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Block Pawty


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday


I am so incredibly sad.

This little girl…


… will no longer play with this little guy…


This has been the case ever since we got her wart removed. One of the reasons we got it removed was so that they could play happily without scratching it and making it bleed.

Now they don’t play at all.

I am not sure what happened. Did they get into a fight while we were out one day? Sometimes, if there is food involved, these two will get into a vicious-sounding, but virtually harmless battle in which we have to tear them apart. I wonder if that could have happened when we were not home?

Shamrock has tried to paw at Sophie to play, but she either walks away or snaps at him. I’ve tried to “make” them play {silly me}, but that only resulted in one of the viscous-sounding attack fights noted above.

I thought this meant Sophie might be in pain or ill. You know, a change in behavior can be a sign. However, she is back to playing with toys. She really hasn’t played with toys since we adopted Sham and she started using him as her play thang. They played All. The. Time.

It’s disheartening.

But they are both still loving their BarkBox. If they had known that it was about to arrive, they could have invited some friends to a Block Pawty! {Ha, ha! This month’s theme.}


But would they really share this month’s contents?


Their friend Finnegan just happened to visiting when it arrived. Finn was more than happy to take advantage of run off with the ice cream toy and take advantage of its wondrous squeaker!


It was his favorite toy for the rest of his stay. {Well, maybe it remained second to Wooly Bully!} 

Of course, the treats have been tested and are S & S approved! So if your pup wants a monthly BarkBox, join here. You’ll get a free box added to your plan and will add an extra to Sophie & Sham’s, too!

Happy Saturday!



Sophie & Shamrock Travels


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Generally speaking, Shamrock and Sophie Jean travel well in the car. When we make the trip to see Rob’s parents’ in lower Michigan, we stop at my parents’ place in Green Bay for a night on the way. This breaks up the trip into two sections: four hours to Green Bay and then seven hours to Michigan.

Back when we had Benny Bear, Sophie Jean would sit on my lap during the drive, while he sat in the backseat. When Shamrock came along, he wanted to sit on my lap, too. It was bad enough that Sophie Jean’s nails dug into my lap and I couldn’t do anything other than hold her during those long trips. But now, two dogs on my lap?


I knew it was unsafe, too. So I ordered me one of these car seat covers for dogs:

IMG_3401It’s made hammock-style so that the pooches can’t come in front. However, sometimes they are sneaky and make their way up to me. Like in this photo where Shamrock is attempting to do so:


Hey, Shamrock, if you are tired, why don’t you sleep in the back?

When that happens, I’ve been diligent about putting them right back where they came from. Sophie hates it. She wants to be by her momma, especially since that is what she was used to for the past ten years. I sort of feel bad, but I sort of don’t.

I can actually look at a magazine now.

When we are close to arrival, just turning onto either our parents’ roads or on our own road on the way home, that’s when we let them up front. It’s only fair when we are teasing them with the phrase, “Where are weeeee???!!”

The dogs don’t love the car seat cover, but we do.

Still, Shamrock looks pretty happy – like he’s laughing – here:


How do you travel with your pets?

Happy Saturday!


At the Lake…


Shamrock & Sophie Saturday

Wow, does time fly. I haven’t been able to keep up since we got back from visiting Rob’s parents in Michigan! While there, Rob brought back one of Benny’s favorite games – chase the bobber. Shamrock has grown to love it now that Benny has passed on…

NOTE: There is no hook on this line! We don’t want to put our little Bugaboo in danger! 😉


Hopefully I can resume normal blogging next week. I have so much to share!

Happy Saturday!


Miss Lyla


Shamrock & Sophie Saturday

Shamrock and Sophie are hosting another friend this weekend!

Meet Lyla…


Lyla is an Italian Rat. Haha! She is a mixed breed dog with some Italian Greyhound and some Rat Terrier {I hope I got that right!} with, perhaps a blend of another breed or two. Check out those ears!


Miss Lyla is still a little playful puppy that has made both us realize that Shamrock has surpassed his puppyhood! Lyla gives him a run for his money.

Isn’t she a doll?!


She adores toys, as every little pup should.


She loves to play tug and fetch, too! {That’s something neither of our pooches do very well.}


And she loves to tear toys apart and rip all of the stuffing out! It’s so fun to watch! Here’s a bit of the aftermath…


Rob is so happy to lighten Sophie and Sham’s overflowing toy bucket! I have been hoarding those for far too long…

At night, Lyla likes to cuddle up under the covers to go to sleep. The first time she did this, Sophie watched her with utter confusion. Her eyes followed the bump that was Lyla as she made her way down to my feet.


Our family dog while I was growing up, Jerry, loved to sleep under the covers, too. It’s their short coats that make them want to get all warm and toasty! Our furry children could never handle that…

Then during the day, there sure has been a lot playing going on in our backyard!

Lyla seems to feel right at home chez Sham & Sophie, but I know she has two loving parents who miss her dearly!

Happy Saturday!




Falling in Love with Fall


It’s been a beautiful fall. I love the view from our backyard.


The past couple of years we’ve had a short to non-existent fall season here. It would go from summer to winter in about a week with no chance for the leaves to change color properly. It made the winters even more long and unbearable. But this year has been an exceptional year for color changing!

Shamrock told us that he and Sophie wanted to go for a walk and enjoy the foliage, too.


We obliged. It is Sophie & Shamrock Saturday, after all!


And today was the perfect, cool, football-weather morning to take the dogs for a walk.


Only these photos don’t even do the true colors justice.


Soon, all of these leave will have fallen…


…And it will become colder than in the movie Frozen. I’m feeling grateful for every moment of fall because I’m not like Elsa. The cold really does bother me. But I still refuse to wear a winter coat until November.

Happy Fall!