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Taco Tuesday


Taco Tuesday!

It’s everywhere. From school lunch rooms, to bars, to full-blown scratch and farm-to-table restaurants. Who doesn’t love a good taco? So when we were in downtown Minneapolis on a Wednesday night on our way to a show, we were surprised when we saw a sidewalk sign beckoning us to try their 75-cent Wednesday night tacos. What’s more? They were also advertising Johnny Jump-Ups. We never see advertisements for those! When cider and whiskey are available, Rob will just try to order one, hoping that the bartenders knows what they are. Or a simple, “It’s just a pint of cider with a shot of whiskey added,” works, too. I don’t tend to drink them because that whiskey is so overpowering, but Rob and my friend Jen love them!

We made a mental note to stop at

Maruso Street Food Bar

after the show.

The thing is, this is right in the heart of the Theater District in downtown Minneapolis. How did we not hear of this place before? How did we not notice it before? Crazy.

We did make that stop there after our rockin’ Pentatonix show. And for 75-cent tacos, they were pretty damn good! I’ve had the both the 50-cent Happy Hour Tacos at Sweeney’s (St. Paul) and the Taco Tuesday $4.75 basket of 4 tacos at Carbone’s (Burnsville). Although enjoyable, I find the tacos at both to be a tad greasy. I also preferred the fresh onion and tomatoes on Maruso’s tacos! {There may have been some cilantro in there, too.}

There was also a DJ spinning some pumpin’ grooves that was not only perfect after the concert, but also brought Rob back to his DJ days. He was feelin’ the vibes. 😉

It seemed that most of the clientele at Maruso’s knew each other. Here we are in the biggest city in the state and this bar seemed to attract a crowd of 20 and 30-somethings who know each other, or have come to know each other, well. Maybe we didn’t exactly fit in, but we still liked it.

Here are some reasons we’d come back:

It’s Tuesday. Now, go eat some tacos!

Where’s your favorite place for cheap tacos?

What is your favorite kind of specialty taco?