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I don’t even know where last week went.

Yes, I do. I spent it sleeping, for the most part.

I don’t remember the last time I slept so much in my life.

I felt like I was hit by a truck with this cold. I’d go into work and suddenly become woozy. Then I went home. It happened every day last week.

Then the uncontrollable cough hit. Bronchitis? Perhaps.

Then the aches, the weakness, the hot and cold factor. The flu? Maybe.

I drank my fluids.

I slept. A lot. 

I thought that after taking a four hour nap in the afternoon, I would have trouble going to bed and sleeping through the night.

I didn’t.

I’m feeling much better now.

I have a feeling that nasty cough is going to stick with me for a while.

But as long as I continue to drink my fluids and get my sleep, I’ll make it through.

I’m not as productive as I would be if my health was 100%.

But I am alive and I have that to be grateful for today.

Besides, snuggles with my little Sophie Jean have increased.


And who can complain about that?

Cheers to your health!

4 Tips for Falling Back to Sleep {Food & Fitness Link-Up}


Do you remember my post on Sleep several weeks ago?

Well, I used to be one of those of those people who could fall asleep anywhere. I could take a nap in a room full of people. I could sleep in a car, on a bus, on a plane. Maybe that’s because I was so tired all the time. I used to think it was inherited from my mom’s side of the family.

But as I age, it’s not quite as easy anymore. And if I wake up during the night, it’s often hard to fall back to sleep. Sometimes, VERY Difficult. I find myself thinking about all the things I need to get done. I thought this would change after I scaled back to one job. But that isn’t the case. I’ve just found new things to “need” to do.

But I’ve recently discovered a few tips:

How to Fall Back to Sleep During the Night:

  • Put a pen and notepad next to your bed. If you find yourself thinking of all of the things you need to remember to do, make a list. You won’t have to worry about forgetting them.
  • Gratitude. Instead of thinking what you think you need to do, think of things for which you are grateful. You can even number them, as if you are counting sheep. This one will make you feel really great when you wake up. It’s kind of like in college when I studied for a test right before bed. I retained it so much better.
  • Set your alarm, but put a piece of paper over the face or turn the clock around to hide the numbers.  This is one of my new favorites that I read in a magazine! If you wake up during the night, don’t look at the clock. Trust that your alarm will wake you when you need to be. I’ve found that when I can’t go back to sleep, I start to count the hours I’m missing and it makes me feel worse that I can’t get back to sleep! Not knowing is so much better.
  • If all else fails, get up. Do that thing that you want to get done and be productive rather than just thinking about it. Even if you end up tired the next day, at least you accomplished something.

Now it’s time…




  • Monday – I’m getting my hair done, so I’m probably going to come home and make myself some Tilapia with tomatoes. I mean, really… How could I go wrong?
  • Tuesday – English Muffin Pizzas – Yes, these have been on the menu for the last couple weeks, but they always got bumped out. Will this be the week? I hope so, because they are up first.
  • Wednesday – Zoodles with Meat Sauce. Or noodles. Depends if I can pick up some good zukes.
  • Thursday – Rob’s co-workers have a BINGO night every couple months and sometimes I join them.
  • Friday – Poker night!
  • Saturday – I have an idea where we may be taking some friends…
  • Sunday – TBD


  • Leftovers
  • Quick & Easy Bowls! I’ve got some leftover rice and a leftover partial can of tomatoes. This will be so easy. Open a can of black beans and I can make a usual taco salad of sorts.
  • I have fruit as well as nuts as snacks. And of course, my daily dose of dark chocolate.


  • I have a couple of options available and will make them depending on what I am in the mood/have time for each day:
    • PB Toast
    • Granola with milk


  • It’s been six weeks! I have been able to stuff my toe into a shoe, although it doesn’t feel 100% normal. I might give walking on the treadmill a try. If that’s not an option… There are others! See below
  • Post-back surgery PT exercises until I get strong enough to move into more yoga.
  • Recumbent bike – With a broken toe, I need to stay off the treadmill for a few more weeks. Although I did do a lot of walking on the golf course. The toe isn’t well enough to fit into a real shoe yet. {I’m still wearing the boot.} But it is feeling better every day!

What is your best tip for falling asleep  in the middle of the night?


How Much Do You Sleep? {Food & Fitness Link-Up}


I am one of those people who needs sleep. In that I don’t function well. I get crabby…

And we know that sleep is vital to our health. But why is it that I know so many people who are seemingly fit or healthy that seem to pride themselves on functioning on little sleep?

I used to be that person.

I recently read an article that teenagers should get about 10 hours of sleep per night. I most certainly didn’t get that as a teenager. I worked the maximum hours possible, allowed by law, for a kid in high school. I had something going pretty much every night of the week, whether if be working or academics. I often didn’t start my homework until late at night and usually went to bed about 11:30pm. But then I’d get up at 5:30am to start it all over again.

I had a social life, too, often staying out late because I didn’t really have a curfew. Then I’d get up early again on the weekends to attend a Forensics Tournament miles and miles away. I thought I needed to do all of these things to get into and afford college.

This wasn’t a good habit to have formed.

College was a little better. Because I knew I liked my sleep, I didn’t schedule any classes before 9:30am and I didn’t work as much the first year.

But in the summer, I often had two jobs and somehow this continued… even after college. Then it just became life for me as I mentioned here.

As part of my self-care theme this year, I’m not only trying to slow down, but also focus on getting more sleep.

And while I’m not a parent myself, I know there are plenty out there (especially those of newborns) who only wish they could get more sleep! I especially liked this couple’s attempt to do so!

But other than that, when did it become a thing of pride to thrive on little sleep?

In American society, we are all familiar with busy schedules. We go, go, go… And most of us don’t make sleep a priority. We think that because we are busy, we are being productive. But that isn’t always the case. Especially not when it comes to health.

I once read on a magazine cover, “Sitting is the New Smoking.” I didn’t read the article, but that title has stuck with me. And I think as a society, we are becoming much more aware of the importance of activity in our lifestyles.

I’m only hoping that we can one day put the same importance on sleep.

Because you can’t make up that missed sleep.





There aren’t many days available to cook this week, so here is what I’m thinking…



  • I have a couple of options available and will make them depending on what I am in the mood/have time for each day:
    • PB Toast
    • Granola with milk


  • I didn’t do my post-back surgery PT exercises every day last week, but I did feel great on the days I did! I’m planning to continue them until I get stronger and then move right into more yoga.
  • I tried the recumbent bike last week. My doc said it was okay as long as it’s not putting any pressure on nor whacking my toe. The bike has caused my back to hurt in the past. So I started with an easy 5 minutes – barefoot. When that felt okay, I went to 10. I’m going to continue on the bike slowly increasing speed and increments of time.

Something is better than nothing!

How much sleep do you get?

How do you make sure you get enough?