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A Jersey Boy


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Ever since the pooches received their last BarkBox, there is one toy with which Shamrock has been obsessed:

photo 1(10)

That BarkBox was Game Day themed. And boy does Shamrock love that jersey! I love the fact that it is green for our little Shamrock. and also that it has a “B” on it. Bugaboo is our other little nickname for Sham.

photo 2(10)

It’s just adorable how he chews at it so carefully. One Sunday morning, we were getting geared up to watch The Pack on TV. Rob turned on a pre-game show. Shamrock came trotting in with his Jersey and started nibbling! It seems he always pulls it out when we’ve got football on. I know it’s purely coincidental. But we love it just the same.

But remember, that’s his jersey. So don’t touch it!

photo 3(8)

Have a great football-filled weekend!