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Let’s Play


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Since Sophie stopped playing with Shamrock, there hasn’t been a whole lot of playing going on in our house. Well, Sham likes to chase Ball and nibble on random toys, while Sophie shakes up Blue Kitty; but there is no Together Play.

But when Gidgie Gumee visited this past week, guess what happened? Gidgie’s rollin’ around got Sham to┬ástart playing… {No sound required.}


Then, there was the most incredible doggie tap dance I’ve ever seen… {Sound makes this one even better!}


I will spare you the eight other videos I took of all the playing that took place, even the one where Sophie stepped in… not to play, but to break it up!

I think she was jealous… Because she finally initiated a little play with Sham again! It’s not full-throttle play like the past, but it’s a start!

Hooray! It’s been way too long. Happiness all around!

Happy Saturday!