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Sophie Jean Fell off the Bed!


Sophie and Shamrock Saturday


{Photo Source: Sitters & Friends Sally & Ryan}

Tuesday night, in the middle of the night, our dear Sophie Jean fell out of bed. Yes, our dogs sleep with us. Yes, I know it’s not the best thing for any of us.

I didn’t even hear it. In fact, I only woke to the light on in the bedroom and my husband walking around and had to ask him what was going on.

“Sophie fell out of the bed. She can barely walk. She’s limping. She may have bruised or broken her leg.”

And it was true. She limped. We had to take her outside and set her on the grass to do her business. But that was difficult since she couldn’t put any weight on her front right paw. Poor Jean!

I felt so bad for her. I couldn’t get her an appointment to see the vet until 2pm on Wednesday. When I went home from work to pick her up, she almost seemed worse.

She still limped when we got to the vet; but she was also shaking pretty badly because she hates it there. But all the while the doctor pulled and prodded at her limp leg, she didn’t make a sound. We were hoping to find out where it hurt her the most so that they could localize where they could take x-rays.

That didn’t happen. And by the time we left, she was putting a little pressure on her paw, as if to say,

“See, Momma! I’m fine! I don’t need to be here. Let’s just go home.”

We decided to give her some pain meds and anti-inflammatories and re-evaluate the x-rays in a few days. In the meantime, little Jean was confined to a kennel during the night and when we were away at work. She hasn’t been in a kennel since she was a pup; but it was a good way to keep her in one place and to stop her from getting up on the furniture and jumping down.

Luckily, by Thursday night, Sophie seemed good as new!

I canceled the x-ray appointment and am continuing to restrict her activity just in case it’s the pain meds that are making her feel like she can do anything. I am so glad she hasn’t broken anything!

In the meantime, something came to our door to distract us…

That’s right, it’s the monthly BarkBox!


The dogs know the word BarkBox as well as they know outside, treat, bu-bye and walk.

Here’s this month’s loot:


The little to-go container of treats was helpful when I took Sophie to the vet. I gave her a few to distract her so she wouldn’t try to jump up and down on the bench like she always does there when she is nervous. I didn’t want her to make her paw/leg worse!

These treats have become our new breakfast treats:


We only feed our dogs in the evening; so in the morning they get a few breakfast treats. We use these bigger treats for breakfast and smaller “trainer” treats as rewards.

Shamrock usually goes straight for the toys in the box, but he didn’t seem too fond of the Peekaboo-Hoo this month.

I think it is the hat that freaks him out. When we first rescued him, he was afraid of all men, especially if one was wearing a hat.

I am quite thankful that Sophie seems to be doing better; but I think the pooches are grateful that they are still receiving their BarkBoxes! Click here if you’d like to get your pooch a BarkBox. The link will add a free box to your subscription and to Sophie and Sham’s!

Happy Saturday!


Last Weekend


Sophie and Shamrock Saturday


Why does summer always go by so fast?!

I hope if you are one of those teachers who doesn’t have to work in the summer that you are taking full advantage! My work days have felt so long this summer. They go by faster because they are busier than ever this year; but it also takes me a while to come down from them when I come home.

Still, I fill my weekends with friends and fun!

Last weekend, after our Thursday night concert and trip to Saffron, Sophie and Sham had a little visitor:


Yes, Miss Lyla stayed with us while her daddies went up north. Rob was happy knowing that Lyla would be sifting through Sophie and Sham’s overflowing toy bin and would find plenty of toys to destroy!


I sent the above photo to her daddies and was asked what the death toll was! Ha! There is no counting when there is fun! Also, Sophie and Sham have way too many toys. So they served their purpose for Lyla to tear apart and then for us to finally get a rid of a few.

Besides, it’s really hard to say, “no” to this a-dog-able face that just wants you to throw the Newspaper toy…

One. More. Time.


The rest of last weekend was so beautiful that after another trip to Lake & Irving, we took a nice stroll around Lake of the Isles. I had no idea how peaceful it can be on a Friday night!


Then, Saturday included the racking of our second batch of homemade wine


…followed by a Minnesota History Bootleggers Tour. {More on that in a future post!} And Sunday you already know… It was that little trip to Hudson.

Summer is ending soon… {Okay, we shouldn’t even talk about it.} But as Minnesotans, we try not to take one moment of beautiful weather for granted.

Are you making the most of your summer?

What is in store for you this weekend?




Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

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Yes, these two are my babies. {Pronounced Bay-Bayz!} I’d do just about anything for them. They bring so much joy and laughter to our lives. I think they would say the same about their monthly BarkBox.

This month, because it’s July in Minnesota, we opened the BarkBox out on the deck.


The contents are circus themed!


But there is something that already jumped out of this box…


This is the Bearded Lady


Ever since we adopted Shamrock, Sophie hasn’t really played with toys much. I firmly believe that is because Shamrock is now her toy! Berfore that she had always played with toys on her own because she and Benny were never playmates.  😦 However, Sophie and Sham play All. The. Time. It’s wonderful. But that means Sham is the one that usually plays with the toys now.

However, out of the blue, the day after we got the BarkBox, Sophie grabbed Bearded Lady and started shaking her up! She used to like to find the squeaker in toys, but this toy is a little different. It’s not one you squeeze, but shake to make more of a giggle sound. It was confusing her, but she had no problem pawing at it and throwing it around!

Then, of course, there are the treats, the most beloved part of the BarkBox.

Now, I need to pick up some baby carrots to try out the Veggot.

Think your pup would love a BarkBox? Sign up via Sophie & Sham’s link and BOTH you and they will get a free month added to your plan!

Happy Saturday!


The Cuddle Alarm


Sophie and/or Shamrock Saturday

I am not a morning person. I never have been and don’t expect I ever will be. When the alarm goes off, I’m a multiple snoozer. I need time to slowly wake up.

Somewhere along the way, Sophie has come to learn this, too.

Enter the Cuddle Alarm:


When Sophie hears the alarm, she gets up from wherever on the bed she was sleeping and comes up next to me, nestling herself either in the crook of my neck or armpit.


Then she demands belly rubs.


You don’t understand how blessed I am that this is the way I get to wake up in the morning!


We call it the Cuddle Alarm. You all should have one.

Happy Saturday!



What our kids did…


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

While we were on our North Shore Craft Brewery Tour last Saturday, we were so lucky to drop off the dogs at the Buggles‘ house for an overnight stay! Sally and Ryan were more than happy to watch them. I am so grateful that we could make this long day trip happen because of them!

This was Sham & Sophie’s first overnight trip chez Cleopatra and Da Vinci; but they’ve been there before on occasion.

Like that time when Sophie was eyeing me…

FullSizeRenderBecause she wanted the wine!

FullSizeRender (1)

Wait… How did she get up there?

And they did just fine {or so I’m told!} while we were gone. I truly hope that they behaved! Sally sent some photos during the day. They has just as beautiful of a day as we did up north!

Sophie played guard dog…


{photo by Sally & Ryan}

 And Sham made friends with Clea out of her kennel. 😉 He also learned hot o open the gate himself!


We always call Sophie the smart one. But it turns out Sham is smarter than we thought!

Thank you so much for taking care of our fur children, Sally and Ryan! Thanks, too, for sending the photos. We were relaxed all day knowing that they Sham and Sophie were with you and the Buggles.

But it sure was strange waking up on Sunday morning and no dogs around…

Happy Saturday!




Tricks for Treats


Shamrock and/or Sophie Saturday

Shamrock loved the treats he received in his BarkBox last month that he wanted to show you a couple of simple tricks he likes to do for them.

Sophie has copied a few of Sham’s tricks; but they just don’t look the same on her because she doesn’t have his mittens. I think Sophie can stick to her Ewok noises instead.

Happy Saturday!