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What our kids did…


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

While we were on our North Shore Craft Brewery Tour last Saturday, we were so lucky to drop off the dogs at the Buggles‘ house for an overnight stay! Sally and Ryan were more than happy to watch them. I am so grateful that we could make this long day trip happen because of them!

This was Sham & Sophie’s first overnight trip chez Cleopatra and Da Vinci; but they’ve been there before on occasion.

Like that time when Sophie was eyeing me…

FullSizeRenderBecause she wanted the wine!

FullSizeRender (1)

Wait… How did she get up there?

And they did just fine {or so I’m told!} while we were gone. I truly hope that they behaved! Sally sent some photos during the day. They has just as beautiful of a day as we did up north!

Sophie played guard dog…


{photo by Sally & Ryan}

 And Sham made friends with Clea out of her kennel. 😉 He also learned hot o open the gate himself!


We always call Sophie the smart one. But it turns out Sham is smarter than we thought!

Thank you so much for taking care of our fur children, Sally and Ryan! Thanks, too, for sending the photos. We were relaxed all day knowing that they Sham and Sophie were with you and the Buggles.

But it sure was strange waking up on Sunday morning and no dogs around…

Happy Saturday!