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Black Bean Pasta {A Review}


Last year, I participated in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and was really surprised that I was able to post every day in the month of November pretty easily. I’m really not sure how I did it, when over the past couple months I’ve been struggling. However, I’m going to give it a shot again because at least it’ll force me to try to get all of my memories on Australia in print!

That is why today, you are getting my Food & Fitness Link-Up post instead of on Monday!

But first, just a little recap on last week and what I finally tried: Black Bean “Pasta”.

I decided to try it in this recipe for Southwestern Black Bean Pasta with Skinny Avocado Crema.

This is what it looked like:


Then I added the avocado crema, which came out thicker than I expected and became more of a dollop than a drizzle.


I didn’t go crazy over these black bean “noodles” like the majority of people did who reviewed them on line. I did like them just fine. Still, the texture was a little weird. It made sense because that texture was more like black beans. It’s just not what you expect for pasta.

I think the black bean “spaghetti” would taste better with more of a sauce. I kept adding more of that avocado crema, despite the fact that it wasn’t exactly my favorite either. It was a little too tangy for me. That could be because of the yogurt or the lemon juice. I even added a bit more olive oil to mellow it out.

This recipe made a ton of food! I didn’t use fresh corn, but frozen and I loved getting that hint of sweetness every couple of bites. The mushrooms were a nice touch, too. To be honest, I’d probably make this dish with just regular black beans! I’d make my own Power Bowl by topping some black beans with the veggie mixture from the recipe above, then sprinkle a little cheddar and top with some sliced avocado instead of the crema.

Rob took a taste and he liked the texture of the noodles even less than I did. But we both believe that with some sort of sauce, they could be much better.

I’m still going to try it the Black Bean Spaghetti with Red Curry Sauce recipe. And I may create my own with a garlic cream sauce as well.

And now for this week:



Last week went really well with us eating on our own. I loved being able to eat chicken at home. I made chicken thighs for the first time! This Pan-Roasted Chicken with Harissa Chickpeas dish was absolutely delicious. However, between the thighs (of which I only made half of the recipe) and the Southwestern Black Bean Spaghetti with Skinny Avocado Crema, it was so much food! I didn’t even make the Crockpot Chicken with Brussels Sprouts I had planned because I had so many leftovers.

Here are my plans for this week!



  • Leftovers
  • Snacks – Honeycrisp apples, nuts or string cheese and dark chocolate



  • Monday – Walk 1 hour OR Run 1 mile OR HIIT Run/Walk OR 30 min on recumbent bike.
  • Tuesday Walk 1 hour OR Run 1 mile OR HIIT Run/Walk OR 30 min on recumbent bike.
  • Wednesday – Walk 1 hour OR Run 1 mile OR HIIT Run/Walk OR 30 min on recumbent bike.
  • Thursday – REST
  • Friday – REST
  • Saturday – Walk 1 hour OR Run 1 mile OR HIIT Run/Walk OR 30 min on recumbent bike.
  • Sunday – Walk 1 hour OR Run 1 mile OR HIIT Run/Walk OR 30 min on recumbent bike.

I’m looking for some recipe suggestions for next week! When I went to visit my friend Stacy, she had an overabundence of winter squash. I took a few off her hands. I have a small butternut squash, a buttercup squash and an acorn squash.

Here are a couple of recipes I’m considering trying:

What are your favorite winter squash recipes?





The Most Underrated Pizza in the Twin Cities


While we were gallivanting about Nordeast Minneapolis one beautiful Saturday afternoon, we were in such of some grub. As we passed by Element Wood Fire Pizza, I wondered why I hadn’t heard of it before. As Rob drove, I looked up Element’s menu online. It sounded delicious. So tell me again, Why hadn’t I heard of this place before?

In the Twin Cities, we all know about Punch, about Black Sheep, about Pizzeria Lola, about Pizza Lucé. I’d never heard of Element. Maybe you have. Maybe I’m just clueless.

But when Rob’s first choice to dine didn’t pan out, I began reading him the menu from Element. He conceded {either because it sounded good to him, too, or he just wanted to shut me up.}

It’s a tiny joint with maybe a half of a dozen tables. I imagine that they get more to-go and Bite Squad orders. It’s located in a part of Nordeast where lots of condos and apartments are situated. I can imagine taking a short walk to pick up a wood-fired pizza like this any day!

You order at the counter. Once your pizza is assembled, they put it in the wood-fire oven. If you are eating in, take a seat. They’ll bring your pizza out when it’s ready.

photo 2

There are a few beers on tap, but we ordered a bottle of wine because their prices were very reasonable.

I loved the simple names of the types of pizzas on their menu. They follow the Element theme, too:

  • Element
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Earth
  • Nordeast – They had to make one of these, of course!

And there are many more. It was hard to choose. Rob first considered the Primo which was made with olive oil, mushrooms, garlic and mozzarella. He then decided against it because he thought that to make that one work, a pizzeria would have to do it really well and he wasn’t sure about this place yet. Instead, he chose the Nordeast.

Nordeast - sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms & oregano

Nordeast – sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms & oregano

The crust was perfectly done, especially for Rob, who doesn’t like the burnt bubbles on the crust edges found on many wood-fired pizzas. Everything had very good flavor! But then we tried mine…

Earth - artichokes, salami, garlic & basil

Earth – artichokes, salami, garlic & basil

I ordered this one because I fell in love with salami on pizzas when we were on The Honeymoon in Italy. I don’t see salami as a pizza topping option very often in the U.S.

Rob immediately had pizza remorse.

This one had even more flavor! The garlic and fresh basil did it. Rob was kicking himself because why on Earth {ha ha!} would he order a pizza without garlic?! I offered to share my pizza and all was right with the world. The salami was a little different and not as flavorful as I’ve had in Italy, but I wasn’t complaining. The pizza here is still underrated!

Of course, we took leftovers home. And I didn’t do the pizza the injustice of putting it in the microwave when we ate them. Instead, I set the oven to 350, brushed the crust with garlic olive oil and baked the slices for about five minutes or so. It was devine. And Rob got his garlic after all.

Sure, Pizzeria Lola is still our favorite. Punch still makes a killer classic Neapolitan. But Element is a pizzeria that shouldn’t be left in the dust. They use fresh ingredients and have pizzas with flavor. That impromptu visit was worth every morsel. Our only gripe? The wine was warm, almost hot. It’s hot in there with that pizza oven! A wine fridge may be in order.

In your opinion, what’s the most underrated restaurant where you live?




Pizzeria Lola


In December, I chose Pizzeria Lola for our girls’ dinner night out. The girls were kind enough to let my husband crash, too. I’d wanted to try Pizzeria Lola for a while, but I knew that I didn’t want to go with just Rob. A pizza place like this calls for a group so that you can try several pies!

*A special thanks to my friend Jen for the photos. I forgot my iPhone that night, so we used hers instead.*

We arrived pretty early on a weekend night and the place was already packed. Lola does not accept reservations nor call ahead seating. But they do deliver! We were led to the bar area where we could order a drink while we waited.

photo 1

There wasn’t a seat available, otherwise we would have eaten at the bar. The tap selection isn’t big, but the majority offered that night were local brews!
photo 2

There’s a very nice selection of wines, too.

It was hot in there with the pizza oven going full force in the middle of the room. At least we had a ledge to set our beer and/or water down while holding our jackets.

photo 1(1)

Quarters were cramped standing near the bar as people made their way down this hallway to get to the photo booth:

photo 3

For $3, you can get a ticket for a three-shot strip printed in duplicate – one to keep and one to hang on the wll at the pizzeria:

photo 5

We really didn’t wait that long. But even if we had, it’d be worth the wait! As we perused the menu, all of the pizzas sounded absolutely delicious. We finally decided that we would each select a different pizza, so we would have the opportunity to try four different ones.

I loved that we all had different mismatched plates, like the coffee mugs at The Lowry:


And now the reason we were there – The Pizzas:

My Sha-Roni!* house red sauce, mozzarella, natural-casing pepperoni & house-made fennel sausage 15

My Sha-Roni! – house red sauce, mozzarella, natural-casing pepperoni & house-made fennel sausage – $15

The Forager crimini, shitake, and portabella mushrooms, taleggio, fontina, tarragon & truffle oil 15.5

The Forager – crimini, shitake, and portabella mushrooms, taleggio, fontina, tarragon & truffle oil – $15.50

The Iowan La Quercia prosciutto, ricotta, mozzarella, garlic confit & arugula 15.5

The Iowan – La Quercia prosciutto, ricotta, mozzarella, garlic confit & arugula – $15.50

La Creme Italian red sauce, shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, cream, olive oil & basil 11

La Creme – Italian red sauce, shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, cream, olive oil & basil – $11

Every pizza was excellent and worth the price {unlike the ones we tried at The Mason Jar}. But, by the far, the favorite of the group was the La Creme. You can’t go wrong with that one!

We loved Pizzeria Lola so much that when Rob and I hosted New Year’s Eve at our place, Kim had the brilliant idea of ordering some Lola and picking up the pizzas to-go on the way over to our place. GENIUS! Happy New Year to us.

Oh… and don’t forget dessert. Kim was recommended the house-made soft serve drizzled with extra virgin olive oil by a friend. I thought it sounded weird…


photo 5(2)

House-made Soft Serve – Featured Flavor – Mexican Chocolate (left) and Vanilla with extra virgin olive oil and fleur de sel (right)

But it was soooo good! You must order it!

You won’t be disappointed if you visit Pizzeria Lola, even if you have to wait. Which, undoubtedly, you will.

Tip: It’s hot in there. But I’m sure the “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” policy applies. So dress in layers. I’m a freeze baby. But even I would consider wearing a tank top here in winter.

Over the few years it’s been in business, Pizzeria Lola has receive quite a few accolades. Best pizza in the Twin Cities? It has my vote. It doesn’t hurt that owner Ann Kim named it for her dog, too. 😉

What’s your favorite specialty pizza?

Ever have olive oil on your ice cream?



Twigs & Rocks


We had a girls’ dinner night out in Rochester a few weekends ago. Our friend Stacy gave us many choices of restaurants to try. Surprisingly, we did pretty well getting it narrowed down to one restaurant in particular:


Twigs Tavern & Grille intrigued us with its Hot Rock Grilling concept. It’s something I hadn’t heard of before. The owners of the restaurant brought back the idea after cooking on a hot rock at a restaurant in Spain.

I wanted to try this myself!

What’s more is that it is quite a healthy preparation. We’ve heard Hot Rock Grilling described as “fondue without the oil.” Basically, you cook your meat atop a 650-degree rock right at your table. I knew this is something I’d never be able to do with my husband. Rob thinks it silly to go to a restaurant and pay to cook your own food. 😉

So this was my chance…

Apparently, they like dogs here, because there are photos of them on the wall as well as one as part of the logo, holding a twig in his mouth.


We started with a bottle of Rosenblum Zinfandel. Just as I experienced the last time I dined in Rochester, some things are just cheaper than in the Twin Cities. Our bottle of red was just $23 for a perfectly decent wine!


And then there is the Hot Rock menu…


As you can see, there are three steps to placing your Hot Rock order:

  • Choose your meat – Stacy, Kim and I chose the Combo Platter for Two and the Shrimp to split amongst us so that we could try many different sources of protein. We were in a shrimp-sort-of-mood that night, so that’s where the extra shrimp came into play.
  • Choose your sauces – Since it was the three of us ordering, our server just brought us one of each sauce to try them all.
  • Choose your side – Ours consisted of veggies, cilantro white rice and sweet potato fries. We each ate one of them. It was just too difficult to share/split them with our small plates. Or maybe just too confusing that we didn’t think of it?

First, we received our rock, which looked like more of a slab of marble than an actual rock to me:


Then our raw meat arrived:


Combo Platter – 3 oz of each: Filet Mignon, Tavern Cut Steak, Babcock Pork, Scallops and Shrimp

We received our additional six ounces of shrimp, too. Then, we just put our meat atop the rock!


Interesting tidbit: You are not supposed to season the meat before grilling or the seasoning will burn. The sauces are meant to be the flavor boosters.

You flip your meat and cook to your desired doneness. Although I love, Love, LOVE scallops, I couldn’t get mine to cook evenly. My favorite ended up being the steak. The shrimp were excellent, too. And I adored the horseradish sauces.

But overall, it didn’t feel like enough food to me. We did each have about 7 ounces of meat and I had my side of cilantro rice and a pre-dinner roll. That seems like it should have been more than enough. But I was not satisfied. I’m not sure if that was the nature of the meal or if I just hadn’t really eaten much that day before venturing on our little road trip down to Rochester.

The one thing I knew, I was ready to get back to the house with the girls and indulge later in a little cider, wine and the cupcakes I had brought!

Stacy said that if we ever come back to Twigs, we need to try their regular menu. She’s had a few full-flavored items, like the Peri Peri Shrimp. The rest of the menu does intrigue me! There are a lot of unique dishes like the Babcock Pork Quinoa Chili and the Shrimp Nachos with Caribbean Jerk Sauce. Okay, now just thinking about this, I’ve got the urge to go back…

Tip: Twigs also offers an extensive gluten-free menu for those who are sensitive.

Have you ever done any Hot Rock Grilling when dining out?


The Bottle Room


Happy Wine Wednesday!


We found The Bottle Room completely by accident, as we were driving back to my parents house while there for a weekend in 2012. Rob spotted it and I took the roundabout all the way around to go back to it!

A wine bar?

In Green Bay?

photo 5

When I moved to the Twin Cities from Green Bay in 2002, there wasn’t even a coffee shop near my parents’ place. Not even a Starbucks in the entire city.

Now I can’t even think of a decent wine “South of the River” in the Minneapolis/St. Paul suburbs where we live. Not only was this wine bar in Green Bay, but it was just minutes away from where my parents lived.

While I was growing up, there wasn’t really anything nearby because we lived more on the outskirts of Green Bay near the villages of Howard and Suamico. Ordering pizza in was unheard of. But now, Lineville Road is lined with restaurants, grocery stores, multiple gas stations, an auto parts store, a Shopko, a bowling alley and now…


We walked in that evening to find a much larger than expected space filled with people, live music and great ambiance. We were highly impressed and felt instantly at ease…

We’ve been back to The Bottle Room every visit to Green Bay since then.

They have a lot to offer… For instance, their Wine Flights:

photo 1(1)

When I told my fellow Wineaux friend Jenny about this place, she knew she wanted to stop there when she came to town for a Packer Game. These next several photos are courtesy of her. {Thanks, Jenny!}

That night, most of the gang went with the wine flights.

Wine Flight Delivery...

Wine Flight Delivery…

My dad with his whites and Rob with his reds:

Jenny ordered a mixed flight of sorts that was available at the time:

That night, I wasn’t feeling the flights, so I went with a cocktail:


Can you guess which cocktail I enjoyed?

photo 3(2)

I like, too, that they offer liquor flights. What a better way to learn what you like than spend a ton of money on a bottle of liquor at a store.

And there is more to their menu than the usual run-of the mill wines. They do have some interesting lesser-known options.

photo 2(1)

But I do wonder how the business thrives here. The prices seem more on par with the Twin Cities, not those of Green Bay. I couldn’t imagine that a lot of people would pay these prices in this area. But the place was packed that first night we were there and when we went back with Jenny!

photo 5(3)

One of my favorite things to order here, though, is a flight of ports. It comes with a chocolate truffle!

photo 4(2)

Those truffles are sooooo good, that I’ve been known to just order a glass of port and a few truffles a la carte… 😉

photo 5(2)

But wait… There’s more….

They have a few ever-changing craft beer selections on tap, too:

You can even take home the draft beer in a refillable growler! There’s also an extensive list of beers by the bottle:

photo 4(1)

With over 75 wines and all of those beers, you’d think that’d be enough to be called The Bottle Room. But it is also a retail space. You can buy any of the wines that you liked to take home with you.

The selections line the wall:

photo 2(4)

There is food, too. They describe it as tapas-style. I wouldn’t go that far. It’s more a selection of small plates, mini pizzas and sandwiches.

photo 4(3)

Rob adored the Truffle Pizza on our first visit so much that he was disappointed that he tried the Old World Pepperoni the next time. Besides $14 – $15 is a lot for such a small pizza. I mean, even we wouldn’t pay that in the Twin Cities.

photo 3(3)

One day, as I was thumbing through an issue of Wine Spectator Magazine, I saw The Bottle Room listed with an Award of Excellence! If I remember correctly, it was noted as a new wine bar and a new winner of that award. I wasn’t surprised.

I dream of having a place like this “South of the River!”

I only have one gripe about The Bottle Room. We visited one afternoon with my mom and were the only people there. My mom ordered a cup of coffee. When she finished her cup, she had to ask for a refill. When we got our bill, they charged her for two coffees for a total of $6. That just seems kind of ridiculous to me. They had to brew the pot regardless if she had one cup or two. It wasn’t like it was an espresso or specialty coffee.

Still, we’ll continue to return because we love the selection and ambiance and don’t know how long The Bottle Room will thrive in this market. We sure hope it does. It’s a little slice of heaven in Green Bay, if you ask me…

Do you have a favorite wine bar near you?

What’s the best wine bar you’ve ever experienced?




Yes, our once-per-month girls’ dinners out are the best because we rotate who chooses the restaurant. It’s almost always something new to us. In January, Kim chose the Mill Valley Kitchen. In February, Jen suggested Vivo in Apple Valley, which now occupies the old Enjoy! digs.

What does Vivo mean?

From their website:

In a home, the kitchen is the spot where families gather, parties migrate, and food draws friends around. That’s also the spirit of Vivo kitchen: we are a place to come as you are. We use local, seasonal ingredients to prepare food that’s delicious without being mysterious.* Vivo translates as “life” — and that is what we want every guest to experience to the fullest. We look you in the eyes, care for you personally, and make you feel as welcome as if you are in our home. Because, for us, a kitchen is the heart of a home — and great hospitality is the heartbeat.

The space was only updated a bit. Gone was the Tuscan feel of the restaurant. In were shapes and flowers. It’s a little strange; but I always love the concept of fresh, seasonal and local ingredients.

Jen tried to make a reservation, but there weren’t any available. We decided to meet at 5:30 on Saturday night, intending to wait at the bar if need be.

But there was an hour and a half wait!

Boy, was this place popular. And I don’t think it had even been open for a full month! The bar was completely full, too. The only thing we could find was a table top with an awkward pole in the middle of it, which made it hard for the three of us to even talk face-to-face. We barely ordered our drinks when we saw three seats at the bar open up and snagged them as quickly as we could.

It was Happy Hour (every day from 3p – 6p), so a cocktail was in order!

4 or A nge b L ossom sparkling wine, orange bitters, st germain elderflower liqueur

Orange Blossom – sparkling wine, orange bitters, st germain elderflower liqueur

I never go wrong with a St. Germain – bubbly cocktail! We also ordered an appetizer from the Happy Hour menu to start. It was highly recommended by our bartender.

Ahi tun A crisps spicy mayo, avocado, sweet soy, sesame

Ahi Tuna Crisps – spicy mayo, avocado, sweet soy, sesame

He was right. They were soooo good! But don’t be thrown off by the “mayo” in this dish. You’d be surprised how many dishes these days have mayo “sauces.” Here, they just didn’t use the fancy buzz word: aioli. And people, don’t be fooled. Ail is the French word for garlic. Aioli is just garlic mayo. Get it? Got it? Good. The mystery is forever solved.

Jen started with a the side salad version of my dinner (see below) and then chose this flat bread:

Wild Mushroom mozzarella, gruyere, brie, truf e oil 11 Flatbread

Wild Mushroom Flat Bread – mozzarella, gruyere, brie, truffle oil

I tried a piece and loved that the flavors were so subtle!

Kim’s dish:

Pesto Crusted Seabass white & wasabi mashed potatoes, crispy fried onions, thai chili beurre blanc 28 Ciao Baby organic greens, pine nuts, local goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette 6 / 10

Pesto Crusted Seabass – white & wasabi mashed potatoes, crispy fried onions, thai chili beurre blanc

The mashed potatoes aren’t pictured in the photo because Kim substituted a Ciao Baby Side Salad with organic greens, pine nuts, local goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. The seabass was perfectly cooked and seasoned. Kim loved it!

I was in the mood for a salad:

Rocket apples, arugula, spinach, lavender vinaigrette, spiced pecans, local blue cheese 7.5 / 13 + grilled chicken breast 4

Rocket Salad – apples, arugula, spinach, lavender vinaigrette, spiced pecans, local blue cheese {I added grilled chicken breast}

This salad had everything I loved, but they may have sold me on the lavender vinaigrette. But it was a bit overdressed. The chicken was the perfect addition to the salad.

Believe it or not, we didn’t have room for dessert.

I’m looking forward to going back again because there are so many interesting things on the menu I’d like to try… Not only the dishes, but I’ve been wanting to learn about Bourbon. And they have a Bourbon Flight. I think that’s a great place to start.

When a new restaurant opens up are you the first to give it a try or do you like to wait until they have their “kinks” worked out?


A Perfect Meal


Have I ever mentioned how much I love Girls’ Dinner Night Out?! It’s the perfect opportunity not only to try restaurants with girlfriends, but we often end up at places that Rob would have no interest in a;sdjlfalksdjdining.

Enter Mill Valley Kitchen

photo 4

Located in St. Louis Park, Mill Valley Kitchen is a restaurant I had not heard of yet! When we asked Kim how she found it, she said, “Open Table,” which is an online restaurant reservation service. I always forget to look there. It’s a unique and innovative place if you ask me!

From MVK’s website:

Mill Valley Kitchen is a restaurant and bar featuring Northern California inspired cuisine served in a comfortable and refined setting. We use fresh, local and sustainably sourced ingredients to create our menu, and we include nutritional information for each menu item. Our light and flavorful cuisine is designed to enhance the healthy lifestyles of our guests.

photo 3

Items on the menu are listed with nutrition facts: calories | fat | carbs | fiber | protein. Vegan (v) and gluten-free (gf) dishes are also noted.

I ordered a glass of bubbly rosé because it is not often that you find one from France’s Loire Valley on a menu by-the-glass, much less for $7.

Carousel Rosé, Loire Valley - $7

Carousel Rosé – Loire Valley, France – $7

By the suggestion of our server, both Jen and I started with the Orange Salad:

Orange Salad - baby greens, pomegranate, pistachio, feta

Orange Salad – baby greens, pomegranate, pistachio, feta

I absolutely adored this salad. It was so refreshing and the perfect way to start a meal. Alas, as I look at their menu right now, the Orange Salad is no where to be seen. Farm-to-table restaurants are both a blessing and a curse. 😉

Kim also ordered a salad:


Baby Kale Salad – manchego, pine nuts, lemon-chili vinaigrette

Let me stress that I think these salads appear bigger in the photos than they actually are. They were the perfect portion sizes pre-entree. Speaking of entrees, the menu item that I found online that I was considering was not available. But something else caught my eye…

photo 2(1)

I am a huge scallop fan, especially if it isn’t prepared with bacon. And they were offering one prepared with lavender? Sign me up!

Seared Scallops - sweet potato, fennel, edamame, lavender

Seared Scallops – sweet potato, fennel, edamame, lavender

This dish just sang to me! The scallops were perfectly seared and the combination of flavors was thrilling. And yes, that is popcorn on the plate! It added a little bit of crunch.

Jen nibbled on a Spinach, Chevre & Sweet Onion Flatbread to which she added Shrimp. Kim chose the Sea Bass, which I believe is the miso-glazed one on the menu at the time of this writing.

And because we saw some miniature desserts being brought to other tables, we knew that this was a place where we absolutely had room for dessert and coffee!

photo 3(1)

Each miniature dessert was served in something slightly larger than a shot glass – the perfect size! I went with the Triple Chocolate – duh! And of course, I loved the mousse-y goodness. However, they also had a Carrot Cake miniature that night. Since that is one of Jen’s favorites, it was an easy choice for her. That one was topped with a bit of candied ginger.

Kim chose the gluten-free Chocolate Brownie, which was actually two brownies. They were dense, so good thing it came with a side of milk!

photo 2(3)


For me, this was the perfect meal.

Because it was so busy the night we dined there, our only complaints were about where we were seated – in the bar area. We had reservations and arrived a bit late, but we called ahead. Normally, I don’t mind sitting in the bar area at all. But the chairs were uncomfortable. And because the place was so busy, there were people standing up between the tables sipping drinks, almost on top of us. Some were so loud that we couldn’t hear our own conversation.

What I did like is that they had their one TV tuned to The Cooking Channel, rather than sports. Although it was changed to hockey later. Hey, we live in Minnesota!

photo 1(1)

I sat back and thought about if I’d ever take Rob to Mill Valley Kitchen. Normally, it wouldn’t really be his sort of thing. I mean, because there are no fryers in the joint, burgers are even served with greens. {<–My kind of thing!} But the beef would be grass-fed and high quality.

My thought would be to take him on a Monday during Happy Hour. From 3p – 6p and 9p – close, all burgers are $5. That’s a steal because that even includes their $14 Bison Burgers. And Mondays are half-price bottle of wine night!

When and where have you had a perfect meal?