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Couch to 5k – Week 1


Ease into 5k…

That is what our App is called. But I’m not feeling like I’m easing. This is much harder than I remember. Well, I remember the Couch to 5k being difficult having never been a runner before. But having run several 5ks last year, I didn’t think it’d be THIS hard.

What’s more is that when, a little over a week ago, I was finishing the last two legs of my LOST Running series on the treadmill and in the Color Run, I did throw a little bit of running in there. And it felt GREAT! I couldn’t wait to get started with the Couch to 5k again. It’s been seven months since I’d last run and four + months since my back surgery.

For those of you who may be new to running, for those of you runners who can offer any advice and for my own journaling purposes, I’m going to post this Couch to 5k experience each week, recapping the week before. Here goes!

Couch to 5k – Week 1

My husband decided that he wanted to give the Couch to 5k a try himself. He thought it would be fun to run together. I agreed.

Day 1 – Monday

  • 5 minute warm-up
  • Run 60 seconds, Walk 90 seconds X 9
  • 5 minute cool-down

Getting ready for a run always seems to take me a bit longer than I expect. I sometimes dilly-dally when I’m getting dressed, getting my iPhone and earbuds ready, etc. I’m not sure why this is. On our first run out, we tried to get our Apps in sync so that we’d be running at the same time. Sure, we could have just used one and done it together, but I didn’t know if we’d stick together.

Good thing.

On the first “Run” prompt, Rob darted off way ahead of me. Now, it took me a longĀ time to fancy myself a runner. I’ve always been slow. But slow is better than nothing. At first, his darting ahead got to me. How can he go so fast when he hasn’t done any running in many years? In fact, I don’t remember any time he’s run since I’ve known him.

Then I had to remind myself that I need to stop comparing. I had just healed from back surgery. I need to take this thing slow. I need to ease back into running. This is about my progress. Also, I didn’t want him to back off because of me.

In fact, after that first running interval, he turned around and walked back toward me. “No!” I yelled, “You’ll mess up your route!” What I meant by this is that the App prompts you when you are half way done, so all that you need to do is turn around and head back where you started. That wouldn’t be the case if he was backtracking.

Still, I made a point to tell him that he should run the pace with which he feels comfortable and not hold back to stick with me. I wanted him to benefit from the program and get out as much of it as he could, too.

The funny thing? Rob didn’t turn around at the half-way mark, but I kept trailing behind him anyway. And somehow, someway, with the route he picked, we made it home almost exactly at the end of the cool down segment. How’d he do that?

photo 1I’m taking the mileages and paces with a grain of salt, here. I know how GPS apps can be inconsistent. However, this is the indicator that my workout is complete! I did run harder than what I normally would have because I was trailing Rob. He was running them like true intervals, meaning running hard during the “run” portion, not just jogging.

Day 2 – Thursday

  • (Same as Day 1)

On day 2, it was 96 degrees. I thought we might get to test out our new treadmill and run separately, indoors. However, Rob suggested we run at park near us. I couldn’t believe my ears when he said that. Rob hates being outside when it’s this hot and now he wanted to run?! I made sure to hydrate myself appropriately.

It was a great idea! The random paths at the park were short and we just made our own routes, returning to the car at the same time. Because of the trees, we were in the shade much of the time and there was a slight breeze. I actually enjoyed it. And I felt great afterward, despite the heat! This app lets you input a journal entry at the end of each run:

photo 2

Day 3 – Saturday

  • (Same as Day 1 & 2)

In general, we had planned to do our Saturday morning runs outside of the neighborhood. We know that there are plenty of lakes, parks and trails in the Twin Cities and we plan to take advantage of them! However, this Saturday, we were a little slow-moving. After coffee and a walk to the Farmer’s Market, we decided just to stick close to home.

Again, I was pushing it a little harder than normal because Rob was in the distance. {That will end up being a great training tool!} This time, I really started to lose steam by the last running interval. I think I need to find a slower pace as the running intervals get longer.

photo 4If the mileages and paces are anywhere near correct, it looks like I made a little progress! But again, I’ll take those with a grain of salt.

Week 1 Complete!

Do you prefer to run/workout with others or by yourself and why?