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Soup (Book) Week: Skinny Soups


It’s Soup Week!!! Or, rather, Soup Cookbook Week. This week, I’m reviewing 5 soup cookbooks I’ve recently discovered.

In case you missed it:

Let’s hop right along to the next one…


Skinny Soups:
80 flavor-packed recipes of less than 300 calories

by Kathryn Bruton (cookbook) – worth a flip

Truth be told, I checked out this cookbook from the library and keep renewing it because I have 15 pages flagged but haven’t made any soups from it yet. So many soups, so little time (and freezer space!)

I like the fact that Bruton has a page explaining some of the unusual ingredients in her cookbook! Some of the oddball ingredients in Magic Soup threw me off because I didn’t know if they were completely necessary. She also has a page on how to make a simplistic stock – whatever the meat (or no meat) of choice may be.

I’ve been reluctant to bring this book back because I have recipes such as these flagged:

  • Blackened Tomato and Ancho Chile Soup with Citrus Sour Cream – because I have some dried anchos in the pantry that need a home!
  • The Quickest Tomato Soup – I’m still looking for one we love.
  • Egg Drop Soup – I’ve never made this.
  • Mexican Posole Verde
  • Turkey and Black Quinoa with Peas & Basil
  • The Hangover Soup – I have recently learned that soup is the cure.
  • Black Rice, Banana and Coconut Breakfast Bowl – so not soup

I’ve added this cookbook to my lists at both PaperbackSwap.com and Thriftbooks.com {<– referral links!} since; but it’s never in stock. And guess what? At the time of this writing, I just did a quick check on Amazon and found it for just $4.50 with free Prime Shipping FTW! As soon as I receive it, I can swap out the flags and relax that I can make these soups any ol’ time I please.

Is there a book you’ve been reluctant to bring back to the library or return to a friend until you get your own copy?!


Soup Week! Books on Soup


I must tell you, at this time of year, soup just sings to my soul. My original post on Books on Soup ended up being entirely too long because I wrote at least some of my thoughts and sometimes a full review after I read each book. There is no way you’d want to sit down and read 4000 words on soup books in one sitting. I know I wouldn’t.

But I’m kind of obsessed with soup right now! So I thought a Soup Week, with one post per book would be better. I’m going to start you off with a short one.


300 Sensational Soups
by Carla Snyder & Meredith Deeds
 (cookbook) – on the fence

Remember back when I checked this book out from the library and I was so overwhelmed that I decided to just get my own copy? Well, I did snag a copy from either PaperbackSwap.com or Thriftbooks.com (<– referral links!). We have several recipes flagged, but I’ve only made all of one!  It was a Garlic Soup with Aioli and it was not a success. It was such a weird texture and didn’t really have that much garlic. That being said, this book of soups was highly recommended by a blogger who makes one of my favorite lasagna soups. And it is chock full with all different kinds of soups from creamy, to broth-based to all sorts of different ethnic soups that I have never even dreamed exist. The Cheddar, Beer and Kielbasa Soup remains on our wishlist. But we’re waiting until we pick up some kielbasa up from the Polish Wisconsin town where I grew up.

In the meantime, here are few other posts I’ve done on soups:

What is your favorite soup cookbook?