite wine bar near you?

What’s the best wine bar you’ve ever experienced?




I don’t think I’ve ever talked about Port on Wine Wednesday. Have you had it before?

I love Port. I always have since the very first sip. In fact, I’ve never found a Port that I didn’t like. I find that it’s usually a wine people love or hate. What makes it unique? Well, it’s that sweetness and high alcohol content. It’s often served as a dessert wine. Although, I remember my host family, when I studied in France in college, offered it as an apĆ©ritif.

What is Port?

It’s a fortified wine originating from Portugal. Other countries, too, will try to make wine in this Port style. The wine is “fortified” by adding a “neutral spirit” that adds umph, increasing that alcohol content and allows some of the wine’s residual sugar to remain behind.

There are several levels of quality and aging when it comes to Port. The most well-known being Ruby and Tawny Ports.

The other night, while visiting our friend Jared, who was working at Urban Olive & Vine, we noticed the following on the menu:

photo 1

We had just enjoyed a an appetizer and a bottle of wine and thought we’d round it off before wandering around the cute streets of Hudson. So, yes! Splitting a 100-year Port Flight was meant to be done!

Rob decided that he wanted to sip on them blind, to see if he could really tell a difference. Jared lined them up out of order and the two of us noted which ones they were as Rob tasted them.

photo 2

Rob could tell there was a difference, but he couldn’t tell which was youngest and and which was oldest. Instead he ranked them in order of preference. The interesting part? We learned that Rob likes his Ports young. He ranked them from favorite to least favorite exactly in order from 10 to 40 years!

As for me, I could taste a difference. The older ports were less concentrated. But I don’t have enough of a discerning palate to know that they were older. I still liked them all. And with a little side of chocolate covered blueberries, Rob and I had finished them off in no time!

photo 3Because of the high alcohol and sweetness, Ports are poured into smaller, sometimes cordial-style glasses which offer about two to three ounces.

The last time we were at King’s Wine Bar, one of our favorite places to order port, our server {who we later learned was once the drummer of the band Babes in Toyland} highly recommended exploring the wineries in Portugal. She said that the views were beautiful and each vineyard offered tapas to pair with their Ports.

We are so there.

{Well, not literally, but it’s on our list.}

Have you had Port before?

If so, which is your favorite or favorite pairing?