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Chicken with Green Beans and Pesto


I’m still making my way through Jules Clancy’s 5 Ingredients, 10 Minutes and let me tell you; the latest recipe I tried was a real winner! (But almost all of them seem to be.)

I had a great big jar of pesto from Costco that was quickly approaching had just passed it’s “Use or Freeze by” date. I wanted to use up a bit more before I sectioned it out into portions for the freezer. That’s when I found this recipe in 5 Ingredients, 10 minutes.

In truth, this recipe took me about 20 minutes, not 10. But there are a few things that can account for that, as you’ll read below. It still came together rather quickly and was so deliciously satisfying and healthy to boot! This is one of those recipes that’s great to make if you want to pound out some aggression…


Chicken with Green Beans & Pesto

Ingredients: chicken breast, dried chili flakes, fresh green beans, pesto, lemon

Here are my notes, with what I changed in blue:

  • I used almost a full pound of chicken breast because that is what I had thawing in my fridge. The recipe was to serve two (as most of Clancy’s do) anyway and I thought three portions might be nice for leftovers!
  • I substituted frozen green beans rather than fresh just because that is what I had. I also finished off the bag, so it was probably about 1.5 times the amount called for in the recipe. Hey, that will even out with the chicken, right?!
  • Part of the reason this dish took me longer than the estimated 10 minutes was that I used those frozen green beans. Instead of 4 minutes in the pot of boiling water (which took a few minutes in its own right), my bag said to give it 5 – 7 minutes.
  • I loved using dried chili flakes as the seasoning on this chicken. It made it so flavorful! I might just make some pork chops this way so Rob can eat them. {For future reference, Carrie: 1 Tbsp grapeseed or olive oil to one (heaping) teaspoon of red chili flakes per one pound of meat. Rub on meat and season with salt and pepper, as well.}
  • Another reason why I didn’t finish in 10 minutes was that my chicken was not cooked all of the way through. 1.5 minutes per side was not quite enough. Despite the fact that I felt like I pounded the hell out of that chicken, I apparently needed to do a little more!
  • Even though I used more chicken breast and more green beans, I stuck with the measurements of the seasoning and the pesto to the recipe and it was still full of flavor.
  • I omitted the lemon, only because I forgot about it.
  • My version made 3 generous servings.
  • The only thing I’d probably change for next time is slicing the chicken before topping it with the green beans and pesto. While the presentation is prettier as is, slicing the chicken just makes for easier eating!
  • This dish took me approximately 20 minutes.
  • Will make again. This recipe is definitely a keeper!!

Like pounding the meat thinner before cooking, what time-saving tips do use in the kitchen?