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A New Morning Ritual + Smoothie Faves


There’s something I’ve been doing nearly every morning for the past several months…

Drinking hot lemon water

I’ve read about so many benefits of doing this…

…But ultimately, it has become a comforting morning ritual for me!

Here is what I do:

  • Heat a mug of water for 1 minute. {When I make tea, I heat a mug of water for 2 minutes.} I have a friend that just fills her mug with warm water from the tap.
  • Juice 1/2 of a lemon and pour into mug of hot water.

I use a citrus juicer like this that catches the seeds:

juicerA couple of weeks ago, when my in-laws were in town, I had my husband pick up a bag of lemons when I knew they were going to Costco. These lemons are HUGE!


I decided to slice one into thirds for my morning lemon water:


That middle one got more than a little messy. Now, I cut each lemon into four wedges and just squeeze one wedge into the mug with my hand. I can handle a few lemon seeds! But for regular-sized lemons, just juice 1/2 lemon and save the other half for the next day. So simple.


Oh, and as promised, of the 15 new smoothies I tried here, here and here, these are the ones I’d make again:

  • Green Monster Smoothie from Iowa Girl Eats – Very much like my Magic Green Smoothie, but with the added protein of Greek Yogurt
  • Dana’s Mango Smoothie from $5 Dinners – But only when I have juice in the house, which is rare. But it’s so tasty!
  • Coffee Smoothie from Snack Girl – So easy and a great use for leftover coffee!
  • Raspberry Grapefruit Smoothie from The Iron You – The prettiest smoothie ever! I love raspberries, too. But I’d probably have this as a refreshing summer snack, perhaps after a run or on a hot day on the deck, rather than at breakfast.
  • Avocado Smoothie from Chocolate Covered Katie – I’ve found that avocado in smoothies can make them so much creamier; but I also found that there needs to be the right balance or it’ll taste more like I’m drinking guacamole. This one’s a winner in my book. I’d like to rename it Avocado Milk.
  • Best 3-Ingredient Avocado Smoothie from Omnivore’s Cookbook – Another avocado one I liked and so easy!
  • Chocolate Green Smoothie from Greatist – This is a winner when I’m craving something chocolaty.
  • Tropical Green Smoothie from Simply Recipes – Yes, whisk me away to a tropical destination – stat!

And a few more links on how to make the perfect smoothie:


What are your morning rituals?