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5 for Friday: 5 Favorite Soups for Fall!


When I was putting together my list of 5 soups that we’ll make again and again and again, I noticed a theme.

Almost all of these soups are other dishes… in soup form!

Lasagna Soup

I found a link to this recipe for lasagna soup on My Bizzy Kitchen. It was love at first bite. There are other slow cooker versions online, too. But Biz is on her 8,412th batch, so I’m sure you can try any of her versions!


Reuben Soup

I started making this one after Rob was waiting all year just to have some at a nearby restaurant that only serves it the week of St. Patrick’s Day. Turns out, this recipe is better than the restaurant one! It doesn’t have any potatoes {which Rob loathes – except for fry or chip form!}, so that’s a win for him.


Pizza Soup

You’ll be surprised how quickly this recipe can come together! {Hint: Just 10 minutes.}


Taco Soup

This is a new found-love – as in this week! The link is to an Instant Pot recipe, but I followed another one of her recipes to make this on the stove top. I might post my variation here so that I can follow it a bit easier next time, rather than deal with all of the back and form from recipe to recipe. I added shredded cheddar and green onions for toppings, but it really doesn’t need anything. If you’d like to throw some tortilla chips on top, be my guest!


My final soup recipe doesn’t follow the theme I had going here; but it has become my favorite soup recipe of the year!

Immunity Soup

This is the best chicken soup I’ve ever had. I think the abundance of garlic along with the thyme and pinch of red pepper flakes help give it an extra boost of flavor that makes me swoon.

I make a big batch, divvy it up into single serving containers/zip lock bags and freeze them. That way, if I’m ever needing some comforting soup or if I’m feeling under the weather, all I need to do is pull it out of the freezer and pop it in the microwave. I don’t have to have the energy to put together a pot of soup on those days when I need it most!

It doesn’t have noodles, but I’m sure you could add them in if you’d like. Instead, I like to serve it with a crusty roll {also kept in the freezer!} with a little butter. Mmmm….

Which reminds me, that is my last bowl! Time to make a new batch for the freezer.

What is your favorite homemade soup recipe?