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Sweet or Savory Breakfast?


Before my friend Stacy came to visit, she checked out my Restaurant Wishlist on my Restaurant Impressions page. She picked a few that looked interesting to her after she checked them out online. She chose French Hen Cafe in St. Paul as an option for Sunday brunch, if we were so feeling adventurous, instead of me cooking my usual breakfast staples!

This was perfect because:

  • I’m almost always feeling adventurous.
  • I’m always wanting to try new places.
  • This was on my wishlist.
  • Rob was not likely to want to try it anytime soon. It’s in walking distance of The Gnome . He wouldn’t understand why we aren’t going there, instead!

We were seated at the window. Hey, Solo Vino is across the street! It’s been a while since I’ve been there. If you haven’t to this cute little wine shop, please check it out!


As you can see^^, French Hen will have a nice outdoor patio this summer!

There is a nice selection of beer and wine…


But I went with a good old cup of black coffee. But think French café – you can get your espresso drinks here, too! Stacy had a cold press – with cream and sugar, please! 🙂

I remember checking this menu out online and the first thing that caught my eye was the Coconut Lime French Toast. Mmmmm… I’m more a savory than sweet breakfast person; but it really got my attention.IMG_6676

What would you order off this ^^ menu?

Of course, I had a hard time deciding… Plus, there were omelettes:


What to do… What to do… There were so many things on the menu I wanted to try, including what Stacy ordered:


Banh Mi Benedict – glazed pork, poached eggs, fresh vegetable relish, sriracha hollandaise, french bread, hash browns $14

Oh yes! Yes! Yes! I sometimes thing of Eggs Benedict as being so heavy; but the Bahn Mi flavors in this dish made it taste so refreshing. Despite all the other items on this list, I’d be hard pressed not to get this dish next time. The pulled pork was juicy and tender, the sriracha just spicy enough. And look at those crispy seasoned hashbrowns! Yup. This dish was perfection.

I finally decided I needed to go with my original gut choice:

Coconut Lime French Toast Real maple syrup $10.00

Coconut Lime French Toastwith real maple syrup – $10

My eyes widened with my first bite. I hadn’t had French Toast in so long! And this was so flavorful and yummy. Even the maple syrup wasn’t too sweet, which is sometimes why I shy away. And fresh berries – yes, please!

But what I did learn was that I truly am a savory breakfast eater. I asked Stacy for more than a few bites of her eggs benny, as I gladly shared mine. I would have preferred a savory main dish with a slice or two of that French Toast on the side. That would have been perfect. Or, if you are with a group, order this as a side to share as dessert!

I bet everything on the menu is wonderful at the French Hen Cafe. At least I certainly got that impression. If you are coming to visit and want to do breakfast {or even lunch}, let me know so we can pop over here!

Do you prefer a sweet or a savory breakfast?