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Uluru at Sunrise


Australia – Uluru… Continued…


While the sunset over Uluru was beautiful, I preferred the sunrise. 

The funny thing is… I’m not a morning person. It is a difficult thing to get me out of a bed. I’m a wake-up-slowly kind of gal. But knowing that this was a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, I set the alarm for something insane like 4:30 in the morning to meet up with our tour group for the sunrise.

We arrived in those nearly pitch-black conditions I spoke about when the sun sets.


As the sun began to rise, the entire landscape was lovely.

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Can you spot Kata-Tjuta in the distance?


Upon arrival to our designated viewing area, Rob and I decided to take the path less traveled. Most of the people went toward a small hill for, perhaps, a better vantage point. But that was appeared crowded and loud. The area we chose had fewer people. In the morning, especially an early morning where I haven’t had my coffee yet, that was a better option.


What a beautiful sight…

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Except for a few people talking, everything was relatively quiet and still. Serenity.

And there you are…


The sun had risen and it was time to start the day! We were off to breakfast at the Cultural Center followed by a guided tour of the base of Uluru.

Are you a morning person or an evening person?



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