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Merry Christmas from Sophie & Shamrock


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our house to yours!





The Island is Calling…


Happy Sophie & Shamrock Saturday!

You know, I would say that the island is calling if we were having a truly, crappy {normal?} winter.

But the truth is, I can’t complain! There were some bitterly cold days that were below zero, even to the point where your nose hairs freeze. But last year, we had many more of those days. I think my friend said that there her daughter had like seven days of school canceled last year. She was about to go crazy.

Furthermore, my husband only had to snow blow the drive once this year. ONCE. I know we are lucky compared to the East Coast, whose residents got absolutely dumped on this year. I do not envy them. I feel… lucky, rather.

Then last week, we had weather in the 60s.

It was a dream. I’m not complaining about the 40s and 50s we had this week either. We might just have a real spring this year. That combined with a real fall this past year and we will truly be a state of four seasons! I’ve heard people say that they love living in Minnesota because we get all four seasons.

That’s rarely true.

We normally have summer and winter with just a fringe of spring and fall that lasts about a week to transition to and from the extreme seasons. The annoying part is that when those week-long seasons happen is anyone’s guess. They can strike anytime during the period when we should be having a true spring or fall.

But this year is a dream! Spring, I hope you stick around. I don’t want to see snow in May like we did a few years ago! Please, please, spring. We love you and want you to stay!

I digress. This post is supposed to be about the dogs…


March’s BarkBox is based on the fact that many of us might still be trying to survive winter and wishing for an Island Paradise.

The dogs get oh-so-excited when the BarkBox arrives. But this month, Sophie was shaking with excitement:

Here is what arrived:


Usually Sham goes straight for the toys in the BarkBox. He showed some interest in the Tiki toy when I squeaked it. But when I threw it, he chased it, sniffed it and came back to see what else I had to offer.


Perhaps it is because it is a plastic toy rather than a plush one. The toy that I shall name ParrotHead {Yes, he is a Jimmy Buffet fan} did not become popular right away either. Both the pooches were more interested in the treats this month.

The Etta Says Coconut Treats are the perfect size for our 15- to 20-pound dogs. They are soft and chewy, too, making them one of their favorites so far! As Sophie ages, I find that hard treats are much less appealing to her.

The Golden Nuggets are the strangest treats I’ve ever seen. Many BarkBox subscribers must have been confused by these because I received an email before I got home and saw the package at our door.



The treats are very hard, but there were instructions on the back of the package:


When the description reads that the treats should “puff” up, I thought that would mean they would get softer. After microwaving, I let one cool down and cut it in half. The dogs were very confused that I was feeding them Styrofoam {or so it seemed} and sniffed their pieces for a good while before deciding to finally chew them.

As I was cleaning up the wrappers and contents of the BarkBox, I found something else:


Bonus! The dogs always love these and Barkworthy chews. I just have to save up a couple at a time so that they each have one. No dog fighting allowed!

This month, if you’d like to sign up your favorite doggie for BarkBox, you can click here for an extra free box with your subscription.

Is an island calling your name right now?


The Abominable Snowman!


Happy Sophie & Shamrock Saturday!

Remember back when I said I canceled all of my subscription boxes? Yes, that’s right, my subscription boxes. The one box that I didn’t cancel, though, belonged to them. 


Sophie & Shamrock

How could I say, “no” to those a-dog-able faces? They get so excited every time a BarkBox arrives… Maybe next month, I’ll have to take a video. {Okay, so I tried that once and they ended up fighting. Ooops.}

January’s BarkBox theme was..

“Ice Age!”


Here’s the loot from the Small Dog Box:


Clockwise from Top Left:

  • Delca Corp Adorable Snowman {BarkBox Exclusive} Wait what? The tag says Abominable Snowman, but the insert card calls it the Adorable Snowman. I think “abominable” is more appropriate!
  • Complete Natural Nutrition Off-Leash Twigs – Grain-free chew made with turkey and pumpkin
  • BarkMade Wooly Mammoth – {BarkBox Exclusive}
  • Heartland Premium Rib – I’m a little nervous to give this USDA approved rib chew to my dogs. Must supervise. Or wait until one is at the vet so they aren’t fighting over it.
  • Aussie Naturals Salmon Skin Training Treat Nibbles – Rob is going to use these to teach one of the pooches a new trick? What would you like to see Sophie or Shamrock do?


We name all of our dogs’ toys.

Maybe that should be the trick we teach them – to retrieve a toy by name. Shamrock loves new toys and usually becomes obsessed with them right after he gets them. However, he will continuously go back to this one. Sometimes they are obvious names like Blue Kitty or Monkey Stick

Other times, we have to be creative when we have two of something. For example, somehow, over the past couple of years, we’ve received two different whales. The first one became the Whale of Fortune! and the second one became Beluga.

And still other times, we like to be all Australian-like and just make the name cute by adding an “ie,” like with Chef Hedgie{A hedgehog wearing a chef’s hat.}

Well, it’s probably obvious that, from this box, we called the Wooly Mammoth toy, WoolySometimes we even call him Wooly Bully. But what to call the Abominable Snowman? Since abominable is a word that never rolls off my tongue, I finally came up with it – AbbieThat may not sound creative name to you, but it truly does have a dual meaning.

Because this abominable snowman has abs!

Abbie - the Abominable Snowman with Abs

Abbie – the Abominable Snowman with Abs

Click this link if you’d like to join BarkBox and get 10% off your first subscription.

Do you name your pet’s or kid’s toys and/or stuffed animals?

What’s the most creative name you’ve had?

Happy Saturday!


A Jersey Boy


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Ever since the pooches received their last BarkBox, there is one toy with which Shamrock has been obsessed:

photo 1(10)

That BarkBox was Game Day themed. And boy does Shamrock love that jersey! I love the fact that it is green for our little Shamrock. and also that it has a “B” on it. Bugaboo is our other little nickname for Sham.

photo 2(10)

It’s just adorable how he chews at it so carefully. One Sunday morning, we were getting geared up to watch The Pack on TV. Rob turned on a pre-game show. Shamrock came trotting in with his Jersey and started nibbling! It seems he always pulls it out when we’ve got football on. I know it’s purely coincidental. But we love it just the same.

But remember, that’s his jersey. So don’t touch it!

photo 3(8)

Have a great football-filled weekend!




Doggie Flipbook


Shamrock and Sophie Saturday.

I still can’t get over this a-dog-able pic of my Shamrock Bugaboo sleeping…

Letting sleeping dogs lie

Just let a sleeping dog lie…

This past year, I took some photos of our pooches in succession. It’s hard to decide which ones to keep. So I thought I’d keep them all and just make a flipbook. You can hover over the photo and click the arrows to make the slides go faster.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Saturday!