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Puppy Cake!


The morning that I baked scones that my Foodie Penpal sent me, I decided to bake for our pooches, too! It was about time to make the Red Velvet Puppy Cake that our pooches received in their Holiday Barkbox. I had intended to make them for Sophie’s birthday earlier in January, but that day came and went. She is now an eight-year-old pooch! I can hardly believe it. Some days, she still acts like a little puppy. She still loves to play!

Puppy Cake batter

I just added egg, oil and water to the mix to make the batter.

out of the oven.

Immediately after removing them from the oven, I popped them out to let them cool.

What makes them red? Beet powder!

Once cool, I just added water to the "frosting" mix to turn them into frosted cupcakes!

Once cool, I just added water to the “frosting” mix to turn them into frosted cupcakes!

All natural, human grade ingredients!

I love this short list of human grade ingredients.

The cupcakes are wheat-free, making them easily digestible for dogs. And yes, because they are made of human grade ingredients, I just had to take a bite to taste one. Of course, they weren’t sweet like a true cupcake. And there was a very strong beet flavor. So, nothing I’d really enjoy, but they weren’t meant for me… So it was time to see what the dogs thought.

After I served Rob and I our scones, I put one cupcake on a plate for Sophie and one for Benny, knowing that as soon as I put them on the floor, they would devour them. Just as I suspected, Benny put his mouth around it and put the whole thing in his mouth! It was gone in seconds. Sophie, on the other hand, daintily licked all of the frosting off before biting into her cake! It was very difficult to get photos of all this in action, but I tried:


I think by the fact that they finished their cupcakes in seconds and that they accepted pieces of the cupcakes as treats throughout the week with no problem, I would have to say that Puppy Cake was a winner. You can find out more about Puppy Cake products on their website.

Do you cook for your pets?

If so, what are your favorite recipes?

I still want to make these Peanut Butter Dog Cookies made my volunteer for the Wags and Whiskers 5k!


SBS: Our Holiday BarkBox


Here at Season It Already!, we’ve started something called Subscription Box Saturday. This is when I share with you the contents of my lovely subscription boxes and tell you what we think of what’s inside.


I always open our subscription box for the pooches the moment I pick it up off the porch. However, this month’s BarkBox arrived just days before Christmas, so I decided to wrap it and put it under the tree instead.


Benny:¬†“Momma, I know you are wrapping something for me. What is it?”

The dogs waited patiently while everyone opened their gifts.


When it was their turn, Sophie was anxious to get that box opened after the paper was discarded:


Sophie: “Momma… Open it! Open it!”

So I did…


BarkBox – December 2012 contents

Puppy CakeWhat? I’m so excited to make this cake into cute little cupcakes! I just might wait until Sophie’s birthday in January and have a little puppy party. {Okay, so she’ll be 8, so she isn’t exactly a puppy anymore.} I’m also happy to see human-grade ingredients: rice flour, evaporated cane juice, beet powder, baking powder and salt. Just add 1 egg, 3/4 cup water and 3 Tbsp vegetable oil. The frosting is made from unflavored yogurt. Do I dare take a taste myself?!

Simply Fido Organic Pet Toy – Forget about all of those cheap toys made with harsh fibers and who-knows-what chemicals in their dyes. This reindeer squeak toy is certified non-toxic with organic cotton fabric, made with a low eco impact dye process and filled with recycled fiber and cotton. Sophie loves toys that she can squeak. So it’s nice to find one that I know is safe and environmentally friendly. The fact that it was a reindeer toy this month – a nice touch!

Bocce’s Bakery Treats¬†– Baked in NYC, these are made with chicken, pumpkin, cranberries and cinnamon. They smell so good {I find it’s rare I say that about dog treats!} and our dogs are gobbling them up.

Fresh Dog Oatmeal Shampoo – We have not tried this out yet, but I love the idea of aromatherapy for dogs. Sure, roll your eyes here, if you wish. But when you have a dog with a bit of anxiety like I do, these things matter.


We Our dogs absolutely adore our their BarkBox. I love the fact that they give 10% of proceeds to shelter or animal rescue. Want to give it a try?

Well, to celebrate my 200th blog post

Click here for $5 off your first subscription!


I read a statistic that 63% of owners get their dogs gifts for the holidays.

Do you buy/wrap gifts for your pet(s)?

If so, what did they get this year?